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Colleen’s a Dirty Talking Women

Dirty talking womenColleen had been married for 20 years and had thought she had it all until her teenage daughter left home for college. All of a sudden she had too much time on her hands and began feeling neglected and lonely. She was a spirited woman in her 40’s and had always had a strong libido. She decided to dive into the online dating scene hoping to find what she was missing.

At first Colleen was just looking for someone to talk to, but it quickly became clear that she was in search of something more. She could sense a familiar excitement stirring deep within her as she flirted with the men she met in the chat rooms. They wanted to take things slowly, but Colleen was not content with that; she wanted more and craved the thrill of a new sexual conquest.

One night, she found herself in bed with a man she had just met online. They had both been drinking and their inhibitions were low. Colleen found herself completely caught up in the moment and didn’t even worry about the consequences of sleeping with a stranger.

The next morning she awoke feeling embarrassed and regretful, but she also couldn’t deny that she had enjoyed herself. She made a decision then and there to not let her loneliness and loneliness lead her astray again.

From then on, she limited herself to meeting people only in person and always insisting on getting to know them first before taking things any further. She may not have been able to keep all her hormones in check, but she was committed to not repeating the same mistake she had made that night.


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Collette was made for Dirty phone talk

Dirty phone talkCollette had been having an incestuous affair with her father for years, but still found it exciting every time they talked dirty on the phone. She loved hearing him call her his naughty little slut and describe all the naughty things he wanted to do to her. It made her heart race and her palms sweat.

Tonight, they started with a little banter about what they’d do when they finally got together. Her daddy described how he would undress her slowly, caressing her body as he went. She moaned in anticipation, imagining the sensations.

He then went go down on her, licking her from head to toe. She gasped, her arousal growing with every stroke of his tongue.

Finally, he moved to the main event. He said he wanted to fuck her. He said he wanted her to feel every inch of him inside her. His voice was deep and commanding, and it made her shiver with anticipation.

As the conversation continued, their dirty talk increased in intensity. They both knew it was wrong, but the taboo nature of their relationship made it even more thrilling. In the end, they both reached a fever pitch of pleasure, coming together in a blissful orgasm.

Collette lay in bed afterwards, feeling satisfied and aroused. She knew that this had to stay a secret, but it was something she would always cherish.


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Dirty Phone Talk Gets The Cocks Off Everytime

Dirty phone talkDirty phone talk may be what I specialize in, but getting cocks off is what I live for.  Luckily, I have a job where I go into it wanting to hear as much cum squirt out on the phone as possible.  To do that, I have to dig deep into the dirty depths of my perverted mind to pull out all the nasty things that I’ve done, seen, or fantasized about.  It was never unusual to tell a guy in school all the things I wanted him to do to my slut holes growing up.  I’ve never been afraid to be vocal about sex.  If I want a hard cock in my cunt, I will tell you. In fact, I’ll tell you when it’s going to go into my slutty mouth, how much spit will fall out my mouth before it’s lubed up enough to thrust it in my pussy and cock.

For whores like me, the dirtier the better is always a go to motto.  I like it dirty and everything that comes out of my mouth, your filthy cum, my spit, your spit, the neighbors spit, the guys cum from last night that inevitably is dripping down my cunt as it has been all day. I never waste a shower to get cum off me, that’s what mouths are for, duh.  As long as we are on the same page, knowing if it’s off limits to most, it’s probably coming out of my mouth. Otherwise, most stuff just goes in my mouth. If I’m able to keep it there, swallow it, pass it to the next person via mouth, then I’m doing just that.

If you like it dirty then you know where to look, I mean if you can hang with a dirty slut like me.

Deanna Leaves Showing It All

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Dirty phone talk with nasty naughty p-mommy, Melinda.

          Dirty phone talk with nasty naughty p-mommy, Melinda. Now, I am going to tell you that there is nothing I won’t tell you about my own little brats when we are in a call. I will be candid and very frank about some of the nasty bits I have done.Dirty phone talk

          At the same time if you want me to pretend that I have done much worse then I shall. I get off on hearing stories of your exploits and what I have done. There are so many stories I could tell you about. What I intend to do and this p-mommy has had dirty talking women over and we swap stories. If you are of a mind to join and hear some kinky naughty stories hit me up and I will share all of them. As long as you are in a call with me.  


P-Mommy Melinda

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Wynona loves dirty talking women

dirty talking women

Wynona could not believe what she was hearing. Her friend, Roxanne, had just told her that she had the most unbelievable experience the previous evening. She had been walking home late and stumbled upon an old monastery. As she peered through the window, she saw an evil monk, who couldn’t help but bewitch her captivated by the way he spoke.

He didn’t use words so much as he used sound. His tone was low and dark, his vocal inflections slow, and he spoke passionately, often with a seductive edge. Every sentence he uttered was wildly suggestive, filled with innuendo and not at all suited for church grounds.

Wynona could not comprehend how her friend was able to stand such a man, let alone find her own fascination and interest in him.

Roxanne laughed it off, saying ‘Oh, come on, I’m a grown woman! Living a little is part of growing up.’

Wynona was horrified. Who was this monk, and why did Roxanne allow herself to be taken in by his dirty talking?

