Let’s Have Some Mommy Dirty Phone Talk

dirty phone talk

You know why I am so good at our dirty phone talk session. Because I am the type of women who talks dirty in bed. That’s right I love to call your penis a cock, as it goes deep in my hot pussy. Too many women are afraid of calling a dick, a cock or a fuck rod. Hell, they call themselves a whore when all they do is bed over and take your cock. Dear God if you call them a whore then they pull those pretty panties up and go home. I was fucking in the back seats of cars back in the ’80s and I have no shame in having fun while I am having sex. I love to ride you as I tell you how strong and hard that cock is. I ask you questions like how good my wet pussy feels sliding up and down your thick dick.  I have evolved in my kinks. Yes, it’s true I was a young incest whore. And yes it was willingly, and now I am a mommy who has a way of finding out how men want to fuck my youngins. Dirty Talking women have one way to find out if you are okay with me fucking my brats and your cock used to train sweet sluts. I begin by asking if you like how bald my cunt is for you. I’m no taboos, I am the best of the taboos.. the mommy and offspring taboos, the incest and small-dicked men who fit in tight twat and boy ass kind of taboos. I guess there aren’t many taboos I don’t empower. Hell, I even watch sniff porn and wonder what a street girl would do to save her own soul. But that is a bit extreme. I am a mommy and I have the same desires and fetishes as you, I have stories and I can bring you dirty fetish to life for your cock.

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