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Dirty Talking Women Corrupt!

Dirty Talking Women

You know as well as I do that dirty talking women love corrupting young teen daughters! I get off on being a kinky phone sex slut, anything goes when it comes to pleasing my man’s cock or my cum thirsty cunt. My last boyfriend was a wealthy older man with a hot teen daughter, he had no idea that I would expose her to girls talking dirty. The little slut was so fun to play with, I told her about all my filthy threesome sex stories. I could tell she was so turned on when I pulled out my vibrator and started masturbating while I was having taboo phone chat with her daddy. I showed her how to lick my cunt just right so she could do nasty teen phone sex with me after school. Dirty talking women like me can’t get enough daughter corrupting dirty phone talk!

Kinky Phone Sex


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Dirty phone talk mistress Remi

dirty phone talkMistress Remi is ready for a dirty phone talk session with a hot, little cum lover slut like you! Let’s get lost in a kinky fantasy where you’re my new neighbor. You knock on my door, interrupting what would have been a nasty gangbang between me and a bunch of hot guys that I paid to work on my house. You just wanted to say hi but now I have to punish you for bothering me. I’ll have your cute, little ass surrounded by sexy, muscular men with massive bbcs, in no time. Seeing the look on your face when they shove you to your knees and start fucking your mouth like a pussy, is going to be so hot! I want to finger fuck my soaked hole and watch them pass you around and use you like a little ghetto slut. Get ready to stay on your knees and take a fat fuck rod right up your puckered cum cave! I want to hear you gag on those giant dicks instead of whimpering about the ones that are already ramming your sissy fuck hole. I’ve already told these men not to take it easy on the little, sissy fag slut that interupted us! I could stop them at any time but we both know how much you love being held down and fucked by so many sexy men!


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Dirty phone talk with Remi

dirty phone talk

I’m Remi, the slut trainer and I’m looking for sissy bitch men to turn into sexy, cum dump sluts. I’m not just a dirty phone talk whore. I’m a real life, sissy bitch training slut who loves fat, hard dick! I know a sissy, twink fuck like you loves fat, hard dick too! So why don’t you let me transform you into the cum dump cutie we both know you are?! I’ll teach you everything you need to know about dressing like a whore and giving your cum hole to a fat dick Daddy! We’ll make sure Daddy’s little slut is dressed up really cute! Some sexy, lacey panties and a little bralette will look so sexy on you! Let me show you how to tuck your balls just right, so that when Daddy spreads your legs all he sees is that pretty, little clittie poking out! Miss Remi is going to reach over and tease your clittie while the big, round head of Daddy’s cock pops into that tight pussy hole for the first time. I know Daddy is going to love that cute, little whimper and moan when he starts to stretch you open and shoot his sticky cum shots into you! Don’t hesitate baby, Miss Remi is ready to train you now! 



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Dirty Talking Women Get Sexier with Age

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are popular with men of all ages. Dirty talking mature women, however, are extremely popular with younger guys. I am a sexy mommy and a sexy granny. I get older and the guys who want to fuck me just get younger. I was at Target recently picking some things up for a wedding shower. A teen boy was in the store and he could not get enough of me. He was following me around the store offering to help carry things. I appreciated him. I did, but I am capable of doing my own shopping. I was a little slow to pick up on the fact that he was hitting on me in his own way. He followed me to my car, and I just asked him his age. He responded with, “How old do you want me to be?” I was not pushing my luck. I knew he was a high school boy and I could be arrested for the naughty thoughts I was having, but I did not care in the moment. I drove him to my place and fucked his brains out. He was a stud. A horny stud with a big cock. Bigger than my ex-husband and my son, and this boy was still growing. This milf phone sex slut was very pleased that she realized the lad was hitting on her before it was too late. One of the best fucks this mature woman has ever had.

