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Party Cum Whore

dirty talking womenI remembering meeting him at a party, they told us to play truth or dare but without the truth. Every ball into every cup and the hotter it would get. I soon lost my panties and my top before being forced to crawl around on my hands and knees for him and his friends. I was used all night as a toy. He threw me over his lap and pushed my head into the floor as he spanked me until I was crying and begging and until my pussy was dripping so wet. He caught me in the bathroom trying to get myself off but I wasn’t allowed to cum unless it was him making me scream in pleasure. I had my hands tied behind my back as his friends circled around me with their hard cocks out. I sucked them all off and swallowed all of their cum loads until finally, he took me over to the bed as they all watched. I had been humiliated, taunted, and degraded all night long by them and him. I have bent over again and told to finger myself for them. My finger pulled out every time with more of my wet arousal every time. I tried to rub myself off but he wouldn’t let me cum. His cock was hard and soon forced down my throat as I choked and swallowed. I was untied and massaging his balls to build up his explosion. I knew the night was far from over, no one was finished using me as a sexy cum dumpster. I was fucked by every single one of them. My count was dripping wet in my horny juices and their cum, still not allowed to cum. Finally, he laid me on the bed and toyed, pinched, and pulled on my nipples. I felt him force his cock into me hard and fast. I finally screamed in pleasure as he fucked me into the bed. I felt myself cum so fast as he held me down by my throat and fucked me like he’s hated me for years. I came again and again against him and all over his cock until I was squirting.

Dirty Talking Women Chloe

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Dirty Talking Women Perverts

dirty talking women

If you want to talk to dirty talking women like me, then you’ve got to pay the price! I don’t care what you have to sell. Everything in your house can go as far as I’m concerned. All I know is that you better have my money! I mean, what else would you want to do with your paycheck besides call me so you can listen to all the dirty things that I’d be doing to you. And the truth is that once you call me once, you’ll really be willing to do all kinds of shady things to be able to continue to do so.

Pick up a second job. Sell your wife’s jewelry. Cut off your cable. Open up a new credit card. I don’t care what it is, just do it. And if you expect that I am going to feel sorry for you, you are sorely mistaken. My pussy gets wet when I hear what you’ve done in order to talk to me. I have a feeling that your wife is going to be mad that you’re cutting her spending, but oh well. All that matters now is making me happy. And when I’m happy, you can have whatever you want.


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Dirty Talking Women Like Me…

dirty talking women

You might think that a sophisticated hottie like me might not be one of the most dirty talking women around, but you know what? You’re absolutely wrong about that! See, the ones you would least suspect are usually the ones who are the best at it. It’s kind of like when people on crime shows say “Well, I never suspected him. He was so quiet.” Except I am a lot more fun than a crime show! I have a dirty mouth that can make it seem like your hottest fantasies are actually coming true even though we’re just talking on the phone.

Now, I want you to really stop and think about what you want to talk about before you call me. What’s the one thing that really makes your dick harder than anything else? Is it a taboo fantasy that you know you could never do in real life for fear of getting into lots of trouble? Well, you can talk about it with me and I’ll make it better than it would have been in real life anyway. Don’t wait any longer, baby! Get on the phone and call me so we can have a wild night together!


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dirty talking women make you horny as hell

dirty talking women

You need dirty talking women in your life to appreciate a slut who will no doubt make that cock throb all the time. I’m beyond ready to show you how great I am and how much you will need me to bust that nut.

I’m a little cum slut, and I’m proud of that so very much. My cunt needs a ton of cum, and there’s no other way to go about it than to give my body what it craves. If I crave cock I will have it, and if I crave two cocks I will fucking have that as well.

I will not stop myself from pleasure and do not want anyone else to get in my way. I leave my boyfriends high and dry because I’m not the settling type. I want cock, and I want it whenever I want, and honestly, if I’m frank, I don’t want only one.

Give me two! I’m such a greedy cock slut. It feels amazing to be double penetrated, and I won’t ever deny that and keep getting what I want.


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Dirty Phone Talk Cum Dump

dirty phone talk

I’m a dirty phone talk come dump who is happy to take care of loads of every fucking hole I have. Women like me love to tell you how filthy we like it there’s no whole thing back when it comes to getting up big cock right up my crack! You guessed it that means I like it in the ass Tell me like you are fucking oil rig worker and you’re going for that black gold. That’s all right boys sure know how to fucking put it on you I’ve been hanging out of the truck stops and lately I’ve been going down south to the oil rigs to find me some dirty mother fucking dick. Can you imagine all the slowly men meeting to release some of that hard earned semen built up in those balls. And you know they’re making money and I need somewhere to spend it and that’s where I got her slut like me times in to play. Dirty talking women such as myself know that we got to give that ass that pussy that throwed up and anything else they fucking want these are hard-working men help bent on coming in something. And by God the thing they’re going to come and it’s going to be me. 


I’m a no-holds-barred whore!

Hardcore Hadley they call me! 


Just fucking nasty cunt who needs to be dumped in! Are you going to come and play with me now?  I have done the most disgusting shit on a planet in order to get my cunt off and all that means is I’m going to do the most disgusting shit to get your cock off. I want to be a cream pie for days laying out on the oil rig taking turns with dozens of men You can come see me before or after It really doesn’t matter baby, cream pies for everyone! 

