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Dirty Talking Women are Dirty Mommies

dirty talking womenDirty talking women will become your newest addiction. I am a P mommy. I love family fun. I talk and fuck like a sailor though. I love dirty words. I love telling my son to fuck his mother’s dirty cunt. And I love telling my daughter to lick mommy’s shit box. I have been a dirty mom for a decade now. My son and daughter love fucking me and each other. In fact, I am a new grandma from incest. I am proud of it. If could have gotten knocked up by my son, I would have. When I first started fucking him, he was a teen boy and I was in my 40s. Now, technically I could have gotten pregnant, but it is always harder to get knocked up past 40. I let fear dictate me too. Then my daughter had a healthy baby girl who was the product of brother sister love. She does not look like she belongs in a Wrong Turn movie either. I love having a granddaughter. It is going to be fun to watch her grow and get involved in the family fun. She already watches with joy. She seems to like to watch the family fun. We love having her there too. Only on a dirty phone sex site like mine could I share all my incest escapades and tell you my son will knock up his daughter one day.

Sexy Mommy Victoria

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Dirty Talking Women Like Wet Wynona

Dirty Talking Women

When you can only get off to dirty talking women like me, you’re living the good life aren’t you baby? You know I’m wet and fucking wild just from the way I look at you – like I could and would make my ass cheeks clap against the side of your head while you licked my shit chute and my pussy hole clean! You’d better watch out though; that pussy gets pretty wet. I’d hate to super soaker your sexy little face and have you end up drowning because I was so wet. Do you think you’re man enough to handle all this ass? Or are you weakened from the sexy dirty phone talk, and you need me to dominate the ever loving shit out of you?

Wet & Wild Wynona

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Dirty Talking Women and No Limits

dirty talking women

There’s a new family in town and I cannot wait to have them over. The wife is just about my age and from what I hear, she is highly religious. Like, so religious that she didn’t even kiss her husband with tongue before they were married. I don’t know if that’s true, but what the fuck?! How could you marry a girl when you don’t even know if she’s a good kisser or not? He must really love her. But you know, I bet she’s really fucking boring in bed and that’s why I am going to seduce her husband.

Of course, when they initially come over, I’m going to serve them lemonade with my famous cumsicle ice cubes in them. But one day, I’m going to act really innocent when I see him out in the street and ask him if he can help me get something out of the attic because it’s too heavy for me to carry. When I get him alone, I’m going to corner him, drop down to my knees, and start sucking his cock. He won’t stop me because you KNOW his prude ass wife doesn’t do that. If you want to hear more from one of the sluttiest dirty talking women ever, call me!


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dirty talking women are the life of the party

Dirty talking women

dirty talking women are the life of the party! My friend Daisy and I ended up having a scissor fest right in front of all the college boys. They are older with an appetite for hot sex, and we are younger with a need for older guys who can fuck us silly. You know we would not leave the party without making a lasting impression. We had all the guys with their rock-hard cocks ready to burst out of their pants. We wanted them to know we were not too young to hang. They knew we meant business when we stripped down for them and let them all watch us get all handsy.

They looked at us and couldn’t stop watching us be nasty whores. I cant blame any man who wants to see too hot, barely legal sluts kissing and caressing each other. My supple young breast in her hands, my mouth on hers, and we kept it going to till we ended up fucking in front of each of them. They all wanted our numbers and some of our time.


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dirty talking women want to be fucked hard

dirty talking women

I am so sick of not getting dicked down right. I want to be the true dirty talking women who don’t fear voicing her feelings. I want to be fucked like a slut and be used as a cum fuck.

Im sick of these prim and proper men putting on a show and only trying to get to bed and fuck me like some simple girl. Im a slut who wants to be wine and dined but wants to be fucked like a rockstar.

I’m all in for some entertaining dirty adventures. I want to be a bukkake slut and have a couple of guys fuck me and run a train on me. I am too sophisticated for that, but sometimes a lady wants to be a slut. I’m in that kind of mood tonight and won’t be accepting anything but the best cocks deep inside me.

I do not want anyone minute, man. Give me cock like my life depended on it, and im going to be ready to climax all over the place.


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Dirty Phone Talk Slut Karen

dirty talking womenAre you looking for dirty talking women to have hot fun with? A dirty nasty slut to get you off. How about a horny big tit girl whose pussy is always soaking wet and ready to play? I have my dildo’s ready. That’s right I said dildos. Like plural. I have many. Suction, vibrating, curved, heated and all kinds in between. You see I need it. Just like you need it. I am addicted. My fingers naturally migrate to my pussy. Always rubbing and stroking as you tell me what you want to do with me. Getting off with you is so hot. Your wet hard cock being stroked, and my pussy being pounded by my dildo and stroked by my hand. The hotter the roleplay the louder we get. Your moans and my moans louder and louder as both cum. Me licking myself off my fingers as you listen, getting turned on again. Getting hard again you are ready for round two of our dirty phone talk. I moan as I spread my legs and push my dildo inside of me again. So, if you want to have some hot fun with a dirty slut, give me a call babe.


