Love and Lust is a thin line

Dirty phone talk


I’m so horny right now my pussy is so wet, and I want to get nasty as I can fucking get. Mr. Davis is home, and I can tell he wants to fuck he’s looking at my ass like he can eat my dripping wet pussy up. I am going to let Mr. Davis lick my cum-filled pussy, and I’m going to suck his bone hard dick like it needs to be sucked. I’m going to ride his nasty-man cock just like a true slut who loves to be a cum-guzzling whore. I am full of wild dirty fantasies in my head. I know that being a fuck star bitch is my best attribute, and I love it. I can’t help myself. I need some help but I’m not asking for help. I’m walking over to Mr. Davis’s house. I dream of him seeing me in his bed buck naked. I want him to drive his fucking cock inside of my cunt so hard. I love being a nasty wet pussy whore. Look at how Mr. Davis is looking at me he’s looking at my ass he wants to fuck me so very hard. I always drive Mr. Davis over the edge; he loves the way that I put him on rock hard. Mr. Davis is a vulgar guy. I’m sure his wife can’t make his cock bone-hard like I can make him. I love to tease Mr. Davis, but this time I’m going to his house, and I’m going to be a true slut. My pussy is sopping wet, and I want to fucking ride his cock like a stallion. I’m a whore, and nobody has to tell me that, I know what the fuck I am, and I’m very proud of myself. I fuck to get satisfaction and money, of which both I succeed greatly. Can I be your nasty freaky cum-guzzling whore tonight?

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