The next Morning, Wynona found herself standing in front of the old monastery. An inexplicable force, be it curiosity or sheer determination, led her to the door. She stepped inside and saw that the monk was nowhere to be found.

But a chill filled her spine as she walked closer and noticed that a mysterious and powerful presence remained in the room, a presence that had come alive as soon as she’d darkened the threshold.

Wynona knew then that her friend had not been exaggerating; this man was capable of doing great evil, and it was only by the grace of God that Roxann had escaped unscathed.

Wynona shuddered, feeling the overwhelming power of the evil monk and vowed to protect her friend from ever facing him again. She would do whatever it took to keep Roxanne away from the dangerously seductive villain.


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Dirty Talking Women are Submissive Whores

You need Dirty Talking Women to use. Submissive whore Eliana is the dirty girl you can use. Consider this. A tall, slender and flexible whore that you can own. Ownership of me means that you can truly dominant and control me.

Are you a strong and stern man that loves the thought of a slave for all your bodily pleasure needs? I am the one for you then! Let me just say that my desire to be desired and used are great.

Just last week I was owned for the week and my owner had his needs for me met. In fact I was just too good. I did not complain when it came to being his toilet. Rim jobs and ball washer. My mouth was for his pleasure.

On the final night of his owning me, he had a party. I was used as a urinal. Well my anus was. They had me set up with my ass open and a hundred guys pissed in the beer bong streamed into my anus.

Now, I wonder what ways you could use me…

Dirty talking women

Submissive Kinky Eliana

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Loving being apart of The Dirty Talking Women On Here

Dirty Talking Women

Nasty women like me love being apart of a company with Dirty Talking Women. As far back as I can remember I was always getting in trouble for saying things that shouldn’t be said. My mother would paddle my bottom for the inappropriate naughty things that would come out of my mouth. But I couldn’t stop myself, I was always just one of those girls you couldn’t take out in public all the time. Boyfriends always hesistated to introduce me to their family members. They all loved how turned on I could make them with just my voice and send them over the top with the filth that would escape my lips, but they knew someone would always be disappointed and shocked at what my brain was capable of thinking of.

So when I got the change to start talking On Dirty talk lines I jumped at the chance. Everyone always assumes they know what women on these lines are going to say. I don’t intentionally go for shock value but it always seems to happen. Just like when I have an orgasm they are shocked women here actually play with themselves.


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Dirty Talking Women Like Ramona are Cum Addict

Dirty talking women

I had discovered the pleasure of Dirty Talking Women a few years ago and it had quickly become an addiction. When I was alone in my bedroom, I would whisper all sorts of lewd and suggestive things to myself while touching my cunt. I imagined scenarios in my head and acted them out. Every Friday night I would head down to the glory hole to get more material to talk dirty. I loved talking about things I wanted to do to my partners or things I wanted them to do to me.

It was a great release and I loved how it made me feel. I felt powerful and in control. I felt sexy and desirable. I felt like I could do anything. I was no longer the shy, uptight girl I was in public.

Talking dirty was my escape, my way of expressing my deepest, darkest desires without fear of judgment. It allowed me to be free and explore my sexuality in ways I never thought possible. It made me feel alive and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.I was over the moon when I found others wanted to hear me talk dirty.


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Dirty Talking Women are nasty aunties

Dirty talking women like your aunty know how to milk a young boy cock. First you have to make aunty feel good. “Come lick aunties cunty” I ask of you. Your tongue knows what I like now, after years of me training you to please any woman like your aunty. “Good job nephew, you know how to use your tongue on me” I cheer you on as you continue to lick my aunty hole. “Now pull your cock out and stroke it”.

Dirty Talking Women

“Aunty wants to see how much you love licking her juices”. Then I see you pull that young nephew hard cock out and you stroke it. “Oh your cock needs a wet gooey hole doesn’t it” I ask you. After you nod, I grab your dick and guide it into my cunt while saying “fuck aunty like I showed you”. Since I am ready to cum, I bounce my pussy while I rub my clit.

Then when I feel like I am close to orgasm, I wrap my legs around you and squeeze your tight inside. “Oh aunty I feel you squeezing my dick”. “I can’t hold my nut” you say as your body tenses up. Finally your cock starts pumping that young strong semen inside me. “I bet you will get knocked up from that one” you say as you kiss aunty to thank her. 


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Dirty Phone Talk With a Busty Milf of Pornosexualism

Dirty Phone Talk with a porn mommy busty Milf that will control you. No need to worry about anything other than pleasing your penis. Well, of course you can deny it but why? The best thing for your well being is to accept the gooning.

Understandably pornography has awakened your driving force of Milf fascination. The big tits covered in cum, sperm, jizz or if you prefer bukkake. All of that messy dick goo all over that hot milfs big tits. You often thought about aunty when you jerked off. It’s ok, watch more porn. Think about her tits. That hot milf that caught you jerking off… think of her.

Finally the goon state that watching porn puts you in, that is your happy place. Accept it and call phone sex Milfs like me. I am a porn mommy for gooner types. I will help you be the true sex addicted pornosexual you crave to be.

Dirty Phone Talk


Mommy Whore Devon

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