Hardcore Hadley

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Dirty Talking Women Will Take Your Balls

dirty talking womenDirty talking women can be sadistic bitches too. Take me for example. I do not do the traditional pillow talk. I am not your girlfriend. I am not your lover. I am not your whore. You are my victim or my accomplice. There is no gray area in between. I am primarily on a snuff site.  I am on it for a reason too. I have no sensor. Some sad sack, lovelorn loser starts saying he loves me, and I want to take his balls away from him. I do a lot of phone castrations, but you would be surprised how many guys I meet at Goth bars who think I will run off and marry them. I was at my local watering hole late last night. It is a Goth bar. This is not the bar where you will find cute coeds looking for sugar daddies. I had a stage 4 clinger though. He wanted to buy me drinks. I never let a man buy me drinks because he thinks that means I am obligated to fuck him. I do not let any man have power over me. I refused his drinks, but he still tried to make idle chit chat with me. Do I look like I do idle chit chat? When I shut the loser down, he tried to spike my drink. I do not let men drug me. I am too smart for that. I played along. Acted like I was drunk driving home. I knew he was following me. He pushed me into my house as I fake fumbled for my keys. He was my victim, not the other way around. As I laid on my bed acting drugged, I waited to get the upper hand. Once I turned the tables, I castrated him. He did not deserve balls. Nothing but a loser force fucker. I took his balls. Castrated him in my bed, in my house. I called the cops because I have cameras in the front of the house that would show him pushing his way in. I merely stopped a tool from sexually assaulting me. I will be a hero to women everywhere. He was carted off in handcuffs by ambulance. This loser lost his balls and maybe his freedom for years. No man ever wins against me.

Taboo Bitch Venus

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Dirty Talking Women Train Sissies

Dirty Talking Women
Honestly I know you love degradation at the hands of dirty talking women. It’s there, written all over your face. You’re desperate to be told you’re a little dick loser who has absolutely no chance at pleasing any woman, especially me. I’m a cock size queen and you evidently are just not up to snuff.

Then again, you knew that when you called me, didn’t you? Such a sweet sissyish boy. You make me want to pull out a pair of my dirty lace panties and tuck that oversized clitty in. You may need stockings, a garter belt, and of course a brassiere. No femme fag is complete without those. Oh and heels! Make up! We’ll skip the wig for now.

You’re going to have to earn it. I don’t just give things away to sissy gay boys. You have to pay to play.

Sissy Trainer Reesa

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Kinky Dirty Talking Women

dirty talking women

I know you love dirty talking women. That’s how you ended up here, right?  But I bet you also have an affinity for some really kinky shit, don’t you? Like, have you ever jerked off while you thought about fucking someone that you shouldn’t? You know, like a family member. I love incest fantasies and if you do too, then we are going to be a match made in heaven. Or hell. Either way, it is going to be really fucking hot when we talk. But who was it that you were thinking about when you were pleasuring yourself? I know that I really loved fucking my brothers, so maybe your sister was the one on your mind. Maybe she still is. You probably can’t fuck her in real life, so a role play with me is exactly what you need! I promise that it’ll feel like the real thing.

But maybe that’s not what you’re into. Incest isn’t the only thing that turns me on, so don’t let that stop you from calling me. I’m into a lot of things that I bet you’d like, too. Something else that’s high on my list are rape fantasies. I just love the thought of someone taking from me what I do not want to willingly give. Or if you like, I can go out and grab a girl for you and bring her home so we can play with her, even if she doesn’t want to. We can do a lot of kinky things and I am excited at the thought of turning you on with my dirty mind. Are you ready to get nasty with me, baby? You know what to do! Get on the phone and give me a call! I’ll be waiting – ready, naked, and oh so raunchy.


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Dirty Talking Women Loves Sexy Fun

Making daddy dick hard with my sweet voice is my favortie thing to do! It’s so fun and such a turn on to know you get nice and rock hard just by me being one of your hot dirty talking women. Now that I have all your horny daddy attention let me tell you a naughty story!When I was just a bit younger, my mommy took me out to her favorite bar. She had always caught the older men looking at me and my tight, young body. They loved playing and tossing around my hair and little body! It felt so good and it was so much fun to have guy after guy showing me how hot they found me. Mommy made me her good little momey maker and was bought drink after drink for having her sweet one there for their entertainment.

Suddenly I was grabbed from behind and I smelled strong whiskey on his breath, she told me it would be okay and they were going to use me up for a little bit. I didn’t understand but I found out pretty soon when I was dragged into a back room and was stripped of all of my clothes that covered my little tits and I seen my pretty red panties tossed away into the corner of the room. 

I felt my pussy explode in pain and screamed while I had big daddy cocks over and over again. After they used my cunt up leaving me in a dripping mess, I started licking my juices off their dicks. They made me make their dicks as wet as I could and a big man came in, tossed me onto my hands and knees on the bed, he spread my cheeks and rammed his monster cock into my tight shit hole. Mommy never stopped bringing me there.

Dirty Talking Women Jordan

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Dirty Talking Women In Charge

dirty talking women

I can’t believe that there are still sissies out there who have never sucked a real cock.  Strap-ons absolutely do not count and there’s no way you are a good cock sucking slut unless you’ve had a real one shoot a juicy load down your throat.  I would absolutely love to see a sissy whore get all dressed up and then go down to a truck stop and see if she could work her magic. I have no doubt, that with my help, you will be the most popular sissy at the glory hole.  Word travels fast, and pretty soon people everywhere will know your dirty mouth. Doesn’t that sound really fucking delightful?

Are you ready to be transformed into a cock sucking sissy whore? Pretty soon you’ll be able to take one one on your cunt and one in your mouth. Make sure you talk dirty while you’re getting your hole pumped. Men love it! Soon we will both be dirty talking women. So if you’re ready to learn how to be the perfect whore, call me now so that we can get you primed and ready for a real cock. I’m ready and waiting for you now, you dirty slut!


(800) 211-7167 ext 809

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