Everyone loves dirty talking women like me

dirty talking womenEveryone loves dirty talking women like me… but sometimes my dirty mouth can get me in trouble! I was joking around with the men that were doing some renovations for me and it got a little flirty and very sexual and that’s when things got a little uncomfortable. I suddenly realized that I was in a room full of big black men and if they wanted me, I best give in or they would just take it! It’s not like I could fight them off you know? Well I just started pulling hard dicks out of their pants so I could suck them and the next thing I knew I was naked and had a huge black dick in every fuck hole. It was so intense! I thought to myself that I should be scared but I wasn’t, I was just horny as hell and ready to explode! I came so hard and so often it was amazing! Those guys definitely knew how to make me get off more than anyone else ever has. I was definitely scared but it was the hottest thing I had ever done so I will definitely need to do that again soon!

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