▩ Company Information ▩

WBMTT Enterprises
Customer Service phone number: 1-888-874-4930

Billed discreetly as WBMTT Enterprises
We Accept All Credit Cards
contact form below and we will be back in contact ASAP.

▩ Rates

$2.00 per minute all calls in the Continental United States.
$2.50 per minute all calls from Canada & International Calls.

$4.00 per minute for 2 girl calls in the Continental United States.
$5.00 per minute all calls from Canada & International Calls.

We also offer cyber text sessions and those are at the same rate as calls.

10 minute minimum on all calls, no exceptions.

Individual girls may choose to sell panties / lingerie / personal items — prices are determined by the individual girl.

Gratuity is not included with charges, please be kind to your phone Ho and tip her if she exceeds your expectations.

▩ Forms of Payments Accepted

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

Prepayment for services can be made with the company owner if you would prefer to buy blocks of time rather than have to give your info to the individual girls. You may call customer service at 1-888-874-4930 or fill out the form below with a request for a call back to collect billing info.

An alternative method of payment is available by paying with Greendot moneypak numbers. These numbers can only be accepted by customer service, please do not ask the individual girls to honor those numbers.

We do NOT accept personal checks or money orders. We are also not a 900# service and do not bill to phone.

▩ Charge Dispute Issues

We will resolve all credit card charge disputes. Please contact us @ 1-888-874-4930 before even contacting your bank. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and will be diligent in resolving all issues. Please do realize that we do report all fraudulent credit card charges to the State Attorney’s Office in the state of the original cardholder and also report them to the credit bureau. Credit card fraud will not be tolerated and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Obtaining a service under fraudulent pretenses is a prosecutable offense and a felony in all states.

▩ Contact Form ▩

▩ Credit Card Authorize Payment Form

At times in order to reduce our risk of credit card fraud and to also help protect our clients we will ask newer callers to fill out this authorization form so that we have the unique IP address in addition to phone records to identify the cardholder. We realize this may be an inconvenience and for that we apologize. However we need to ensure that the person authorizing charges is in fact the registered card holder in some cases. Please fill out this form only if you have been asked to by one of our employees or by customer service and if you have any questions please call customer service.

▩ Now Hiring ▩

If you are a hard working and super horny woman interested in working for our company please visit our application page at http://wbmttphonesexjobs.com/