Dirty talking women with Kelly

dirty talking women

When you come looking for a dirty talking women, you come looking to get your cock off don’t you? Do you want to empty out those big balls that you have resting deep into my mouth or into my ass or into my pussy? where would you like it the most? I’ll take as many loads as you can give me while I talk to you all about my dirty and naughty adventures with tons of different men and even tons of different women! Which experience would you like to hear about the most? When it comes to having my pussy played with I’m really serious about what a guy does to it. I want us both to come because I could cover you in my squirting juices and clean off your cock with my tongue. I’ll come home from a day of work and I’ll go get in the shower and wait for us both to get naked in the steamy room covering each other in soap and kisses! You put your fingers down where my pussy is and start rubbing my clit while your fingers pump in and then out of me over and over until I’m screaming and coming all over those thick fingers. I lick them clean off of your hand and I get prepared to feel your cock and shoved deep inside of me when I’m bent over in the steaming hot shower! I’m moaning your name so loudly, feeling you fill me up with all of your cock. I feel so good as my tits hang down and you use my tits as handles and hold onto me while you fuck me hard against the shower wall. I can feel myself coming again and again and finally I get to feel all of your come draining into my deep little hole so tight and tasty and we wash away all of our dirty and naughtiness in the shower just so that we can continue it again in our bedroom

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