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Dirty Talking Women are Teen Mommies Like Haley

Did you know that teen mommies are Dirty Talking Women? I bet you had a slight inclination into this aspect. After all the teen mommy is a dirty girl that already fucks, am I right?

Obviously a young mommy has some kind of kinky experiences. And I know how hard men get for this teen preggo pussy too. My belly grew and so did my bank account with all then perverts spoiling me to fuck me. Of course I was a young teen taking that dick.

Without any kind of care I let men pay and fuck me up to the birth of my brat. I was even fucking shortly after she popped out of my cunt. Breast feeding and taking dick at the same time. This was an amazing doctor that took care of it all and fucked me well while paying for everything.

So in closing being a dirty mouthed teen whore pays off. Well that is if she’s smart enough.

Dirty Talking Women

Teen Mommy Haley

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Dirty Talking Women Always Look for Trouble

dirty talking women

I felt particularly naughty last night. I know dirty talking women like me tend to be dirty anyway. But last night I wanted to go wild. A friend heard about this rough biker bar on the outskirts of town, and she thought it might be fun to check it out. After all, two blonde sluts who love to party and do wild things, should never stay home on a Friday night, right?

When we arrived at the biker bar, we realized we realized we were the only woman there. All the men had their eyes glued on us. And we could feel their stares as if they were touching our bodies. We walked into the bar like we owned the place too.  We knew we had to be the hottest woman in the place if we were the only women in the place, LOL. I felt a rush of adrenaline course through my body as the men checked me out.

I Love Sharing Cocks with My Girlfriends

The men immediately began to make their way over to us, buying us drinks and doing their best to get our attention. Before long, those men grabbed our tits and slapped our asses. Nina loved every second of it. We knew we might be playing with fire, but we loved the attention. No competition. Just two hot blondes a biker bar full of horny old men.

Once the men stripped our clothes off our perfect bodies, and Nina and I reveled in it. We both love attention. And I consider us both sluts. Nina started sucking cocks as fast as she could, letting the men cum inside her mouth. But instead of swallowing those loads she decided to snowball the cum with me.

It wasn’t long before the bikers started to gang bang our pussies and asses. They fucked us until we were drowning in cum, and we loved every second of it. It was just a regular Friday night for a super slut like me and my friend Nina. Maybe you me and a girlfriend can create some threesome sex stories.

Sexy Slut Cassandra

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Dirty phone talk makes My cougar cunt purr!

Dirty phone talk


Dirty phone talk makes My cougar cunt purr! I am ready to take on your most fucked up fetishes and personalize it to your cocks needs. I Now i have been around the block a time or two. Privy to younger men finding them so fucking sexy!  Teen boys drive me batty with desire.  Cougar Carmen is always been lucky in the young men department. My two sons bring home cock for me on the regular.

Dirty phone talk makes My cougar cunt purr!

As Such we have a new young man next door. I can see right into his bedroom from my office. Lets just say he is a randy young man who jacks off so much I swear it should hurt his young dick. I wonder if that has anything to do with me walking around naked up here.

Dirty talking woman love young boys!

Well I have an appointment with him today to upgrade my computer. And I already have my short silk robe ready to be nude under. As soon as I get my hands on him he will become one of the many cubs in my den. I plan on making him my new boy toy, so to speak! I need his boy cock deep in my mouth as I show him what a real woman can do!

I know with my expert milf sex skills I can turn him into a raging stallion. So Gilf Carmen is going to put on The song black velvet and he will get the drift.

Oh and my naked big tots ready with a wet pussy should show him how much I want him. I might just not wait until our appointment later to pounce my cougar claws in him! Dirty talking woman love young boys! Cum check out Cougar Carmen for some hot fun!

Cougar Cunt Carmen

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Dirty Talking Women sell bald cunty

Dirty Talking Women know how to use their young sluts to make money of pcocks who need a bald cunty. “This way, she is waiting for you” I said as I led you to your paid price.  Then your mouth drops to the floor when you see her naked body and spread legs. Your hands grope her perky tits and I can see your cock pushing on your pants making a big tent. “Let me help you baby” I say as I let your boner lose.

