Dirty Talking Women with Fat Asses

dirty talking women

Did you know that big, beautiful women like me are pretty much the most dirty talking women you could ever hope to find? Once a person becomes comfortable with their body, then the inner freak starts to come out. That’s something that I hope happens for every woman, but until it does, if you have freaky thoughts and fantasies, you’re gonna have to rely on a BBW slut like me. Having no limits is something that I pride myself on, so when you’re ready to get extreme, I’m absolutely the woman you need.

I can’t even begin to tell you how hot it makes me when a man calls me for something the rest of society would shun him for. What makes your cock hard, baby? Let me in on the secret and I’ll make you shoot a load of jizz that’ll go all the way to the ceiling. Incest, rape, snuff…those are only a few of the naughty things that I like talking to you about. I can also go a little softer with small penis humiliation, cuckold fantasies, and sissy training. It’s up to you what we talk about, but just know that I want to walk on the wild side with you!

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