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Dirty Phone Talk With Nasty Milf Mommy Susan

Dirty phone talkI was having some hot and heavy dirty phone talk with this hot dude I had been sexting with online. The moment our voices connected over the line, he started whispering filthy things in my ear that made me shiver with anticipation.

“Tell me what you want,” he purred into his phone as if reading my mind already knew all of my darkest desires.”I want your cock inside of me,” I moaned back into mine . “Say it louder for everyone at home to hear!” He teased before hanging up abruptly leaving only silence echoing through speakers once more…but not for long!

A few minutes later there was a knock at door – could it be him? My heart raced wildly as i opened revealing none other than Mr Dirty Talk himself standing there looking just as hot if not even more so now that reality had set in! Without any further hesitation or small talk ,we tumbled onto bed together; clothes flying everywhere except where they needed them most: skin against sweaty skin under dim lighting cast by only one lamp.

His hands roamed freely over my body , tracing every curve and dipping into every crevice they could find while his lips trailed hot kisses down my neck towards even more sensitive areas below . I couldn’t help but moan louder than ever before as he found just the right spot between clit and entrance making me wet myself instantly!

“Fuck yeah ,” you growled against skin causing goosebumps to rise up on arms.”You like that dirty talk huh you dumbass fucking whore?” you asked huskily, already knowing answer well enough. “Yes!”I cried out loudly feeling him enter me slowly at first then faster until we were both moving together in perfect harmony under sheets now soaked through with our combined sweat .


Mommy Susan- Nasty Milf

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Dirty Phone Talk with Me While Your Wife’s Asleep

dirty phone talkI Love Dirty Phone Talk with Married Men

Dirty phone talk is perfect for two married people who want to have a little fun on the side. You get tired of fucking the same pussy over and over again. And there are so many sexy, slutty women who love to fuck. Women like me that love doing all the nasty things you have to beg your wife for. It’s the same for me. I love my husband, but thinking about a strangers cock makes my slutty mouth water. Thinking about this new dick in my face, pressing against my lips and in my mouth. Fuck, I’m already getting horny.

Married Phone Sex with Anal Whore Trisha

Your wife is still home, but you call me anyway. It makes your cock hard knowing that she could walk in on you stroking your cock to married phone sex. I can hear how horny you are when you call me and it makes my pussy drip like a fountain. Tonight you’re craving a sloppy throat fuck and a tight asshole. And mine need to be slutted out. I take one of my thick ass dildos and slide it into my mouth. You can hear me spitting and slurping on it to get it lubed up. Then the moan when I slide it inside of my ass.

Your balls fill up with cum while you hear me fuck my asshole for you. I keep slamming that thick cock in my ass and begging you to fuck me. My tight asshole stretching and squeezing around that cock. My tight fuck hole wants to milk that dick and you can hear how badly I need a cock inside of me. Your wife would never say the things I do. My mouth gets nastier the harder I fuck my ass. you can hear the dildo slamming into my slutty shithole. Nut in my ass while your wife’s sleeping.


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Teen phone sex catches her step dad jacking off over her sexline

Teen phone sex My stepdad found out that I am a Teen phone sex operator… and not by walking in on me! He had been calling my Sexline for a while, he knew it was me since he was masturbating to my Naked teen pictures… I figured it out because there was an echo coming through the hotline while we enjoyed Mutual masturbation! Dad didn’t realize that I was home and working from my bedroom…

I followed the echos which led me to the living room where I found Dad lying back watching my homemade Hot teen porn while he jacked off. My baby girl pussy got so wet and tingly watching him listening to my Jack off instructions… I couldn’t bare the sight of his huge precumming cock any longer… I dropped the Phone sex call and joined him in the parlor.

He was shocked to see my Tiny teen titties perked up and my naked body walking toward him… He might have been shocked but Daddy couldn’t resist. He didn’t hesitate to bend me over the arm of the couch and jerk his dick in and out of my young bald pussy…

As he was fucking me he begged me not to say a word to my mother and said he would be willing to do anything to keep this between us. I didn’t want my mother to find out that I was a Fantasy phone sex whore either… So I guess we both had a secret worth hiding, hehe!

Teen whore Symone

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Dirty Talking Women To Chose Which Slut Gets Your Cock Harder


Dirty talking women who make your cock start throbbing the minute they start talking are what you like alright!

My heart raced wildly as i opened revealing none other than Mr Dirty Talk himself standing there looking just as hot if not even more so now that reality had set in! \\dddddhey needed them most: skin against sweaty skin under dim lighting cast by only one lamp.