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Dirty Talking Women

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are the dirtiest mommies and grannies around. How dirty? My grand angels are home in the daytime for the holidays with me since their parents must work. I work too, but I from home, so I get to be the babysitter. I never mind having them around, but I work talking dirty in the day. This morning, they were listening in from the other room getting hot and bothered from my incest call. My caller was telling me that when he was a little boy, he would watch his mommy fucking other men while his dad was at work. He would steel her cum drenched panties and jack off in them. I know my grandsons have done the same thing! I just have no husband and they do not have to sneak around. I will give them my cum drenched panties any day. Horny little boys cannot stop touching their pee pees when they are young. They cannot stop thinking of their mommy’s pussy either. My sons thought of me and so do my grand boys. It is natural boy behavior. I decided it would be hot for my grandsons to masturbate for me while I was talking dirty to my caller. When I opened the door, all three fell into to the room. Their hard dicks were already out and leaking. They sprayed my face and big tits with cum. I could hear my caller jacking his meat while my boys slapped their meat between my big tits. As I started to lick the boy cum off my 44 EEs, my grandsons started to lick their sexy granny’s pussy. I squirted all over their faces when I heard my caller cumming in a pair of his mommy’s panties. My grandsons are going to entertain me while they are on Christmas break.

Dirty Granny Samantha

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Dirty Talking Women Holiday

dirty talking womenOn the first day of Christmas Santa brought to me, 2 dirty talking women.
One the second day of Christmas Santa brought to me 2 cum sluts fucking and a whore on her knees sucking me!
One the third day of Christmas Santa brought me.. A dirty nasty hoe under the Christmas tree! This is my tribute and my life as a gangbang whore blessed with a hot little sister who dances with me now. She has been Dancing for a while but I decided to take her up to the big leagues.
The Christmas Clientele that needs a couple of blonde bimbos for Holiday fucking. The bosses throw these Raunchy Dirty parties at the offices downtown that the wives and Partners Know nothing about. My Favorite Is A Big Corporate America Place that has a few a Gay Guys in the Upper Management. In this case a …

🎶a couple dicks were brought to me under Santas Big Fat North pole as He drilled my hole..
applies to men and women! 🎶

These parties are the coveted Event of the season. I know now that all these Legal Mumbo Jumbo terms they throw to their spouses are fucking trash Just like me! Men are fucking dirty dogs who like to raw dog a Dirty phone talk whore and her little sister. I thought she was the youngest I had ever seen at one of these parties but I was wrong. Teen sluts fucking for Holiday dough and dope are up in the high rise buildings getting that Business man cock fuck! Now, These are secret parties that Some of us are lucky to attend and we all know to keep our mouths shut or we will end up in the gutter! Don’t miss out on a hooker phone sex dirty whores stories. Come and cum see me! Mums the word!

Hardcore Hadley

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dirty talking women are hot

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women love to fuck, and I am no different. I am currently fucking my brother-in-law and my father-in-law. im so tired of my husband staying out in the office. the fucker is probably cheating on me. My husband constantly shames me for being a former stripper. I want to show him that I can do what I want, and if he doesn’t like it, he can go to hell. I won’t stop whoring.

My pussy comes first, and it is all that will rule my life. I can fuck my brother-in-law and father-in-law because they know how to give me attention, and that’s what I want over everything.

My husband has no clue, but to be honest, his dad’s dick is the best its so thick and shoots so much cum, and I love to lick it and swallow it and juggle it in my mouth.

I love being a cheating slut and won’t ever stop.

Let me be a little cheating whore and take every cock in sight till I am pleased to the max.


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Dirty Phone Talk For Sadistic Needs

You have sadistic needs. These Dirty phone talk lines serve a purpose. As a sexy slut I love to assist in fulfillment of these needs. Your desire to victimize a barbie doll like bimbo is hot to me. My full existence in life now is to be the tool for your obsession.

Dirty phone talk

Taking what you need from a filthy cunt is your way. My only hopes are to satisfy your cravings. In fact, this often means that my demise is the outcome. My getting wet thinking about the ways you will torture me is inevitable. You will treat me like a filthy two pence hooker.

Without a doubt I understand my place in this cruel world. Undoubtedly, my father groomed me for this future. Is it not true that successful men require a more unusual form of stress relief? Evidently, I cater to just those types of men. Sexy, perfect, and plastic. Narcissistic men are some that really get a rise out of using me. It’s not unfortunate that I have encountered my share. These men made me have the best orgasms ever.

You Need a Dirty phone talk bimbo

You should understand that a normal existence is not for me. In essence, daddy made me the way I am. A victim of circumstances is where I often find myself. It’s my whore cunt that gets railed and defiled to the point of ruin that makes men cum. My ass is the very tool of perfection to gape and rosebud after a hardcore gangbanging. Use my perfect goddess body to your full enjoyment. Ultimately I will be the most orgasmic little cunt.

All things considered I am excited to be your bimbo prostitute to torture. Bring your friends over and let them all have at me. Let’s make a deal. Alternatively you could just cum all over my whore face and call me a whore.

Dirty Slut Geneva

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