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dirty talking women never stay bored

dirty talking women

I can see that you enjoy dirty talking women, so let me tell you about the first time I masturbated. I was actually in class. It was a boring lecture, and all I wanted to do was go home. A little bit of time passed, and I decided if I was going to be stuck looking at lectures, I might as well do my own thing and bring some excitement to myself. It didn’t take long for me to explore my private parts. My pussy was wet as can be, and all I desired was to make myself climax right there in class. I knew this would keep me preoccupied and make me forget about the boring type.

All it took was some rubbing, and I was all done with class and had three incredible orgasms.


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Dirty talking women manipulate

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women have a way of manipulating you that they will make you believe in magic. My latest pay slave tells me he believes me when I talk about my cult. Truly the cult is about worshiping me, and that is what I want you to do. I will call you a cuck, a loser, a sissy, and everything under the stars. If you don’t have deep pockets and a cock that can fuck deep, you will become my bitch.

As my bitch you do as I say when I say. Sissies know how to be beta bitches. The number one sissy that bothers me is those who don’t want to admit what they are. They know they are sissies but do not want to succumb to the truth.

It’s time you submit to the hottest goddess who will manipulate and degrade you in ways you can’t even imagine.


dirty talking women are fun as fuck

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women do it all, and I have no limits. Last week I got fucked by my stepdad and my actual dad. I was screaming fuck me, daddy.

The feeling of a man in my pussy and one in my ass simultaneously is a feeling I look forward to and always try to get.

Let me be a slut and fuck me so you can remind me of the time I had both my dads use me. When we had a bbq, my daddy came over to pick me up, but instead of picking me up to take me to Disney land, he stayed and had a beer with my stepdad. They both must have gotten so horny because they began to talk about me and say how much I’m growing. They began to talk about my jugs and my chubby body.

When they began to go down that rabbit hole, I knew they would want to talk about fucking me. My pretty pussy loves to get fucked by daddy and stepdaddy, but this time I was going to get both their cocks simultaneously. What a great way to end my summer.

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Dirty Talking Women Can Be Husband Stealing Cunts

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are the most fun women you can meet. Married men love me. Teen boys love me. Single men love me. Black men love me. Why? Because I love to fuck, and I love to suck. I have no shame.  I flirt with all men, and I do not care if they are married. I will still fuck them. I was at a party over the weekend. Why I was invited is a mystery to me. This woman I was friends with in high school invited me. She said some other alumni would be there too. This woman was a mean girl in school. I never let her get to me because I stood up for myself, but she ran others into the mud. I was suspect of the invite, but I went. Turns out this bitch is still living in her high school mean girl days. Married with a hot teen son. She invited me to try to make me uncomfortable. No clue why. Maybe she was always pissed off that she never got to me. She was trying to shame me for living in a trailer park. I did not let her bait me. She did not get to me, and the harder she tried, the nicer I was to her. I fucked her husband in their bed while she was downstairs entertaining guests though. He was not hard to seduce. I had fucked him in high school too. They were high school sweethearts. I had no clue they got married. I think she must have found out about us, and it’s lingered with her. I don’t plot revenge. I just take the opportunity and when I saw who her husband was, I took that opportunity. He was easy to seduce. He was easy back then too. I love marred phone sex men. I hate stuck up bitches. So, any man married to a woman who throws me shade, well I will spread my legs for him and relish in the havoc it creates. I am a dirty talking slut. Women should not mess with me. I plan on fucking her son next.

Dirty Whore Beverly

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Dirty Talking Women are The Best Whores

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are the best kind to know. Dirty talkers have dirty minds and usually dirty lives. I sure as fuck do and I would not have it any other way. Honestly, I love being a P mom. Sure, I drive the mom SUV and take the boys to soccer practice. But I also let them use me like a porn star. And they do too. They love pumping me full of cum. I picked up some boys from the skate park today. It got brutally hot and my son texted me to come get him and his brother. When I arrived, there were a bunch of other boys checking out the hot milf. I invited them home. They thought to swim in the pool. I let them do that too. The real reason I had them over, however, was so that they would gang bang this dirty old milf. I need those young boy cocks. Teen cock too. I had a mix of ages in my house and in my fuck holes. Every boy I brought home, including my sons wanted to gang bang a red headed milf. I just needed that boy juice. I am addicted to sweet boy cum, especially those cocks so young that they do not have swimmers yet. I got nailed all afternoon long and pumped full of young spunk. Some I let swim on up inside me, the rest I guzzled. I am not your typical soccer mom, am I? I bet though I am the one of your wet dreams.

