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Dirty Talking Woman Are Rape Fantasy Whores

Dirty Talking Women are perfect for the rape fantasy whore lover. I was sleeping when I woke up to the flashing of a camera.

Dirty Talking Women

I sleep naked so right away tried to run out my bedroom door but he jumped on top of me and stuffed my panties in my mouth and tied up my hands. He tased me to the point where I passed out, I woke up to him fulfilling his rape fantasy by fucking my asshole open and ripping it with every pump from his massive cock. He told me I was a stupid whore for sleeping naked and that he was going to show me what I am made for, to be his cum bucket. He took the taser and shoved it up my cunt and turned it on. As my body shock and pulsed from being shocked he continued to pump my asshole until I felt him start to fill me up with his big load.  He punched me in the face and I woke up naked with his cum leaking out my asshole. Dirty phone talk gets my cunt dripping all I want is to cum.  


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Dirty Talking Women Fucking in the Leaves

dirty talking womenDirty talking women love to fuck in the fall leaves. Nothing says fall better to me than fallen leaves and a romp outside. I am a naughty horny woman. I did porn for a decade when I was younger, so I have no problem being an exhibitionist.  I love fall. It is my favorite season. Now, I live in California, and we do not get the pretty shades of leaves like they do in Northern California and Washington state. I was in upstate California this week, however, and I knew exactly what I had to do. I was with my oldest son. He was my first born. I got pregnant when I was a teen runaway. He was a young boy when I got married and my husband legally adopted him. Now, my baby boy is getting married. I flew up to see him before his wedding. His fiancée and him are flying to Greece to get married and honeymoon. No big wedding. They decided they would rather elope. I like the girl, but I do get jealous that I will not get to fuck my boy as much once that ring is on his finger.

We decided to go camping for two days. I just wanted to fuck him in the leaves. I love camping in the fall. He knew of this great place too. Part of a major national park system but off the beaten trail. We hiked our gear four miles in and found a beautiful place to camp and fuck. Dirty talking women fuck their sons! He wanted to put up the tent first. I wanted to fuck first. I wanted to fuck in the leaves. They were everywhere. Orange, yellow, greed red…. With all the wildflowers it is so nice to see trees still standing and changing colors. I love nature. I started by giving my boy head in a big pile of leaves. My boy is not as free in nature as I am. He was worried about ticks and spiders. I told him he could be on top as we fucked among the leaves. He got lost in his mommy’s pussy quickly enough. We fucked in those pile of leaves for hour surrounded by nature. I was like his stripper or prostitute for his bachelor party. Dirty talking women love fucking their sons in the great outdoors.

dirty talking women

Dirty Mom Gianna

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Dirty Talking Women Will Take Your Balls

dirty talking womenDirty talking women can be sadistic bitches too. Take me for example. I do not do the traditional pillow talk. I am not your girlfriend. I am not your lover. I am not your whore. You are my victim or my accomplice. There is no gray area in between. I am primarily on a snuff site.  I am on it for a reason too. I have no sensor. Some sad sack, lovelorn loser starts saying he loves me, and I want to take his balls away from him. I do a lot of phone castrations, but you would be surprised how many guys I meet at Goth bars who think I will run off and marry them. I was at my local watering hole late last night. It is a Goth bar. This is not the bar where you will find cute coeds looking for sugar daddies. I had a stage 4 clinger though. He wanted to buy me drinks. I never let a man buy me drinks because he thinks that means I am obligated to fuck him. I do not let any man have power over me. I refused his drinks, but he still tried to make idle chit chat with me. Do I look like I do idle chit chat? When I shut the loser down, he tried to spike my drink. I do not let men drug me. I am too smart for that. I played along. Acted like I was drunk driving home. I knew he was following me. He pushed me into my house as I fake fumbled for my keys. He was my victim, not the other way around. As I laid on my bed acting drugged, I waited to get the upper hand. Once I turned the tables, I castrated him. He did not deserve balls. Nothing but a loser force fucker. I took his balls. Castrated him in my bed, in my house. I called the cops because I have cameras in the front of the house that would show him pushing his way in. I merely stopped a tool from sexually assaulting me. I will be a hero to women everywhere. He was carted off in handcuffs by ambulance. This loser lost his balls and maybe his freedom for years. No man ever wins against me.

