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Dirty Talking Women Like Me Have No Limits

I know that you have probably talked to many dirty talking women in your day, but if you haven’t talked to me, then you are really missing out. I get told by guys all of the time that I’m dirtier than anyone they’ve ever talked to. Hell, I have even introduced some really nasty stuff to guys and caused them to get addicted to me. Do you have an addictive personality? Well, then you might end up just like they did. But having me in your head all day, every day isn’t a bad thing. It just means you have good taste.

Maybe you already know you’re nasty and you have a topic of masturbation (hey, we’ll be doing more than having a conversation) in mind. You’ve been told by so many girls that you are edgy and taboo. But I bet they were quite a bit more innocent than me. You’ve met your match with me and I promise this slut is never going to tell you no when you tell me what makes your cock hard. I’ll be the one encouraging you to go further and test your limits. I’m ready and waiting for you, baby. Let’s do this!

dirty talking women


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Dirty Talking Women Drain Your Balls

dirty talking womenDirty talking women know how to make you cum. I have been making men cum since before I was an adult. I love doing it too. It makes me feel good to drain a pair of heavy balls. Young or old, related or not, I love making you cum. It started with my brothers. I was the youngest girl. I had two older brothers, and one younger brother. The first balls I drained belonged to my brothers. I was their cum dumpster and I loved it. Now, I drain my three horny sons’ balls. Sometimes, I drain them all together like I did this morning. Today was the first day back to school since the pandemic hit. They have been in a virtual classroom which is much easier to get up for than the real thing. We were all out of practice and running late, so it took a bit of finessing to get them to school on time. When we are not pressed for time, I suck them off individually. Today, I needed to exhibit some time management, so I put all three cocks in my mouth at once. I almost puked. Honestly, I struggled to suck on three hard teen cocks at once, but I did it. I dirty talked them and triple sucked them into cumming all over mommy’s big tits and face. And, I did it again when they came home from school too.

Dirty Mom Maryanne

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Dirty Talking Women Love Castration

dirty talking womenDirty talking women can be bad ass bitches. Look at me? I am a Goth bitch. I am no one’s bitch. I have this job because I need a creative outlet for my dark desires. I love castration and snuff. I have castrated many men in life too. It is not that hard to castrate a man. Not a man who is willing to get castrated. I accept money from men too weak to chop their own nuts off. I have made quite the living doing this too. I have a castration chamber in my house complete with a castration chair. The chair is an old death row chair I inherited when my grandfather’s small prison was shut down in the 60s. I was not born yet, but he had all sorts of things in storage to sell off or keep. When I was 18, he gave me the death row chair as a birthday present. I converted it for my own sick pleasures. I added a plank in the middle so when a man sat in the chair, his legs were on other side of the plank. I carved a hole in the plank to separate the cock from the balls. The idea was that with the cock and balls separated, I could tie off the balls with a zip tie or a castration band. I had a small belt attached to the plank to keep the cock restrained in case I wanted to take that too. Restraints were built in for their ankles, wrists and forehead. In my chamber, I have a variety of restraints and blades. Lots of different kinds of sharp instruments, some clean and some rusty. I have soldering devices too to cauterize wounds. I have a ball collection in formaldehyde too. I have amassed a collection of 319 balls in a jar since I was 18. Shall we make it 320?

Taboo Bitch Venus

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Dirty Phone Talk Anal Whore

dirty phone talk


Loving anal sex is nothing new for this dirty phone talk whore. Why wouldn’t I love a nice big cock in my pretty pink pocket of an asshole? I’m a street prostitute and part-time stripper at the nastiest club in town. My asshole has seen more cocks than Carter’s got pills. And now that AM A bona fide Milf and I have some sweet young ones in my own I want them to know all about anal sex. This milf has has ass skills! Even from a young age I wasn’t the girl that would just tickle your pickle. I would get coked up and get horny I need a big fat cock to suck. No it did take me awhile to discover the pleasures of anal fucking. But I’m not shy and the least little bit and I am one of the dirty talking women who will fucking tell you how good it feels to fuck my milf asshole. And I think my offspring both boy and girl should enjoy and get ass reaming once and again. I mean it is good for the goose is good for the little ganders aren’t it? 

Imagine if you will..

Big fat hard juicy cock sliding into that back door pussy. I have three holes that all need filled with cum. Then I know ass fucking isn’t just for women but I sure will show you the pleasures that I get from being prolapsed torn inside out! A real horror desires to be raw, cum filled and hurting when you’re done fucking me. I had a wild side too other than just being a party whore. You see I’m not above strapping up and pegging your ass. But that’s another story for another time. Come see hardcore Hadley and get that ass fucking experience that you need from this dirty fucking girl.

dirty talking women

Hardcore Hadley

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Dirty Talking Women and Grannies

dirty talking womenThe best dirty talking women are grandmas. Why? Because we have experience and lots of dirty stories. I am a P woman, and incest whore and just a dirty old woman. I have less inhibitions the older I get. Things I do now, I never thought of doing when I was a younger woman. I was hesitant to fuck my oldest son when I was in my 30s. He was a teenager then and he was making the moves on his sexy mommy. I resisted his subtle and not so subtle attempts to seduce his mommy. Now, I am a grandma and I play with his son and daughter who are way younger than he was when we started the family fun. I cannot believe I never sucked a hairless cock until I became a grandma. I never licked a bald pussy either. Now, this dirty grandma is a P granny who has family orgies with her offspring and their offspring combined. Why I waited with my sons and daughters until they were teenagers is beyond me. If you are hesitant too, then you need some dirty phone talk with a P woman like me. I will tell you how great it is to taste a bald slit. How great it is to get hammered by a stiff young cock. A young girl has no experience with those bald cunts except for the fact that she still has a bald cunt too. I will tell you how to enjoy a young boy or girl from my own personal experience.