Dirty Talking Women

 Your fingers slide down to her bald cunty as you poke your cock to her mouth. “Open up little slut and suck on pdaddies cock”. After she hears that her little mouth opens wide taking your cock in deep. “ you have taught this little whore well” you compliment me as you use her mouth to jack your peacock off. “ I have been wanting a little slut to feed for a long time”. “Are you ready to be fed?” Is what you ask her as you fuck her little throat.

Even after she has tears streaming down her cheeks, you keep fucking her mouth hard. “Bend her over ” you demand of me and I bend her pretty ass over quickly. I don’t care since I am getting paid. Your cock slammed in her cunt hard. After moaning for a bit I know you are ready to cum. “It is extra if you fill her up” i make it known. But instead of filling her up you pull your cock out and push it back in her mouth. “Eat my load pretty bitch” you tell her as you fill her tummy up with semen.


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Dirty Talking Women Can Castrate You Even If You Don’t Ask


dirty talking womenDirty talking women can be sadistic as fuck or as loving as a mommy. I am in the sadistic as fuck category. I do not do mommy calls or gfe calls. Hell, I am not the typical dirty talking woman at all. I work for the snuff site of the company because I do not play well with others. Oh, and I enjoy castrating men and killing anyone who annoys the fuck out of me. And with a few exceptions, that would be most people.

No one crosses me, fucks me over or annoys me twice. You might say I have a killer reputation. Just the other day, I castrated a man in a bar who attempted to roofie my drink. He thought I did not notice. But I notice everything. Absolutely everything. Nothing ever escapes me. In my defense, you must be a moron to come into a Goth bar and try to roofie a girl who looks like Wednesday Addams.

No One Crosses Me and Lives for Long

I switched the drinks when he turned away, and when he started acting drunk, I knew the roofie kicked in. I escorted him to the bathroom and castrated him in the stall. No one will report me in that bar. The patrons there all have my back. I’ve been going there since I turned 18 over a decade ago. We do not take kindly to men who think Goth girls are disposable. I know we are not and so do fellow Goth men.

I always keep a knife on me. So, I sat him on the commode, yanked his jeans down and severed his balls. He will wake up in a pool of his vomit and blood and see his balls removed. I cauterized the wound so he would not die on the premises. If we had been anywhere else, I would have killed him. Although he might think he was unlucky, it turned out to be his lucky day. I’ve done worse to men who did less than him.

Dark Bitch Venus

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Dirty phone talk with Lucy

dirty phone talk

I’m Lucy the dirty phone talk slut and my little pussy is throbbing and sore as fuck right now. I keep sneaking off and finger fucking my little cunt for my callers. I’ve been up all night hanging out with Daddy and his friends. He’s having another football party so all of these old men are drunk as fuck. They’ve been grabbing my tits and ass all night and reaching up my skirt, trying to rub my little bald cunnie. I’ll sit on their laps and grind my little ass into them, just to tease their cocks a little. You know, the usual shit that happens when Daddy has a group of friends over. I heard him and his friends whispering earlier. They were making bets about the game and they didn’t think that I could hear them. They were wrong though, I could hear every word. I didn’t miss it when Daddy put my sweet, tight cunnie on the table as a wager in his bet! Looks like I’m going to be spending the rest of my night getting my hot, little cunt slammed and pounded by whoever wins this bet. The game is almost over so you better hurry up and call me so I can make you jerk your dick and cum for me. Pretty soon I’ll be on all fours, with hard dicks ramming my mouth, ass and pussy so I’ll be too busy to take a call.


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Dirty Talking Women love young cock pounding

Dirty Talking Women love to fuck a young cock. I know that young dick always need a fantasy momma to fuck them hard. That is what my son always needs now that his cock gets hard. His little hands aren’t enough for him since the first time I let him feel my cunt. First I make him lick my pussy hole. He must shoved his tongue in my pussy hole and wiggle it hard as I rub on my cunt.

Dirty Talking women

My cunt drips so much when I make you lick my pussy. “Come on son, my cunt is ready” is all you hear. Then I take your cock in my hand and slide it in this cunt. Mommy cunt fucks you hard and fast and you love it. You tell me you don’t want anyone but mommy. That you will grow up just fucking mommy. That makes me happy and even wetter.

“That’s it son, fuck mommy just like that”. Hearing that makes you so hard and excited. Your stroke gets even better after that. Finally you feel my pussy clench and I start cuming on your young cock meat. “Oh yes mommy that feels good” you moan out as you start filling me up with that strong thick sperm. “Good job baby, I bet that you will get me pregnant from that”. 