Sexy MILF Blair

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dirty talking women get nasty

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women love having a lot of fun being sluts at big parties. 4 of July makes me and my friends dress so slutty.
We have a little bet that sees who will be able to fuck the hottest guys around. I tend to go with a giant dick when I focus on who I want. I’m going to deepthroat so much cock and become a little slut draining out cum out of those balls.
I want a big cock that will make me cum so hard. It’s going to feel so good to be a little cum whore. When you have to be a slut that is down to do it all because you can’t stop being a cum slut. You will get the best fuckings ever.
Indeed, I can’t deny a big cock that will have me moaning in pure pleasure. A hot cum load inside me is my endgame goal. Once those fireworks go off, I want to be in sync with them.
It feels like they are so good to feel cocks all around me.


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Dirty Talking Women and Mistresses

dirty talking women

Sure, you can find dirty talking women anywhere on the internet. But what you can’t find just a where is a woman like me. I might not look like it but trust me when I say that I can be and am as filthy as you are. Haven’t you ever heard that women are bigger perverts than men? That’s not just a rumor. It’s very true. We are always talking about and thinking about fucking. I can say with one hundred percent certainty that’s true for me. And as a result, I have a lot of naughty stories to tell you. 

So you just let me know what kinds of things you like and I promise you I’ll have the perfect story to tell you about it. If you’d rather do a role play than talk about my experiences, that’s fine too. I love role playing so much. It’s always fun to pretend to be someone else for a while, don’t you agree? Think about what would turn you on and then get on the phone. The sky is absolutely the limit. I promise I’ll give you have ever wanted and some things you had no idea you needed.


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Dirty Talking Women

dirty talking womenDirty talking women have the best stories to share. The taboo kind too. I am a P mommy. I have a big brood of whores under my roof. Daddy and I pimp them out. I was pimped out as a young girl, but Daddy and I treat our little whores far better than my parents treated me. I spent my youth chained up inside a dirty pop-up trailer. My showers were with hoses and dog shampoo. I never went to school. I never knew affection from my folks. I was their cash cow. That was all I was good for to them. My brats fuck wealthy old men whereas my folks pimped my holes out to truck drivers and travelers. My sexy prostitutes are in school. They have nice clothes and their own rooms. They have all the modern technological devices to keep up with the Jonses too. My whores love being whores because they like having their own money. I never saw a dime my parents got for the brutal fucking I endured from rednecks. I am not like my parents though. I love my money-making whores. Happy whores are the best whores. Just last night my oldest teen slut came home from a daddy gang bang with more money than any of us expected. This client was so pleased with what a good whore she was that he tipped her a few grand. That all stays in her pocket. Money is a great motivator for young whores. I love my family of whores and they love me. I am full of Lolita stories to share. Dirty phone sex is the only sex with me.

Dirty Mom Lilibeth

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Dirty Talking Women into Incest

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women like me are into all kinds of things and I’m also very good at getting men to open up about what they desire deep down. Do you like to keep things kind of “normal” and vanilla? That’s okay. Sometimes you just want to feel like you’re in bed with your real-life lover and I can certainly make you feel that way. I know that not everyone has wild and crazy fantasies and that’s okay!

But if you DO have an extreme fantasy that turns you on, tell me all about it. Do you like incest fantasies? I’ve fucked my entire family, so that would be a fucking thrill to talk about with you. Do you have rape fantasies? I love being violated and roughed up, so if that’s what gets your motor running, please don’t hold back. Let me know your deepest, darkest, innermost desires and I’ll do my very best to make them come true for you. And remember, I have absolutely no limits so don’t hesitate to let me know exactly what your cock needs.


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Dirty talking women play

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women play! Oh yes, we do. We know how to make fun of a  boring situation. I love cosplay and dressing up and spicing things up in the bedroom. My pussy gets so fucking  wet when I see myself in the mirror. I look so fucking hot. I am so in love with my body and how tight my body is, and how strong I am. It makes me tingle with excitement to see myself getting all wet cause I am so intrigued and turned on by my damn self.

I work hard for my sexy body and love to give it a pleasure. My pussy gets all the best toys, and I l love to have yummy whip cream on me with tasty drizzles. Like I said in the beginning, I love to play and like to keep everything exciting in the bedroom. No one likes repetitiveness, and neither do I. One thing I refuse is dying having boring sex. I will not have boring fucking sex. I only want the best mindblown sex, and I love incorporating games, fashion, and deliciousness in my pussy.


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