I know why

Dirty phone talk  You have been wanting to try dirty phone talk with me for a while. I’m glad you finally got over that shyness you had and decided to give me a call. I’m not sure what you are were originally expecting but I think you were pleasantly surprised by how normal I sound. Fat bitches like to get off too. I’m just more open about it than most chicks. I know how to love you with every curve of my body. That’s what you wanted when you called me anyway right. To feel your big cock smooshed between my massive fun bags. I can still lick and suck on the tip of it like this too. When you are fucking me from behind I know you love to watch as my ass jiggles with each thrust. That’s what makes you cum so fucking hard while you’re deep inside my juicy cunt. I can feel your cock throbbing as you slide it out and into my mouth so I can clean it for you before you leave.

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