Dirty Talking Women With Curves

dirty talking women

You don’t have to tell me that dirty talking women are your favorite. I already know. I mean, why would you be here if that wasn’t the case? And when you throw a BBW like me into the mix, well, it gets even better. You don’t have to use polite words when describing my weight. I’m fat and I know it. And you know what else? I fucking LOVE it. My body is gorgeous, and you desire it right now, don’t you? You want to do very nasty things to me, and I want to do them right back to you.

So besides my fat body, what turns you on? What do you want me to say to send you over the edge? Do you have taboo fantasies that you really need to get off to? Do you have a fetish that’s a little strange to most people? I embrace that and will tell you exactly how to jerk it while we talk about the shit that makes your dick hard. I want to get kinky, wild, freaky…whatever word you use to call it is fine by me. I just hope you can talk as dirty to me as I will be talking to you!

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