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Dirty Talking Women and Mistresses

dirty talking women

Sure, you can find dirty talking women anywhere on the internet. But what you can’t find just a where is a woman like me. I might not look like it but trust me when I say that I can be and am as filthy as you are. Haven’t you ever heard that women are bigger perverts than men? That’s not just a rumor. It’s very true. We are always talking about and thinking about fucking. I can say with one hundred percent certainty that’s true for me. And as a result, I have a lot of naughty stories to tell you. 

So you just let me know what kinds of things you like and I promise you I’ll have the perfect story to tell you about it. If you’d rather do a role play than talk about my experiences, that’s fine too. I love role playing so much. It’s always fun to pretend to be someone else for a while, don’t you agree? Think about what would turn you on and then get on the phone. The sky is absolutely the limit. I promise I’ll give you have ever wanted and some things you had no idea you needed.


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Dirty Talking Women

dirty talking womenDirty talking women have the best stories to share. The taboo kind too. I am a P mommy. I have a big brood of whores under my roof. Daddy and I pimp them out. I was pimped out as a young girl, but Daddy and I treat our little whores far better than my parents treated me. I spent my youth chained up inside a dirty pop-up trailer. My showers were with hoses and dog shampoo. I never went to school. I never knew affection from my folks. I was their cash cow. That was all I was good for to them. My brats fuck wealthy old men whereas my folks pimped my holes out to truck drivers and travelers. My sexy prostitutes are in school. They have nice clothes and their own rooms. They have all the modern technological devices to keep up with the Jonses too. My whores love being whores because they like having their own money. I never saw a dime my parents got for the brutal fucking I endured from rednecks. I am not like my parents though. I love my money-making whores. Happy whores are the best whores. Just last night my oldest teen slut came home from a daddy gang bang with more money than any of us expected. This client was so pleased with what a good whore she was that he tipped her a few grand. That all stays in her pocket. Money is a great motivator for young whores. I love my family of whores and they love me. I am full of Lolita stories to share. Dirty phone sex is the only sex with me.

Dirty Mom Lilibeth

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Dirty Talking Women into Incest

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women like me are into all kinds of things and I’m also very good at getting men to open up about what they desire deep down. Do you like to keep things kind of “normal” and vanilla? That’s okay. Sometimes you just want to feel like you’re in bed with your real-life lover and I can certainly make you feel that way. I know that not everyone has wild and crazy fantasies and that’s okay!

But if you DO have an extreme fantasy that turns you on, tell me all about it. Do you like incest fantasies? I’ve fucked my entire family, so that would be a fucking thrill to talk about with you. Do you have rape fantasies? I love being violated and roughed up, so if that’s what gets your motor running, please don’t hold back. Let me know your deepest, darkest, innermost desires and I’ll do my very best to make them come true for you. And remember, I have absolutely no limits so don’t hesitate to let me know exactly what your cock needs.


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Dirty talking women play

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women play! Oh yes, we do. We know how to make fun of a  boring situation. I love cosplay and dressing up and spicing things up in the bedroom. My pussy gets so fucking  wet when I see myself in the mirror. I look so fucking hot. I am so in love with my body and how tight my body is, and how strong I am. It makes me tingle with excitement to see myself getting all wet cause I am so intrigued and turned on by my damn self.

I work hard for my sexy body and love to give it a pleasure. My pussy gets all the best toys, and I l love to have yummy whip cream on me with tasty drizzles. Like I said in the beginning, I love to play and like to keep everything exciting in the bedroom. No one likes repetitiveness, and neither do I. One thing I refuse is dying having boring sex. I will not have boring fucking sex. I only want the best mindblown sex, and I love incorporating games, fashion, and deliciousness in my pussy.


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dirty talking women will make you jerk it

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women like me know how to get men all excited and turned on because they know the way around a huge cock. When you have fun with girls who know what they are doing, you will experience some grade A explosions. It is the best feel-good cum experience you could even think about because it is true. When you are with a milf, who knows, you don’t want to go anywhere.

A woman like me will have you wanting to be used and fucked tell there’s no end in sight. When I make a guy cum he will never forget me. It is part of my charm and skill that I have learned to do whatever it takes to make a man cum buckets. I’m so into being a fuck slut and will not stop being open and honest with myself. It’s time I get to live out my dreams of becoming an available book and giving my sexuality the attention it needs.

I’m always going to crave cock, and now I get to enjoy it so much by being me and not having to lie that I need freedom and must be a bukkake slut.


