We were dirty talking women all night

dirty talking womenMe and my friend love being dirty talking women, we flirt a lot and make dirty jokes and the men all love it. When we go out we are always bringing guys home with us and last night was no exception. We had a couple of hot and horny guys back at my place and we were all going at it in my living room when I noticed that my friend was just kind of sitting there sulking while her guy was staring at my tits. Well, it’s not my fault that she doesn’t have any tits is it? I can’t help it that other men stare at me! She was all mad and stomped off and called a cab leaving me there with both horny guys. Well, if that’s how she wanted to be fuck her! I fucked both guys, one in my ass and the other in my pussy and I came all over a bunch of times. She was really missing out, she should have just not been jealous and we could have all had fun. Oh well, at least I got off!

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