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Dirty Talking Women want you to stroke that young cock

Dirty Talking Women love to get you to stroke that young cock in our faces. I love seeing you stroke it up and down, especially if it is your first time. “Grip that hard on, nice and snug but not too tight”. My instructions encourage you to start stroking your cock just like I need. “Watch how I play with my clit” is what you hear as you watch me slide my panties off and start to rub my clit. “Now follow the speed of my rubbing my clit and stroke your cock the same way”.

Dirty Talking Women

Then you started going with my flow and I could see that your balls were starting to tighten up. First I want to get off before you blast your load. “Come here good boy and lick me like a lollipop”. “Just use your tongue right on my button” your little tongue flicks back and forth on my clit. It is what I need to get my cunt hot and soaking. I knew it would give me enough time before you bust your nut to cum hard.

“Come on hunny, lick harder” is what I say when I grab your head and start rubbing it all over my wet cunt. Finally I was ready to cum and I heard your mouth right on my pussy. My squirt juices started filling your mouth all up. Even your gurgling sounds were so hot, that I didn’t care that you could barely breathe. “I am sorry hunny, it felt so good”. “Now I can take care of you”. Then i pulled your cock towards my tits and titty fucked you. That was the first time you ever did that and you finally started pumping your first load of semen all over them. “Wow that feels so good” is all you could say.


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Dirty Talking Women Have Sexy Tranny Cocks Too

dirty talking womenDirty talking women can have sexy tranny cocks. I love talking dirty with guys, especially since there are so many bitch boys out there who want me to fuck their virgin assholes. I’m a dominant tranny. I love being on top. My cock is ten inches. And I find that in the world of cocks, the guy with the biggest cock gets to decide who he wants to fuck. Although I am not a he, I do have a cock.

And my cock dictates who fucks who. In order to fuck me, you would need a cock equal or bigger than mine. And lets face it, cocks this big are rare. Plus, nowadays a sexy shemale is the best way to explore your bisexual side, right? Not a day goes by that I do not meet some she-cock curious male who wants me to fuck his man pussy. Mostly, these men are little bitches who need put in their place. Pathetic losers I would never date anyway.

Men Love My Sexy Tranny Cock

However, some men look good to me and act like normal men too. I will fuck a bitch in the ass no problem, but I prefer to date a man who is not a loser. You know, someone who will wine and dine me. And spoil me like the princess that I am.  I met Edward at a house party. We have mutual friends. Although he knew I was a T-girl, he never come across as a typical bitch boy. However not the kind of man to beg me to ruin his ass, LOL.

However, he did ask me to show him what it is like to be with a sexy shemale with a big cock. He wined and dined me first. He seemed genuinely curious about a prostate ball draining. The kind only a big cock or a big dildo can reach. After dinner, I fucked his ass. I did not go as hard as I would on a guy who annoys me. Slow and gentle for Edward. He came so hard. So, did I. A virgin ass is a tight ass.

Sexy Shemale Carla

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Dirty Talking Women have big cocks too

Dirty Talking Women have big juicy cocks. I love sissy whores who drool over my cock. “Get on your knees bitch and open your mouth!” As you open your mouth I tease you with the head of my cock. Your mouth is hungry and you suck my hard cock into your mouth like a vacuum. “What a hungry slut you are” is what you hear as I start pounding your slutty mouth. Then you start to choke and i keep fucking you. When you pass out I laugh and lube my tranny cock up.

Then I wake you up by shoving my cock in your sissy pussy. “Wake up and milk my cock slut”. After you feel me deep inside your whore hole you start bouncing your sissy pussy back at me. I grab you by the back of the neck and use you to jack my dick off. “Keep going whore I want you to get every drop of semen out of my big she-balls”. With every nasty word that comes out my mouth you bounce your pussy harder.

Dirty Talking Women

You love hearing me treat you like my nasty cum slut. The words coming out my mouth makes you think more and more about my semen spraying out my cock into your manpussy. Finally my cock starts pumping my thick lady nut juice inside you.”take all my nut you cum rag” i moan out and you love Dirty phone talk, so you can help but let your clitty leak all over. “Good job, now clean up my the nut mess bitch”


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