Taboo Bitch Venus

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Dirty Talking Women Train Sissies

Dirty Talking Women
Honestly I know you love degradation at the hands of dirty talking women. It’s there, written all over your face. You’re desperate to be told you’re a little dick loser who has absolutely no chance at pleasing any woman, especially me. I’m a cock size queen and you evidently are just not up to snuff.

Then again, you knew that when you called me, didn’t you? Such a sweet sissyish boy. You make me want to pull out a pair of my dirty lace panties and tuck that oversized clitty in. You may need stockings, a garter belt, and of course a brassiere. No femme fag is complete without those. Oh and heels! Make up! We’ll skip the wig for now.

You’re going to have to earn it. I don’t just give things away to sissy gay boys. You have to pay to play.

Sissy Trainer Reesa

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Dirty Talking Women are P Moms

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are mommies. We make the best dirty talkers. A woman like me has the best stories. I am fresh off vacation with my family and its huge. I have 5 siblings, three sons, and 7 nieces and nephews. And we all like to fuck. Fuck each other. That is why we take vacations together. We like to escape work and life and fuck. Family fucking is a way of life for us. I am a dirty mommy and a dirty sister. I am a P aunt too. No one in the family is too old or too young to play with us siblings.  Last week we were buried deep in pussies and asses. I had a lesbian daisy train with my sisters and my nieces. We were eating each other out and fingering holes. Squirting everywhere too. I knew the boys would be jealous.  They came home early from canoeing and found us naked having fun without cock. We teased them by making them stay on the sidelines. They were hard watching the girls be sluts for pussy. I will never give up cock. I do love family fucking. Of course, we let the boys join us after an hour of cock teasing them. We enjoyed a family orgy, but that is nothing new. We love family fun. Do you?

Dirty Mommy MaryAnne

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Cum Lover For Dirty Phone talk

dirty phone talk

Dirty Phone sex cum whores like me love to collect loads and loads of that white gold! Can you blame me? Cum is so fucking good. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Daddy always told me I would be good for anything other than to make men cum. So I did what any dumb bimbo would do, I began selling my body and mouth. I am not a high class call girl, but if you want me to be I can sure try! I do have a good price on my sexual fetish skills though. Men want a blonde fake totty bitch who will do the things regular hookers won’t. I roleplay, much like I do on the phones as men’s daughters, wifes, mothers. But what I get the most calls for are toilet sex and gangbangs. Sometimes the man who pays joins in and sometimes he watches and stokes his tiny pecker. 


Dirty talking women take you to the extremes and back again Your fetish is our desire! 


Now, Pising sex gets alot of hits, because i can take a few rounds of piss in my ass and squirt it right back out. I’m not one for holding abc any taboo, or kink. I even play with my shit and rub it all over my body like a chocolate bar. Fuck my throat until I puke? Yes, Please! 

Why can I do these things with ease? Because of that pretty vial of cocaine or crack rock! That’s why. I have been dirty and perverted my whole life and getting high just helps me keep my slim body and big tits in the kink factory! I have loads of cum eating, perverted and down right Erotic sex stories for your cock. Big or small, I love them all!

