Hookers and Hoes Dirty Phone Talk

Dirty Phone Talk


Hardcore Hadley is a filthy dirty phone talk hooker slut! I will always be proud that I turned my daddy and uncles on when I was just a brat. They even taught me when I was young how to be such a good slutty whore.  Absolutely ANY man can do anything to me. I just want that pre cum dripping  cock inside of me.  What wrong with a street whore making men cum when she is partying after being cum filled? I have lots of whore stories and my best are when I’m coked up and cum dripping! Prostitute momma pussy pounded so fucking hard my eyes fucking cross. Ok that may be  a lot of fucking but I hope you get my point! 

Dirty talking women like me just need to be pulled train on, and shown a good time! I love all flavors of cum, black, white, yellow or brown, it’s all hot jizz for my whore holes and my slut throat. Getting drilled for hours and even days! Dick down me and make me your filthy hooker phone sex slut! I can take three cocks at once and I never back down from a hole fuck. 

I get off men using me and  doing whatever they want and shoot your load in me. My pussy is already wet so I am ready for you now.

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Oh and… if you are too high? Or you just can’t talk with someone sleeping and need to sneak a jack off session? We have live chat and I get really stinky dirty with you, email me you dick and  when you call me use our specials for a hell of a good time! 

Regardless I will still be playing with my cummy pussy and partying all fucking night into the morning light!

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