JOI For The Dirty Talking Women

Dirty Talking Women

Not just any slut can be one of the hot dirty talking women you fantasize about. I know you love the idea of a chubby bitch masturbating to the thought of what you’d do to them, how you’d fuck them and make them suck you. Well here I am sweetheart, in the soft, delicious flesh.

Take a bite of this forbidden fruit, and you’ll befall an addiction like no other. Slide that dick in me, that’s right. That’s what I need. I need to hear you pant in my ear if I have any hopes of cumming today. I think I need a little JOI for myself! Jill Off Instructions!

Will you do that? Tell me how to rub my clit in tiny little circles while my hole slowly drips more and more? I’m a whore, and I need my holes filled. I’m getting so antsy just trying to write this, please don’t make me beg. I need a man to teach me what for, what I’m meant for, what I’m good for. I’m meant for being a breeding bitch. I’m good for choking on cocks no matter the size, shape, or flavor. Fuck I’ve got a finger in, should I slip in two!?

Dirty Phone Talk

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