You grabbed fistfuls of my hair and pulled back hard while forcing my head down onto your massive cock, grunting with pleasure as he felt it slide down my throat. I loved the way his cockhead brushed against the back of my mouth; it sent shivers up and down my spine. He slapped me hard on that round ass of mine which only made me want more – damn did this guy know how to handle a pain slut like me!

Your hands roamed freely over my body, tracing every curve and dipping into every crevice theory could find while his lips trailed hot kisses down my neck towards even more sensitive part below . I couldn’t help but moan louder than ever before as you found just the right spot between clit and entrance making me wet myself instantly!  I could hear the sloshing of your cock inside my

dirty talking women“Fuck yeah baby,”tou growled against skin causing goosebumps to rise up on arms.”You like that dirty talk with my nasty cunt, huh?” enter my dripping wet cunt hearing the juices mingling already of spit and cum. It went slowly at first then faster until we were both in rhythm thrusting deeper with every pje together in perfect harmony under sheets now soaked through with our combined sweat .


Lillian- Can't Go Without Your Dick

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Phone sex stories lead to acting them out in dirty fashion.

Phone sex stories                Phone sex stories lead to acting them out in dirty fashion. The dirtier the better. That or it is going to be the gaggle of us women discussing the dirty things we have done and will be doing. Next thing you know you are going to be playing out those dirty stories with me. Now some of these stories are nasty. Better like it nasty and freaky.

                To begin with always did have an eye for the really freaky fun things. Like fucking up in a tree. Looking down on the people below. Wondering if they would wonder if it was rain or look up to see me squirting on them as my partner cums in my cunt. In other words, buckle up for the ride of a lifetime.

                Climbing the tree while making out, sucking face. Groping one another. Down the pants. His fingers delving into my bald tight pussy, up my mini skirt. No panties. Pulling his cock out. Slamming me into the tree trunk. Legs wrapping around him. Cock going right into the cunt. Riding on him.

                Pumping into me. Harder and deeper. Groaning as he bites my neck. Immediately drawing a groan from me. Nipping his ear. Tugging on him. Grabbing for the nearest branch. Hanging on. Anchored to him and the tree. Shaking it.

                All of sudden screaming out as I feel him cum inside of. Squirting. Hearing the shouts that they were getting wet. Hoping they look up to see as my pussy is squirting. His cum dripping down.

                Telling even more Erotic sex stories to all the women when we meet. Which one would you like to play with me?

Secy Fuckalicious Freak Harriett

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Dirty Talking Women Can Be Sissy Trainers Too

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women love femboys. I raised two femboys. They attend high school. However, when they were little, I knew they would never be big burly men. They loved to play in mommy’s clothes. They preferred their sister’s Barbie dolls. But lucky for them, I already new how to be a sissy mom. As a sissy trainer, I had dressed plenty of boys. And I helped many men transform into femboys. So, my boys won the lottery with me as their mom.

Last night we went out as a family. My boys dressed in girly clothes like always. But I did something special for them this time. I did their hair and makeup. I am very skilled with hair and makeup. While at the restaurant no one seemed to think I was out with my femboys. Everyone we met said what beautiful girls I had. And that made them feel good.

A Sissy Mom Creates the Best Femboys

Since my femboy sons seemed like they were on cloud nine, I decided to make their night even better. I invited two black lovers over. They love big black cock. So, I thought I would let them have some. Sort of an end of another school year present. They still have a few more weeks, but we celebrated early. Jerome and Jamal do not care who is sucking their cock. In their words, a mouth is a mouth.

However, I use them with my sissy boys too. They are part of any sissy’s training. Watching my femboy sons devour those big black cocks turned me on. They might take after their mommy. I love big black cocks too. They did not get fucked. Not yet. They may not be virgins, but they have not had a big black cock up their ass yet. Just their mouths. We are working our way up to that. Baby steps. I felt like a proud mama watching them suck those dicks. Before long, I will watch them get fucked in their backdoor pussy.


