The Nastiest Dirty Phone talk Mommy

dirty phone talkHow much of a dirty phone sex milf do you want me to be for you?
You know how a scumbag mama like me will go to any length. I’m yours to do whatever you want as long as you can drive your used-up dick down my throat, sucking and eating all of that gooey cum. After I slurp all of that yummy cum off of your throbbing dick, how about you force that monster dick into my ass and stretch out my tight hole? I want you to whip your dick out of me and force that dirty dick into my mouth when you’re about to cum deep within my p-mommy ass. Make me eat my own crap like the toilet whore I am. Choking and gagging because I can’t take how nasty it is! All you’ll see is my filthy brown spit trickling down to your balls from my lips. Make me clean you up by forcing my head under those massive cummed laden balls. Maybe if we get a little nastier, you can shove my head down a little deeper into your asshole. Make me taste not only my asshole, but also yours. It’s time to take this trashy whore to her limits and back again.


Order me to sit on the ground and call me a druggy disgusting dirty talking women whore.


Big Daddy, put a blindfold over my eyes and knot it tight so I don’t see anything. Then, as you place my hands behind my back, let me feel those cold handcuffs pinching my wrists. I hear footsteps approaching me shortly after you have restrained me. I can smell horny men’s musty sweat. When you remove my blindfold, I notice ten men surrounding me, staring at me as if I were the last piece of ass on earth. Command that I be the best Gangbang slut mommy you have ever seen. Wet my dirty milf cunt! My hands are still behind my back as I get down on my knees. I’ll show you how a wicked cum whore with no hands can choke on all these big fat hard dicks. Covered in warm cum and golden piss from these dicks for hours on end! I’m not going to stop until every last man has smeared his thick cock cream and warm piss on my body. Even if that means I’ll have to grovel for it.

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