Sexy GILF Samanatha

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Dirty Phone Talk Sluts are Us

dirty phone talk

Here at dirty phone talk sluts are us, we cater to a special breed of men. The filthy perverts that make our pussy go squish! The whores that can get low and squat on your cock while taking your buddies cock down her throat, like it’s nothing. The sweaty ball lickers and ass eaters. Dirty hooker whores who have stories for days and are still active on the streets! You love a female that twerks and pops her pussy! You love to see ass and titties! Females who crawl to you begging for you to fuck her. Let me shake my ass for  you as you tease me with that baggie of blow and make me work for it. Now whores like me have been fucking since before I can say here! You know that’s the kind of dirty hoes you’ll find on thefornicationstation! White trash dirty talking women work harder for your steamy cum load. Take me this last weekend, I was so fucked I didn’t know where I was half the time. I just knew that I had dick in my face and I had to serve them. I crave cock and dope in the same fierce way. I won’t mince words. I am super freaky and dirty. Any role play I probably have some real life experience with. You need a girl who can throw up on your dick, a k nine fuck slut? Any between? I can be your filthy step mom, or you party whore to go through every fucking incest desire you have while we get more and more fucked up as the night wears on. I have and 8 ball and some pretty nasty stories to fuel our fun. You will commonly find me relaxing and snorting lines as I play with my cum filled cunt on the hooker phone sex sites.

Hardcore Hadley

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Slutty Dirty Talking Women

dirty talking women

You’re probably online looking for some dirty talking women and you’re in luck! You have found the dirtiest of them all! And the best part is that even though I’m really nasty, I’m also young enough to make your dick super hard. I know you’re really bored with your tired old wife or you wouldn’t be here looking for a hot slut like me. I am even discreet enough to keep the secrets you’re going to be telling me when you call. I know you’re into some really kinky things, aren’t you? I’ll give you every single thing you’ve ever wanted.

Some things I really love are family fun role plays. It’s always taboo and it’s always guaranteed to make my hot little pussy wet. Who do you want to be? Brother, daddy, uncle, or dirty grandpa? I’m up for any of that. Do you want to make it extra naughty and add some ageplay into the mix? I know you’ve been thinking about that for a long time, so you might as well stroke your cock while we talk all about it. Get on the phone now and call me so we can do the deed, baby! I’m horny and waiting!


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BBW Dirty Talking Women

dirty talking women

When the contractor came to fix my kitchen floor, he didn’t know he’d be working for one of the most dirty talking women on the face of the earth. But he quickly found that out when he heard me moaning and having orgasms from down the hall. I know he heard me because I made sure to be loud enough so that he would. He was really fucking hot and I wanted him. So, I just had to make sure that he knew I was a horny bitch and would love to have to dick buried balls deep inside me.

I went out to offer him lunch and “apologized” to him regarding anything he may have heard. He laughed and said that it sounded like I was having a really good time. That’s when I told him about my job and that it sometimes made me wish that I had an actual cock around to fuck whenever I wanted. I could see that his cock was getting hard and I didn’t say a word… I just walked over to him, got down on my knees and started sucking his cock. We had a really hot afternoon and I’d LOVE it if you would give me ac all so I can tell you all about it!


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Cum Dumps and Dirty Phone Talk

Dirty Talking women

Kinky dirty talking women are cum dumps who enjoy being filled with cum. Bukkake is an old world term for cum covered whore. The release of semen all over me is something that I rather get off on! The smell, and taste and the feeling of  warm load shot on to my tits and anywhere on my body make me so damn wet! Okay, wetter than I already was. My arousal peaks as I am getting a face full of your shot. Yeah, the coke helps me get into my sexy place. But do you blame this whore? I combine my favorite things all at once for a mind blowing fuck. Cock sucking, fucking, drug use and the cum loads I need. I am a dirty phone talk  trashy whore who will binge on dope and play with herself all night as I make men cum for me over the phone. I know what I am doing because I get cocks off on a regular basis. I know how to suck a nice fat dick and even make the cuckolds jealous with all the big dick sucking I do. I have been known to bring up my son in conversations because he is an in-house cock that I can have every day. My antics provide me with the cocaine I need as a druggy whore and I am a masturbating bitch with cum still inside her ninety percent of the time when you call me. There is no shame in my cum game! My pussy is tight even though I fuck so much, there is a lot to be said for pussy weights and Kegels and clamping down on a nice hard fuck stick daily! And if my cunt isn’t enough My ass is due for a nice rosebud prolapse any time now.


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Dirty Talking Women are BBWs Too

dirty talking womenDirty talking women can be full-figured girls. This sexy BBW loves to get dirty. I am a far cry from a delicate flower. Nothing offends me. I met a handsome married man at Starbucks over the weekend. I was cursing up a storm because I could not find my phone which had my app on it. He paid for my drink and escorted me outside. He gets a boner for a foul mouthed bbw. It was my lucky day. His too because I love a man who accepts me as I am. I can be such a foul-mouthed woman. I invited him home. He made me horny with his compliment. I knew I made him horny because the evidence was in his pants. A huge tent that needed taking care of pronto. We never made it my place. We did make it to the back of my car like horny teenagers fucking for the first time. Normally, I require longer than 5 minutes of knowing a man before fucking his brains out, but my pussy was wet, and his cock was hard. Why waste time getting to know each other, right? When you are horny, you are horny.

Sexy BBW Glenda

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