Use Us Dirty Talking Women

Maybe you think that a submissive whore like me always has to keep her mouth shut, but we can totally be dirty talking women. My Master loves it when I tell him what a dirty slut I am while he’s doing various things to me. He likes it when I tell him how grateful I am that he’s showing me how to use my whore body for its intended purpose – to make him and other men of his choosing very happy. He has told me that it’s like having one of those fuck dolls except that I’m real and I say nasty things to him.

Actually, just the other day I was horny and told me that he wanted me to crawl around on my hands and knees wiggling my ass in the air like cats do when they go into heat. He made me crawl around and yowl for hours before he finally gave me what I wanted. By the time he slid his magnificent cock inside me, I was ready to cum right then and there. He loves humiliating me, and if I’m being honest, I really love it, too. Do you want to use me, too? I’m here ready to serve you.


dirty talking women

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