Sexy Mommy Victoria

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Dirty Talking women who get nasty

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are nasty mouth whores who will tell you exactly what you need to hear. Do you have an inappropriate fetish that you’re ashamed of? Let Momma Carmen tell you what a sick pervert you are. Don’t you know what they call men like you? Really, you should be ashamed for these thoughts and not to mention your cock is hard for your taboo secrets! My little secrets have been exposed in my blogs many times. I invite you over to my blog page to find something for us to talk about.

“Well, what kind of things do you talk about Carmen?”

I talk about the sinful side of life that just has your cock aching for some dirty age play girls. I talk about boys with small dicks and how much a big cock fucks a old pussy so much better. Now I do love some soft young body talk as well. I like to light up a fat doobie and get real nasty with perverts like you. I even do a lot of Mutt play with me and my family dirty phone sex skills. It takes a naughty trashy incest loving woman to deal with your fucked up perverts!


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dirty talking women fuck so awesome

dirty talking women make that cock grow. I love to have my son in laws worship me. They know it keep secrets and dont mind that they need to fuck me. Ever had a hot momma like me want to suck your cock? I’m sure you havent thus far so why not enjoy this momma coming onto you and that big cock.

You will see how good i suck and how my mouth belongs on that mushroom cock. Watch me spready my ass cheeks open because i want to see what you can do to my bum bum. After you pound it i will make a choice if you deserve my cunt or not.

If you do good you get this pussy pie. if you dont then i move on to the next.


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dirty talking women captivate you

dirty talking women

dirty talking women captivate you and make you want to penetrate. I love to seduce men and make them think they will be able to fuck me. The truth is I am a tease and I really like being one its so hot to make a man have blue balls and make them beg for a release.

You cannot have me because you don’t deserve me and let me realize that they will have to be my pay pigs and pay their cum tax and shower me with so much gifts and money. I will have you thinking your the king then I will flip it around and show you I own you and and you have to pay up because you’re in my presence. Bow down you loser pay up and keep me sitting pretty.


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Dirty Talking Women are Hot on the Phone and in Bed

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women are what every man needs in his life. I hear that a lot. I think dirty talking girls like me are the best in bed. If we talk uninhibited, we fuck just the same way. I have this one guy I have talked to for ions. He has called me since I started my phone career. He calls me his fun wife. He is married to an uber religious woman who will not even say damn or fuck. She does not even like to fuck her husband. Hell, she will not even get naked in front of her husband. Why be married if you are not going to fuck your man? To me that is like an important part of being married. My caller has to hide his fetishes and his kinks and his party ways from his wife. She is just one huge killjoy. But with me we can get high and talk about young girls. I never judge. I fuck young boys. I fuck black cocks. I do coke almost daily. I have no limits. When we talk, we talk about anything you want. I am all about dirty phone sex. I want to be the fun wife for you too.

Dirty Whore Beverly

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Dirty phone talk with Remi the slut trainer

dirty phone talk

Like always, Remi the dirty phone talk mistress is looking for new sissy bitches to teach, guide and mentor! I have plenty of sluts to enjoy but I’m always on the hunt for a new bitch to train. If you’re a panty slut at heart and know that deep down, all you are is a little sissy fuck toy, then don’t hesitate to call Miss Remi to start your official training! I don’t require much from my sluts. Just be ready to be turned into a very well used cum dump for all of my bbc studs! Your mouth is the first thing we’re going to break in. Get ready to throat that thick, hard meat! It won’t take long until your sissy pussy is being gaped open and stuffed with cum! Miss Remi can’t wait to dress you up and turn you out!



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Dirty talking women are so hot to me

Dirty talking women are so hot to me. They know how to make my cunt so wet. Now I have become one, and I’m glad I did.

When I tell you I am horny, I do mean that, and I dirty talking womenneed to fuck. A girl like me wants to be your little slut. I love all kinds of positions. Turning me into your little cum dump will get me going. It’s time for me to tell you all the nasty stuff. I want you to be the one who lets me fuck all kinds of guys. A real freak won’t deny a slut a way of getting cock elsewhere. You can say I am sex addicted slut, and I love to try all kinds of cocks all over the city.


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