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Dirty Talking Women Control Your Cock

Mmm… I love to seductively whisper in your ear that Dirty Talking Women control your cock, as I show you a picture of you jerking off to phone sex women. I am your seductive cunt sister and I came across just the thing to blackmail you with. I am actually your evil step-sister that taunts and teases you.

I hear you talking to phone sex whores like me about how fucking bad you wish you could fuck me. But you know you are too weak willed to even make a move. I flash you a peak, grab at your cock as I whisper things of humiliation in your ear.

Finally one day you think you have the guts and will to fuck me. But I am too slick. Instead of me in my bed that night it was your own younger sister. I loved how she reacted to you trying to get in bed with her. You had such a fucking erection and I stood in the doorway laughing.

Dirty Taking Women

Promiscuous Goddess Gemini

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Dirty Talking Women Are Racist Whores!

Dirty Talking Women Have you been looking for the perfect trashy whore to make take your cock? You’ve found her! Hi, I’m Logan, your run of the mill biker slut who loves getting passed around the MC. My Daddy’s Motorcycle Club is very important to me, as the president’s daughter I have a lot of power and influence in our community. I’m a proud racist slut but I secretly got addicted to international cock behind my daddy’s back. Daddy doesn’t know that I’ve been used in a Big Black Gangbang Orgy, He has no idea that I got pregnant by a nigger and had an abortion. I live to take biker cock but I love being used by BBC and any brown cock that daddy thinks shouldn’t be inside me!


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Peanut Butter Lovers Month threesome sex stories

Threesome sex storiesI have some mommy and slutkins threesome sex stories from Peanut butter month that I’m sure you will still enjoy! November was Peanut Butter Lovers Month and we all celebrated P-mommy style. Now let me set it off the month I didn’t know that it a peanut butter lovers celebration is going on! Mommy Carmen does seem to be having A little issue getting my youngest grand-brat to suck the mutt’s cock. So I know what any good old whore does. I take that furry friend into his red rocket into some creamy peanut butter. With my youngest granddaughter between my legs I tell her to open up and like every last drop off of that mutt dick! Threesome sex Stories
But that isn’t enough I need to enlist a help of my own son her daddy! Continuing in my nasty threesome sex stories, I now have my son as an accomplice.
He holds her tight while I help Fido fuck her mouth and fill it with that creamy peanut butter just from my fur baby. Oh how she screams and cries but the lesson gets learned anyways. I take that jar of peanut butter and I make my son fuck it. It has now his cock is in his daughter’s mouth full of peanut butter goodness. I just love when she pulls it out and likes her lips over and over just like that mutt! But my son has better plans than even I do. He smothers his little darling bold fat little cunny for the big heaping handful of peanut butter. An now Fido is having his feast while she giggles and laughs and tries to wiggle away. And if you know Carmen at all you know that I will not be one up by a furry friend tongue!

Peanut butter lovers month P-mommy

I’m going to get down there and I’m going to eat up that fucking peanut butter alongside of that big slobbery poochie. And what happens next Can only be described as a trifecta of little girl loving son fucking and mutts covered in peanut butter. I feel that red rocket slip inside of me as my son forces his daughter’s peanut butter covered pussy open. Now my granddaughter and we are both screaming because we are getting the peanut butter fucking of a lifetime. Now he said I was a dirty fucking p-mommy bitch. And on peanut butter lovers month and November I think I proved my fucking point.
So if you’re down to get fucking raunchy you know who to call Mommy Carmen!Threesome sex Stories

Party P-mommy Carmen

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Dirty Talking Women Love Women Too

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are the hottest women on the planet. I am a phone bone whore, but I am a stripper and a nude model too. I have done all kinds of things in the adult industry. I have a body built for sin. I have a fellow stripper friend, Savannah. We do all sorts of things together. We strip on stage together. We do photo shoots together. We share men as escorts and as strippers. Last night, she was over at my place because we took a big VIP home. He was willing to pay us each a couple grand to fuck him. We cannot fuck in the club. We can do just about anything else though. Well, after we fucked this rich cat, he left. He paid us, tipped us too. We decided to do some cyber Monday shopping. While we were spending his money, the snow started falling down around us. Before we realized it, we were in the middle of a blizzard. She could not go home in that kind of weather. We stayed the night at my place eating each other’s pussies, drinking wine, online shopping and watching sappy movies. Sometimes, girl on girl action is all we want. But do not worry it is never the only thing we want.

