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Dirty Phone Talk with Me While Your Wife’s Asleep

dirty phone talkI Love Dirty Phone Talk with Married Men

Dirty phone talk is perfect for two married people who want to have a little fun on the side. You get tired of fucking the same pussy over and over again. And there are so many sexy, slutty women who love to fuck. Women like me that love doing all the nasty things you have to beg your wife for. It’s the same for me. I love my husband, but thinking about a strangers cock makes my slutty mouth water. Thinking about this new dick in my face, pressing against my lips and in my mouth. Fuck, I’m already getting horny.

Married Phone Sex with Anal Whore Trisha

Your wife is still home, but you call me anyway. It makes your cock hard knowing that she could walk in on you stroking your cock to married phone sex. I can hear how horny you are when you call me and it makes my pussy drip like a fountain. Tonight you’re craving a sloppy throat fuck and a tight asshole. And mine need to be slutted out. I take one of my thick ass dildos and slide it into my mouth. You can hear me spitting and slurping on it to get it lubed up. Then the moan when I slide it inside of my ass.

Your balls fill up with cum while you hear me fuck my asshole for you. I keep slamming that thick cock in my ass and begging you to fuck me. My tight asshole stretching and squeezing around that cock. My tight fuck hole wants to milk that dick and you can hear how badly I need a cock inside of me. Your wife would never say the things I do. My mouth gets nastier the harder I fuck my ass. you can hear the dildo slamming into my slutty shithole. Nut in my ass while your wife’s sleeping.


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Dirty Talking Women To Chose Which Slut Gets Your Cock Harder


Dirty talking women who make your cock start throbbing the minute they start talking are what you like alright!

My heart raced wildly as i opened revealing none other than Mr Dirty Talk himself standing there looking just as hot if not even more so now that reality had set in! \\dddddhey needed them most: skin against sweaty skin under dim lighting cast by only one lamp.

You grabbed fistfuls of my hair and pulled back hard while forcing my head down onto your massive cock, grunting with pleasure as he felt it slide down my throat. I loved the way his cockhead brushed against the back of my mouth; it sent shivers up and down my spine. He slapped me hard on that round ass of mine which only made me want more – damn did this guy know how to handle a pain slut like me!

Your hands roamed freely over my body, tracing every curve and dipping into every crevice theory could find while his lips trailed hot kisses down my neck towards even more sensitive part below . I couldn’t help but moan louder than ever before as you found just the right spot between clit and entrance making me wet myself instantly!  I could hear the sloshing of your cock inside my

dirty talking women“Fuck yeah baby,”tou growled against skin causing goosebumps to rise up on arms.”You like that dirty talk with my nasty cunt, huh?” enter my dripping wet cunt hearing the juices mingling already of spit and cum. It went slowly at first then faster until we were both in rhythm thrusting deeper with every pje together in perfect harmony under sheets now soaked through with our combined sweat .


Lillian- Can't Go Without Your Dick

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Phone sex stories lead to acting them out in dirty fashion.

Phone sex stories                Phone sex stories lead to acting them out in dirty fashion. The dirtier the better. That or it is going to be the gaggle of us women discussing the dirty things we have done and will be doing. Next thing you know you are going to be playing out those dirty stories with me. Now some of these stories are nasty. Better like it nasty and freaky.

                To begin with always did have an eye for the really freaky fun things. Like fucking up in a tree. Looking down on the people below. Wondering if they would wonder if it was rain or look up to see me squirting on them as my partner cums in my cunt. In other words, buckle up for the ride of a lifetime.

                Climbing the tree while making out, sucking face. Groping one another. Down the pants. His fingers delving into my bald tight pussy, up my mini skirt. No panties. Pulling his cock out. Slamming me into the tree trunk. Legs wrapping around him. Cock going right into the cunt. Riding on him.

                Pumping into me. Harder and deeper. Groaning as he bites my neck. Immediately drawing a groan from me. Nipping his ear. Tugging on him. Grabbing for the nearest branch. Hanging on. Anchored to him and the tree. Shaking it.

                All of sudden screaming out as I feel him cum inside of. Squirting. Hearing the shouts that they were getting wet. Hoping they look up to see as my pussy is squirting. His cum dripping down.

                Telling even more Erotic sex stories to all the women when we meet. Which one would you like to play with me?

Secy Fuckalicious Freak Harriett

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Dirty phone talk perverted mistress Pam loves to fuck.

