P-mommie and Brats Dirty Phone Talk

dirty phone talk

These dirty phone talk p-mommies’ girls are so naughty. I heard my youngest said she wanted to have a train pulled on her. I didn’t think she understood what that meant but did like the idea of it. I stood behind the door eavesdropping playing with my nipples when I decided it would be a great time for some little tongue on my mommy pussy. As I was going to ask her who she was talking to I heard moans and her saying the next one! Her sister said,” shut up and fuck me!” I giggled thinking they were fucking each other then I heard a young males voice, then another and another. I opened the door to see both my little girls and four young boys gathered around trying to put tiny peepee in my little girls. I giggled and thought just how good I have taught them! Of course, I had to take action and lead this little interesting tale of dirty phone sex into a nice mommy and little orgy! I know you want to hear more about me and my daughters’ adventures with the neighbor boys.

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