Sissy Trainer Coraline

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Dirty phone talk with Tasha

dirty phone talk

It’s going to be a freaky weekend for this dirty phone sex slut! I have my eye on my next fuck and I can’t wait to seduce him into giving me his dick and his seed! A new family moved in next door and the Daddy can’t keep his eyes off of me. That might be partly my fault though because his bedroom window is right across from mine. I’ve been “accidentally” flashing him my titties and tight pussy all week! I’ve been keeping my window open, especially when I’m talking on the phone. I sit there with my legs spread open wide, rubbing my tight, pink pussy and watching porn with the volume turned all the way up. I wait for him to walk by and then act all surprised when I see him watching me. I’ve been teasing him and watching him jerk his dick for a few days now. I’m ready to call him over and let him slam his thick, meaty cock into my tiny, tight cunnie. I’m a lot younger and hotter than his worn out, hag of a wife and I know she’s not fucking him. It’s just a matter of time before he’s knocking at my door and begging to fuck. Tonight might be the night because I had a fuck buddy over earlier and neighbor guy was watching the whole time that I was getting my wet cum hole pounded. He was stroking his cock and watching while I was on my back with my pretty pussy getting drilled and stretched by a thick, heavy fuck rod. The louder I moaned the faster he jerked his dick so I had fun teasing him. I was screaming at the top of my lungs and moaning so loud while my date was making my little whore cunt squirt and gush all over his huge dick. Neighbor guy didn’t work up the courage to cum over and join me but I still really want his dick. Why don’t you call and make me moan to see if we can get him to cum join us??



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Dirty Talking Women love nasty punishments

Dirty Talking Women like me will spread their pussy at the sight of their offspring getting fucked. So when I saw my boy bent over getting his pussy fucked by his uncle, I started playing with my cunt right away. My brother was ramming his thick hard dick in his nephew’s ass hard. In order for him to not be too loud my panties were in his mouth. Therefore I knew he could taste mommies cunt.

Dirty Talking Women

My cunt was wet and on fire so I walked in and just bent in front of my son. “Lick mommy while you get stretched open by your uncle like I did” I instruct my son to do. Right away he spit my panties out and started lapping at mommies holes. “You dirty sissy hoe, you’ll do anything as long as you have a dick in you” my brother moans out as he continues to abuse my son’s hole. The harder he rammed him the deeper my son’s tongue went into my ass.

It wasn’t much I could do to not cum. My cunt squirted into my son’s mouth. “Eat all of mommies juices” my brother instructed him to do while deep in his ass. Finally my brother’s balls tightened up and he started filling my son up with all his sperm. “You milk me better when you are licking your mommies asshole” my brother said to his nephew. I think the Dirty phone talk is what makes you bust the most. Hearing how hard you would fuck my offspring ass makes me cum so hard. 


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Dirty Talking Women love kinky nasty pervy daddies

Dirty Talking Women know a pervy daddy looks for granny sluts like me. They will help me and give me everything I want as long as I provide the young hole they need to milk their pdick. “I want the youngest one” you say as you point to my little brat. Since I got my payment, it is easy to hand her over to you. “You look like the little cum whore that I have been needing to milk my big piggish cock” you moan as you start to undress her.

As your mouth waters your trembling hands touch all around her little body. “Bend over for daddy” you say as you take your dick out. Every time you liked her holes, you stroked your pervy cock. The faster you licked her the father you stroke your dick. “Hold her in place and watch me use your youngest brat to milk the thick jizz out of me” you demand as your cock points towards her little hole. I got paid.

Dirty Talking Women

Therefore I do as you want and watch you ram your pervy dick inside her little hole. It is really hot watching a tight pussy hole getting opened up. “Man this bitch is tight,” you moan loud as you keep trying to milk your cock with her bald cunt. I could see how much pain her little hole was in from the stretching and tough fucking, but I need to make my money. That is why I whispered in her ear, “you will get some sweet treats after you are done”. It made her happy and loosened up her cunty a bit. Finally I saw your balls tighten up and you started to pump your pervy sperm inside her. “She will be dripping for the rest of the night” you said as you popped your cock out of her.


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Phone sex milf with a young Blonde Hot teen slut to join us

Phone sex milf I am a Phone sex milf with a young Blonde Hot teen slut that likes to join mommy when men are over. She’s always been a sleazy cum dump! Her natural bald slit and tiny teen titties are perfect for covering with your cum. You can use whatever hole of hers it is that you desire. My slut is a limitless Nasty freak that has already learned so many hot tricks from her mommy.

The first time she ever sucked a cock it was my silcione dildo. I wanted to allow her to get the hang of things before taking her on dates with me. Many guys always request to have her join me on calls and runs. My teen whore may be young but she’s already got an endless amount of Erotic sex stories to share with you. A body like hers belongs in the hands of a man that knows what he is doing… 

She’s got big beautiful diamond blue eyes to look into and braces for you to cover in nut when giving her a facial creampie. What’s better than a Mommy/Daughter duo? While you are balls deep in her young bald pussy, I will be down on my knees slurping her cunnie juices off your balls as they seep down your cock. No condom required, you can fill her Baby girl pussy with a huge cumshot for me to devour.

Anything goes while we are having Phonesex!

Mommy whore Cleona

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