Stripper fantasies

Dirty phone sex

 When you dance as much as I do, every time I have parties I get asked to strip dance. I mean its my job, but it never gets boring. so, i do.  I love being a stripper and phone sex freak. I am a busy girl, but on my free time I catch up on all the dates that I have been asked on. From work or from my house parties. But last night a man asked me to breakfast, and damn he took my ass to a nice ass place. He let me know how he fantasized about being with a naughty stripper. Well I was his girl. I brought him back to my place we danced together, then I got kissed and smacked on the ass. I knew it was time to grind. I showed him how worked my pole and how I worked his. I took his cock out and sucked all over it on my knees. He forced it deeper and deeper down my throat. He wanted me to fuck him in my stripper shoes, so I rode his cock giving him his desire.

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