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Dirty phone talk slut Janie

dirty phone talk


I meet so many sexy men on my wild and naughty calls. I love getting nasty with them and showing them how kinky I can be! I love making those big dicks hard by telling them about what a dirty little porn whore I am! Dirty phone talk isn’t the only thing I’m good at! I’m a world class cock sucker and proffesional cum guzzler! I love to squat down and play with my cum filled kitty while I give you a hot, sloppy blowjob! Going balls deep and gagging on a fat dick is what I live for! I love watching the look on your face as I go all the way down and make your toes curl. After I drain you of you, I will suck you hard again so that I can ride that fat dick! I love being used like your dirty jizz rag. You won’t find a dirtier or more freaky slut than me! I can go for hours taking shot after shot of hot cum! 


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Dirty Talking Women Who Feminize

Once you’ve been feminized on the outside, you will need to have the same done on the inside. You need one of the best dirty talking women in existence to help you transform your mind. Sure, bring a wet hole for a man to fuck is part of what you’ll need to do.  But they almost always want to hear some kind of filth coming out of your whore mouth while they pound the shit out of your pussy. Tell them how good their cock feels as it stretches you out. Tell them how you want to feel their dick shoot a hot load deep inside you.  Maybe you can even watch it drip out of you later. 

But maybe you’d rather have him lie back while you tell him all of the ways you’re going to seduce him. Tell him how you would wrap your mouth around his monster cock and start sucking it and playing with his balls. Tell him how he can sit on your face while you tongue his asshole. There are so many things you can say and do to a man and I’m ready to help you figure it all out, so give me a call.

dirty talking women


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Dirty Talking Women Fuel Perverted Fantasies

Dirty Talking Women are what fuel the kinky desires for little slut holes. I’m a naughty Milf. Naughty Milf’s like me are open minded about these things. I love to make my own girls into naughty little cock teases. Can you imagine the look on my neighbors face the first time he got a glimpse of my little slut being the cock tease she is? He was newly divorced and just moved in a week prior. This was the first sunny day and my little slut wore these short little daisy dukes with her big juicy bubble ass hanging out. She is petite and slim, but that ass is still plump and round like a little girls.

Dirty Talking Women

She is pretty young still and seeing those big tits in that tight little t-shirt made his cock throb. I was standing there talking to him when she came strutting her shit by us. It’s all about Girls talking dirty to start things right. So when my daughter whined to me about something, it was what I said that sealed our friendship. In fact, he was awe struck by the way I handled her.

The best way to make a neighbor is with a dirty slut daughter for his service.

The next time he saw that little brat of mine he was not wasting any time. His cock was out and her slutty talking little mouth was getting the wash out she deserved. That’s right! He was pissing in her little whore mouth just like I suggested he do. The little slut took his piss and sucked the cum from that cock too. He bent her over then and slammed his still hard cock into her juicy back door. When it’s Dirty phone sex anything goes and nothing should be left out in all that trash talk.

Dirty Talking MIlf Irene

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Dirty Talking Women Make The Best Sissy Trainers



Perhaps you’ve never heard of me; if you’re either an Alpha cock looking for an exciting fuck with one of the hottest dirty talking women available, or you’re a sweet little sissy girl in need of some serious traininDirty Talking Womeng. I only let men with Bull dicks touch me, so if you’re smaller than nine inches, you can right fuck off. Sorry love, but I’m more than the Queen of the Sissy Trainers. I’m a cock sized queen who craves only the finest phallic fucking.

Sissy girls delight in the pleasure, pain, and training I gift them. I run a rather regal operation, and my girls all train up to be the finest ladies to ever entertain a court. They get dressed up just like cisgendered little girls. I go a step further with my sissies; we do hormone replacement therapy around here. You’ll become little trans ladies just like my good friends Carla and Josie. You start as femboy faggot beta bitches, but by the end of all this, you’ll be true blue women.

Some of you will get to keep those cocks of yours if they impress me enough. The rest of you will be having both top and bottom surgery, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. I’m going to turn you into my perfect little plaything. A lady of the court has to be able to entertain the Royal Guests of the Queen. You’ll have some cock training, very soon. Now, slut, get dressed and ring the phone. Your balls won’t grip themselves.

Sissy Queen Presley

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Dirty Talking Women Like Me Have No Limits

I know that you have probably talked to many dirty talking women in your day, but if you haven’t talked to me, then you are really missing out. I get told by guys all of the time that I’m dirtier than anyone they’ve ever talked to. Hell, I have even introduced some really nasty stuff to guys and caused them to get addicted to me. Do you have an addictive personality? Well, then you might end up just like they did. But having me in your head all day, every day isn’t a bad thing. It just means you have good taste.