Sexy Bitch Cassandra

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Dirty Talking Women let daddy fuck their asshole

Dirty Talking Women are made when they are touched and played with when young. That is what daddy told me. He said when you get them young and turn them into little sluts they will say and do anything you want. That is what happened to me. Daddy started touching my little cunty any chance he got. It was his favorite game to play with me. He called it the pointing game. He would use his pointer finger to fuck any hole he wanted and would point to any where he wanted me to click and suck. He even let me point to where I wanted daddy kisses. It was easy for him to get me to do anything he wanted because I wanted to make daddy happy so when he pointed at his hard daddy dick, I knew I had to kiss it and suck it until his daddy cream came out. One night daddy said our pointing game was going to get better. He said he was going to use something better and bigger to play our game and he pointed at his daddy cock. His daddy meat was hard and excited already as he told his little girl to bend over. I did as daddy asked and right away daddy pointed his cock at my little rose bud. Once he forced and pushed his daddy dick in my ass, he pounded away telling me I was winning the game.

Dirty Talking Women

Then I felt it, his daddy meat was pumping inside me, and he told me I won the game. Now when I do Dirty phone talk, I think of daddy.


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Dirty phone talk with big slut Barbie

dirty phone talk

If you haven’t heard about me yet, you’re in for a wild time! I’m Barbie and I can’t wait to get to know you on a nasty, kinky level! I’m a freaky, dirty phone talk bbw that will blow your mind with how slutty and wild I am! I’ve always been a big, nasty bbc lover and I can never take enough cum to keep my slut holes satisfied for long. If you see me available for calls, it’s only because I’m ready to make my slut whore pussy cum while I wait on the next hard cock to come fuck me! Let me show you that I will do anything to drain your dick baby! I want you tongue fucking my tight asshole and fingering my fat cunt at the same time. I’ll tongue your asshole, suck your cock and lick all over your balls. I know that fat, meat stick you’re packing is going to feel so good in my throat, with me slurping it clean after you ruin my pussy and ass with it! Let me suck that creamy, chocolate covered cock and I’ll let you bust a fat nut all over my slut face!



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Dirty Talking Women are Sex Therapists

Women like Dr. Lynn are Dirty talking women. A sex therapist, a married woman and a mother. I am a naughty aunt that loves incest. The sexy neighbor woman that cuckolds her husband. My world is a sexual one and we are sexual beasts with primal cravings.

Let me in on the things that drive your cock to the most intense needs, and erections. That special secret that you jerk off to contemplating over and over again. The thing that makes that sperm shoot from your cock at record speed.

My experiences in sex therapy sessions over the phone span over a decade. I have heard it all and am familiar with all kinds of kinks and dirty phone conversations are what get me excited and make me cum with you.

Dirty talking women

Marriage Sex Therapist Lynn

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Dirty talking women have fun everywhere they go

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women will get nasty everywhere. We love to play with our pussies in every place we feel it necessary. The library is always a great place to get nasty. I want to get nasty because my wet holes always want cock. Besides, I am a certified slut in every single way. If you think a whore like me won’t want to get down and dirty in public, you are mistaken.

I’m a hot whore with plenty of time to make my pussy squirt. If there’s one thing I know for sure is that I will get my nut wherever I am, whatever time it is, I will get my fun. If you don’t believe me watch me. There’s nothing I enjoy more than making myself climax in public.


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Dirty Talking Women Will Take Your Balls, Sometimes

dirty talking womenDirty talking women can be sick bitches too. I am not only foul mouthed, but I am a taboo thinker too. More than a thinker. I am a doer. I have no impulse control. I have learned how to control my impulses by making sure to just do sick things often. Once you get a taste for killing, force fucking and castration, you want more. I like castrating men. I love it actually. Men think they are entitled to women because they have a cock. That is not the case at all. I castrate men often. Sometimes, just for looking at me wrong. I met James at a Goth bar last week. I watched him trying to spike girls’ drinks. I switched drinks, so he took his own drugs. I am smarter than any horny man. I took him to my cabin in the woods to castrate him while he was still subdued. I thought about killing him. He deserved to die. He is a predator who preys on women. I decided to give him a dirty castration instead. I used a dirty knife, and I did not cauterize the wound. This way he would have an ugly scar where his balls once were to remind him of what he did. He woke up tied to a bed with a castration band on his balls. And my rusty blade, just waiting to cut off his balls. I told him who I was and what I was going to do and why. He pleaded for mercy, but he showed none to the women he drugged, why should I show him any? I did not waste any time. I cut those balls off and watched him bleed. He passed out a few times, but I slapped him awake. When I am castrating losers, I want them to feel the pain.

Sadistic Bitch Venus

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Dirty Talking Women Blossom The Stripper!

Dirty Talking WomenI’m a big dick sucking stripper whore and I’m proud of it! I need to talk dirty all night long while I play with my slippery wet cunt to feel alive. I want to hear all your nastiest fantasies, the things you are afraid to say made you cum hard. I can tell you all about my days as a stripper and a down and dirty prostitute. I love talking about all the orgies I’ve been to; it makes me so wet to know you are jacking your cock while I tell you about all the nasty fun I have as a stripper and phone slut. I want to cum with you, make my fill my pussy with my biggest toys, tell me how hard you want to pound my cunt while I squirt all over my bed.


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