Dirty phone talk               Dirty phone talk perverted mistress Pam loves to fuck. Telling the stories of what I have done and what I fantasize about doing is all part and partial to the whole mistress gig. Most compelling evidence is that I have made it thing long and avoided the ring of marriage. Without delay the rules are set. No marriage. Everything else is a go.

                You are paying for the perverted nasty mistress and that means that you won’t need a condom. Fuck me anal and you never need to worry about breeding me. Never going to tell anyone, that is one of the most important things to remember.

Some of the Girls talking dirty is sure to give us even more ideas of what we can do to please our men. New technique in giving a blowjob. How to be flexible. Do the splits down onto a cock. Talk dirty with you on the phone. Scat and piss are two of the dirtiest things that we can talk about. Eat it out of my ass as I am eating it out of yours.

It is time to get dirty and perverted with mistress Pam. Fuck me in the ass with my dildo. Let me give you a rim job. Stimulate that ass. Fuck like bunnies. You ready to play?


Perverted Mistress Pam

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Threesome sex stories settle in, pull out the dick.

Threesome sex stories                Threesome sex stories settle in, pull out the dick. To begin with I have been itching to tell this story. As shown above a threesome with three women is cum worthy all on its own. Still to have it with two women and yourself.  That is just as important.

                With this in mind. This is a true story about my first threesome with a man and woman. I was young, very young indeed. In fact, I was just barely legal drinking age. I met the bartender. He insisted he had a nine-inch dick. Even wore a shirt proclaiming it. I digress. I thought he was hot. He thought I was hot.

                We had a lot of fun teasing and flirting. Talking nasty. I quickly learned that he was taken and as that has never stopped me before, well I got to know his girlfriend. She was short, spunky, and killer body. For this reason, it wasn’t hard to get to like her. Next thing you knew we were making out in the bar. Let everyone watch.

                Until finally the day came when she invited me home with them. We did some candy at her place. Then we took the candy to bed with us. Taking it off his dick. He really did have a nine-inch dick. Kissing around his cock.

                Putting the candy on my clit and sitting down on his face. While she rode his cock and then we would switch and I would ride his cock a while. To point out that we fucked until the wee hours of the morning with no end insight was exhilarating.

                To be sure fun was had. Never came so hard in my life. We are some nasty Dirty talking women when we get together and rehash the old stories.

Sexy Jacking Mom Valentine

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Dirty Talking Women Control Cock Sucking Men

Dirty talking women are constantly making men horny. However my dirty talk is all about controlling cock sucking men like you. Do not deny the lure of a sexy babe making you her little cock sucking beta bitch.

Do I really control men and make them suck cock for me? That answer is yes. In fact that is why many guys call me. I find it so gratifying to hear a grown man beg for permission.

Now, I would like to know if you would really let a babe like me control you? My thoughts are this. First off it is a yes. Like after all to simply have my attention and being able to connect with me is going to drive you to cum instantly.

Next thing is how you address me as Mistress and confess to your doings. Tell me about your cravings of dick and how you will submit to me.

Dirty talking women

Dirty Godess Gemini

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Dirty Talking Women in the snuff club are nasty fun.

Dirty Talking Women                Dirty Talking Women in the snuff club are nasty fun.  In the long run we discuss everything, do even more, at the same we are getting off with one another. All around the town for it is our oyster. Knowing where the bodies are buried. Who bought the farm? Fantasy rape, murder, mayhem.  All on the table, both metaphorically and physically.

                In fact, when you are looking for ideas, we are loaded with them. All things considered you must know that the best serial killers are women for they know when to keep their mouth shut. After all we know how to compartmentalize, know that revenge is a dish best served cold, and to be sure know how to attack like a rattler. Even make it look like self defense if need be.

                Now when you normally get a group or gaggle of women together it is most assuredly and obviously going to be leading some very nasty dirty talking between us all. In which it will be the comparison of cocks. The size, the shape, the best way to castrate. Like did you know what you can use banding on the balls with an elastrator? At the same time a calf clipper or it is called a castrator will work just as effectively.

                By all means ask around and you will learn this is the normal conversation that women have. It is why we have no limits phone sex. Nothing you say can shock us. Be dirty and nasty. As long as you know we are comparing you to other men. Laughing about it.

Snuff Queen Angie

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Dirty Talking Women are mommas who swap stories.

