P- women Gilfs are dirty Talking women

dirty talking womenSexy GILF Carmen, that’s me! Dirty talking women that are older tend to be a little more deviant and brutal in our play times! I for one, love how fucking filthy you are. Right beside your young, sleeping daughter, I caught you stroking your cock. The fact that you’re my man slut son and she’s my perfect little princess only make my cunt drip. Mommy taught you well, I see. She was sleeping when I caught you! I’d say red handed, but cock handed is more like it! I asked if you’d ever put that fat P man python deep in her tiny little slit. You started to cry, and say you were scared. I slap you. We birth babies, we can handle the pathetic cocks of men. It was I that awoke her, to really make her Daddy’s special girl. 


As you can see my dirty phone talk has no limits


I was so soaked, and I could see how terribly hard you were. Your little girl yawned, waking up so innocent looking, and I made you shove that huge cock into her mouth! She didn’t know what to do and started to cry, but Nana Carmen told her to be a good princess for Daddy. She had to experience first hand how much a man wanted to use her!  I wanted to train my little granddaughter into being a personal sex slave, not only for my son but for me. Maybe a couple other p-men if the price was right. I squatted my Gilf cunt down on her face so she could have a taste of granny! That well makes up for the first pains of losing her virginity! This Granny P-whore knows one thing for sure!! I love the young tongue of my Grandslut licking my pussy.

No limits and no taboo phone sex to cure your p-man aches! 

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