Maybe you already know you’re nasty and you have a topic of masturbation (hey, we’ll be doing more than having a conversation) in mind. You’ve been told by so many girls that you are edgy and taboo. But I bet they were quite a bit more innocent than me. You’ve met your match with me and I promise this slut is never going to tell you no when you tell me what makes your cock hard. I’ll be the one encouraging you to go further and test your limits. I’m ready and waiting for you, baby. Let’s do this!

dirty talking women


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Dirty Talking Women Drain Your Balls

dirty talking womenDirty talking women know how to make you cum. I have been making men cum since before I was an adult. I love doing it too. It makes me feel good to drain a pair of heavy balls. Young or old, related or not, I love making you cum. It started with my brothers. I was the youngest girl. I had two older brothers, and one younger brother. The first balls I drained belonged to my brothers. I was their cum dumpster and I loved it. Now, I drain my three horny sons’ balls. Sometimes, I drain them all together like I did this morning. Today was the first day back to school since the pandemic hit. They have been in a virtual classroom which is much easier to get up for than the real thing. We were all out of practice and running late, so it took a bit of finessing to get them to school on time. When we are not pressed for time, I suck them off individually. Today, I needed to exhibit some time management, so I put all three cocks in my mouth at once. I almost puked. Honestly, I struggled to suck on three hard teen cocks at once, but I did it. I dirty talked them and triple sucked them into cumming all over mommy’s big tits and face. And, I did it again when they came home from school too.

Dirty Mom Maryanne

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Dirty Talking Women Dominate

dirty talking womenDirty phone talk always makes my pussy wet. I love my kinky callers. I have one who wants me to dominate him. Like physically dominate him. He wants me to wrap his head so tightly between my thighs that I put him to sleep, like knock his ass out. Then I take advantage of him. I undress him and grab my bottle of lube. I squeeze it on his tight little asshole and put a huge wad on the tip of this pretty pink butt plug I have picked out just for him. I slowly push it in. Pushing and shoving until only the jewel is showing. It is one of those fancy ones, the vibrating type. I push the button and sit back and wait. He comes too with a big hard cock. He looks up at me sitting back in the chair with my feet across his back and the remote in my hand. I put my finger to my mouth to shush him. He isn’t worthy of speaking to me just yet. Instead, I move my finger for him to crawl to me. I move my legs off his back and spread them. I guide his face between my legs and tell him to get me off. Suck on my clit I tell him. I turn the remote up – I can even hear the vibrations now. His cock his hard and he is moaning but like a good little boy he continues munching on my twat. I grab his head and push him in deeper. I grind on his face. My slit going up and down his nose. His face is wet with my juices and as I feel myself getting ready to orgasm, I hold him tighter. I squirt into his mouth. His moans feel like a vibrator. I quiver and twitch until I am completely drained. Now it is time to take care of you baby. Why don’t you call me, and we can have a little dirty phone talk?


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Filthy Teen Phone Sex Whore

I know you have talked to a lot of dirty talking women.Dirty Talking Women

They tease your cock, make you stroke for them, and leave you hard!

But I got what you want!

Yes, we all have tight pussies, dripping with sticky sweetness.

And we all love to take that rock hard cock in our juicy asses, backing up like we can take another ten inches!

But not everyone can handle your need for no limits phone sex!

I know you have nasty taboo phone chat desires and I want to be your bitch!

Use me as your whore and leave me lying in a puddle of cum and piss!

String me up and suspend my body and destroy my heart shaped ass!

When that is gaping so much you can’t feel the stroke, plunge that hard throbbing cock deep into my wet cunt and fuck me until I cum!

Cover my soft pretty tits with enough cum to feed a small country and then force that cock down my throat and order me to clean it!

I am a filthy teen phone sex whore and I needyou to own me and push me to the edge!




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Dirty Talking Women With No Boundaries

I consider myself in the top tier of dirty talking women. See, a lot of women SAY they like to talk dirty but when push comes to shove, they always have limits and boundaries that they don’t want to cross. That’s the good thing about a slut like me – I don’t have boundaries. In my opinion, they are for weak people and that is something I am not, never have been, and never will be. Don’t you think it would be boring to talk to a girl who won’t talk about the things that really get your dick hard? I do.

Luckily, when I found this website, I found my people! Will you be my next phone fuck who calls me with nasty, taboo fantasies that are the stuff my dreams are made of? Nothing is off-limits, so think about the most extreme thing that gets your dick hard and give me a call. I can’t wait to hear it and I can’t wait to turn it into a role-play or even to just discuss it with you. I’ll be waiting for you to call me and I’ll have toys and lube on hand because I know things are gonna get crazy!

dirty talking women


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Dirty Talking Women Are Always Wet

Sometimes a girl just needs to get fucked!

Dirty Talking Women

That is kinda where I am right now!

Being a kinky phone sex slut keeps me horny and dripping all the time but it has been a while since someone besides myself violated my tight fuck hole!

Just thinking about something forcing it’s way into my tight wet pussy, right now, makes my clit twitch!

I don’t even care who is doing the pounding or what they are banging my tight young body with!

I have been playing with my slippery cunt for so long, my fingers are pruning!

I know you are getting hard listening to all these dirty talking women go on and on about getting their sweet pussy licked or being fucked by a furry friend, or even having their tight asses pried open with a giant cock.

I don’t blame you but girls get blue balls to!

And my hypothetical balls need a little attention!

I have a no limits phone sex policy! So come one come all!

Gangbang my porcelain white ass! Fill me up with so much cock, I can’t walk for a week!

Bring your four legged friends!

Blast your cum filled ass all over my tongue and make me clean every sticky drop!

Please! I am begging you!


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