Dirty Talking Women               Dirty Talking Women are mommas who swap stories. To begin with when we swap stories there is always the understanding that we act out as much of it as possible. Playing with someone while chatting is to be sure a must do. Like sucking a cock. Going over how to open the throat. Down the cock. Having a cock on hand is a very good way to show just what we are talking about.

                Now there are so very many different positions and when we are chatting with each other it is very good to have videos, examples, and or a volunteer. To be sure, doing it with one of the other mommas in the group is a great way to both learn a new position and show how it works.

                How many here know what the waterfall is? For the most part it is a very easy position to do. On the positive side this is one position that other than some strength the men do nothing but lay there. On the negative side you need to hold the entire body weight of your partner on your groin and pelvis while she rides on you. Once more a positive point of fact is you have blood rushing to both heads at once.

                First you would have you legs to your knees on the bed. Then you would have your shoulders down onto the floor. I would mount you, taking your cock inside of my cunt or ass. Feet braced on the side of bed. Palms on waist or if a rider can free form it with the gripping of thighs and three point your fine cock riding you like any other stead.

                We’re Dirty mommas with our Phone sex stories.

                With this in mind as older mature women we have a very good idea how to teach you even more dirty and nasty things. Now if you have a devious and sexy momma like me. Then to be sure you are in for the ride of your life. In fact it will not always be easy and talk back isn’t a good idea. The mean momma can and will kick your ass. Also, will fuck that ass and teach you how to do a proper rim job.

                For the most part you will learn and have a lot of fun. Just don’t be shocked when I take control and make you cum harder than you have ever done before.

Devious Sexy Mom Abby

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Dirty Talking Women Know How to Drain Dick

Dirty Talking Women Like Me Suck and Fuck For Real

Dirty talking women need to be able to back up what they’re talking about. And I love going out and getting my slutty holes filled to give you something to stroke that horny cock to. You love seeing me on my knees in a room full of cocks. Getting those thick cocks slapping on my tongue ring while you pump that dick for me. I love looking up at you while your friends start sliding their cocks in my mouth. Keeping eye contact until my eyes start to roll to the back of my head.

dirty talking women Break My Dirty Phone Talk Throat!

Let them slut me out. Push my head down on those cocks and make sure they’re abusing my throat. I’m your slut at the end of the day, you’re just letting them use me. And fuck I love getting used. Every time I pull off a spit covered cock, another one gets forced into my slut mouth. I don’t know how I’m supposed to do dirty phone talk later when you’re fucking my throat like a pocket pussy. I have spit and drool all over these fat tits. The filthy mess I’m making is the last straw.

That slutty coochie needs to get fucked! You have me bent over with a dick in my mouth and my pussy stretched out by your fat cock. The harder I get fucked the more I gag and choke. And the more I choke, the tighter that pussy squeezes down on that dick. My ass is clapping so hard back on that dick. You have me pushing back on that fat cock and making me fuck myself like a filthy little whore. When you pull me up by my hair and make me arch my back I can’t take it no more. I’m screaming and begging for that cum inside my cunt. “Please cream my cunt!”

Cum Slut Quincy

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Married phone sex is naughty be naughty with Dr. Ginger.

Married phone sex                Married phone sex is naughty be naughty with Dr. Ginger. Married, cheating, nasty and taboo are things that us women discuss when we get together. Group masturbating to our stories. We get dirty and nasty. Be naughty with me now. Then become one of the stories that I get to tell the other women.

                To begin with it will be in my home or office. Come in. Settle onto the couch. Pull out your cock. I will sprawl out on my desk as shown above. Giving you a complete visual aid. First, the blouse off, next comes the skirt. Leaving myself in garter belt, stockings, bra, panties, and heels. Love heels.

                Now depending on the fetish, we play even more but I need something when us Dirty talking women get together. Just between us I can be discreet by not giving your name. Come fuck my breasts. Cock sliding up and down between them. Pressing in on the sides. Swallowing your cock. Cover them completely in your semen.

                Crawl between my legs, hands running up the stockings. Feel the whisper soft feeling of the nylon stockings. Eat out this pussy. Squirting on your face. Riding your cock until you cum inside of me. As your doctor we will finally do 69 until eventually reaching orgasm. It is important to remember that we need to cum numerous times in every Dirty phone talk session.

Sexy Dr. Ginger Fox

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