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dirty talking women rule everything

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women rule everything. Im going to show you how my mouth gets me in some good trouble. When my mom started dating a new guy, he could see I was a slut. He wanted to hear all about me being a little cum whore, so he asked me what some of my dirty secrets were. I’m not a shy girl, so I let him in on so much. I began to tell him of me fucking my friend’s boyfriends and all my bosses from the past. It was no big deal to me to be transparent. It turned me on in more ways than one to let him in on my secrets because it showed me I could care less what anyone else thinks. If my mom found out I was talking dirty to her new man, It would infuriate her, but for me, it turned me on so much and made me so wet to be able to take my time into fucking her new man.

You know I’m a slut when I fuck anyone, man. my mom isn’t the exception



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Dirty Talking Women Who Strip!

Dirty Talking Women

I’m a natural cum slut who strips for money and I love being used like a filthy little cock sleeve! At my job all I do is drink, do coke and dance all night on the pole for money. It makes my cunt so fucking wet when I see guys admiring me on stage and begging for a lap dance after. It’s easy money for me to strip but I also like to host a kinky gangbang at my trailer occasionally for some extra cash. I charge at the door and any sexy man with a hard cock can come in and pound my holes until they fill me up with cum. Sometimes I even invite one of my fellow stripper girlfriends to take some cock with me, we make so much money fucking and getting covered in cum all night long!


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Dirty Talking Women are Whores

It’s absolutely fucking True! Dirty Talking Women are more often than Not, whores! I am proof. I talk dirty, I party like a fucking frat slut and I talk like a fucking sailor. Fucking you with a strap-on while giving a good ole’ reach around to stroke you off is my very pleasure.

Truth is this mama knows how to milk a pervert. Fuck, I have an arsenal of little holes, balls and hairless pee pees for p-daddy’s to enjoy. If your a p-mommy then by all fucking means cum and join my party of debauchery too! I love to hear other p-types talking about their littles and how they started to play with them.

As you can see, you should have been warned by the title of this blog post. As an anything goes kind of woman, I will not shy away from anything. This is the Phone perverts Paradise that I work on and we take your limits and push past them with no fucking mercy.

 Any realization of my sick fixation on being a whore was clear to me early on. Not only was I fucking family members, but I was also fucking the neighbor men and boys. In fact faculty members at school were not off my radar of fuckable either.

Quite possibly, we can just write it off as I was a young whore. In spite f it all, when I started drinking, also at a young age, I was fucking even more. Exceptionally great times where one night stands and gangbangs, orgies and group sex were all on go for me. I gave the green light and I am giving you the green light now.

We all know it takes Dirty Talking Women to make a Pervert Cum

Dirty Talking Women

Let it be known that the very fact of me being a filthy whore should not deter you from joining me in sharing your perverse needs. I promise I will find your naughty ways just as hot.

Dirty Milf Whore Irene

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Dirty Talking Women and Big Dicks

dirty talking women

When it comes to dirty talking women, I’m the cream of the crop. I’m a whore in real life, so of course that translates over into my phone sex adventures. Don’t you love it when you find a woman who will do anything and everything to please you? As long as you have a big dick, that is! I can’t even imagine fucking less than 8 inches. If you take your pants off and I see a huge cock, I’m going to be on my knees with my mouth open so fast your head will spin. Sucking big dicks is one of the most satisfying things ever.

And of course, I love spreading my legs when there’s a huge cock involved. On my back, bent over, or riding – it makes no difference to me. As long as my cunt is all filled up, that’s all that matters. And when you call me and tell me you want to hear about all the fun you could have with me, trust that it’s going to be the nastiest fun you could ever imagine. If you’re ready for the time of your life with a size queen, pick up the phone, Daddy.


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Dirty phone talk Mutt Momma

dirty phone talkI’m not one to ever say no to a dirty phone talk fetish! I have my run ins with mutt fucking when i was younger and being an all around dirty GILF now days! See, Fido is my stud and he is always horny! And my little grandbrast are so curious about his big wanky always hanging out. The female that we were going to breed got preggers by a common mutt, so poor big wanky had no loving. Sometimes fate has a way of introducing perverted fetishes on young ones and i thought this would be the perfect opportunity to show my little ladies all about the joys of mutt fucking.

Dirty talking women are mutt fuckers

And this woman is an older coked up whore who needs to see her grandbrast get fucked by Fido. That red rocket is aching for my ass and Mommy Carmen knew my girls would benefit from watching this old gal get down with some mutt dick! I called big wanky in and had him line up to me. I dropped my pantiesd and let Him mount me. I was so thrilled to be servicing my furry friend with the big red rocket dick in front of my granddaughters. I explained that he would jump up and use my granny ass to fuck the living hell out of me! Oh how it felt good when that pointy tip went through my sphincter! I was in heaven having that dirty boy root and rutt inside my butt!

My young ladies clapped and said Go Granny go! I told them all the strip down so they could mastrabte for me while i got mutt fucked! It was so exhilarating as my youngest passed my dope pipe to me and I let that knot go deep inside my ass hole! Granny loves a furry friend mutt butt fuck!


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