Dirty Talking Women Will Do Anything

Dirty talking women get pounded by their professor for good grades. I met him in his office after school was out, I told him I would do anything to get my grades up. He got close to me and pulled his cock out and smacked my mouth with his cock. He told me heard me Dirty talking with one of my classmates and he was going to show me what my filthy mouth is made for. I opened my mouth wide and he shoved his cock deep in my throat. He faced fucked me while pinching and pulling on my nipples. I could taste his precum with every pump. He bent me over his desk, lifted my skirt and moved my panties to the side right before he stuck his cock deep in my ass. He pumped my asshole calling me a dirty coed whore and how I was lucky he like whores like me.

Dirty Talking Women

I felt his dick stretching my asshole and filling me up with cum. As he pulled his cock out my ass, he told me I got an “A”. As I walked out of his office, I could feel his cum dripping out of me. During Dirty phone talk I told one of my play things about this and he came so hard.  

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