Hardcore Hadley

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Dirty Talking Women Can Be Transsexuals

dirty talking womenDirty talking women can be transexuals too. Guys never guess I am a sexy shemale when they meet me. I was at dinner last night with a mixed group of people. Some were friends, some were strangers. The hot topic of discussion was Miss Nevada. The first transsexual beauty pageant winner. This one couple at dinner was like they knew she was transgendered. I called bullshit because she is even more beautiful than me and they had no clue I was a sexy T-girl. A couple of my friends at the table knew and were looking at me. They know I struggle to keep my mouth shut about such topics. I told them I had a bunch of shemale friends, and I never would have guessed Miss Nevada was a T-girl. They started talking about Adam’s apples and bulges. Miss Nevada has neither. And neither do I. We took our dinner party back to their place for nightcaps. I wanted so much to take my dress off in the restaurant. While back at their place, we were all drinking wine liberally. Things got amorous because the couple are swingers. I go with the flow. The guy came on to me. Told me I was the most beautiful woman he has seen in a long time. Now, I had my chance to shock the fuck out of him. We went into his bedroom while others hooked up. He undressed me and when my cock made an appearance he fell back in shock. Now, he was not the tool I was expecting when he discovered my secret. He begged to suck my dick. Fell to my knees and said he always wanted to suck a T-girl cock. I gave him what he wanted. And more. I fucked his ass too. He told me to not tell his wife I had a cock bigger than his. I think he did not want to share me.

Sexy Shemale Carla

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Dirty Talking Women Who Submit

Dirty Talking Women
Your cravings for dirty talking women don’t end at their ability to produce some sexy audio for you to jack off to, no. You crave a deeper meaning than just pointless sexy phone talking. You’re a Dominant man who desires a bitch that knows how to obey every whim that your mind or your cock has. You want a slut who’s not in a position to say no. I’m that little pain whore.

I’ll do anything to please, including taking the strictest instructions from you, Sir. I’ll strip, bend over, yes Sir. I am freshly waxed. always Sir! A good slut must always be ready to be the playground of her Master, and tonight, you own me Sir. My goal is to make you cum in as many ways as it pleases you, or to give you exactly what you want. You want my eternal submission? I’ll lower my head for my collar, Sir.

Submissive Slut, Erin

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Dirty Talking Women – BBW Blowies!

Dirty Talking Women

The only thing better than a mouth that’s used to be one of those dirty talking women is a mouth that’s how for a BBW blowie! Blow jobs are my favorite way to remind my man he’s something special to me. And for that, I take my time working and jerking his gherkin. My intention is to either get my man to bust a fat, sticky nut down my throat, or to cover me in his cummies so that I get to slowly lick it up with my sex kitten mouth.

Fuck my tits to start, and let your cock lube up and slide in between these delicious jugs. Slip that thick dick back and forth, in and out from being sandwiched by soft, supple fat tits. Every time that swollen cock head pops up, I’ll pop it into my mouth. When I get tired of this little game of hide and go seek, that’s when the real fun begins.

Deep throating massive hard dick is an art, and if that’s so call me Picasso. I love to make sure that cock is smashing into the back of my throat the same way my pussy would be getting used if he were beating it up. Can you imagine his surprise when I cuffed him down to the bed? I was going to edge him all night, and make him cum harder than he ever had before.

Erotic Sex Stories

Cocksucker, Wynona

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Dirty phone talk will make you swoon

dirty phone talk

Dirty phone talk will make you swoon. A nasty young cheerleader that wants you to stroke your cock right by your wife’s bedside. Close your eyes and think about my sweet sexy voice. Fuck me, daddy in my cheerleader outfit. Let’s see if you can jizz all over my cheerleading uniform. The thought about my cheer-out fit being sprayed by jizz and watching copious amounts of it drizzle down like icing is the best.

You can’t help but want to fuck my young holes. Your cock barely ever gets satisfaction, and I, for one, want to make sure to save you from a daunting sex life. Let tempest rescue you and help you live out those fantasies. It is the closest thing you will have to my perfect young pussy. Roleplaying isn’t really technically cheating. Although it has its benefits of giving you the best orgasm ever, realize that you can do it anywhere and anytime pretty much. I’m only a phone call away. Let us explore together and live out those tempting fantasies. I want to satisfy your desires so badly.


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