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Dirty Talking Women Control Your Cock

Mmm… I love to seductively whisper in your ear that Dirty Talking Women control your cock, as I show you a picture of you jerking off to phone sex women. I am your seductive cunt sister and I came across just the thing to blackmail you with. I am actually your evil step-sister that taunts and teases you.

I hear you talking to phone sex whores like me about how fucking bad you wish you could fuck me. But you know you are too weak willed to even make a move. I flash you a peak, grab at your cock as I whisper things of humiliation in your ear.

Finally one day you think you have the guts and will to fuck me. But I am too slick. Instead of me in my bed that night it was your own younger sister. I loved how she reacted to you trying to get in bed with her. You had such a fucking erection and I stood in the doorway laughing.

Dirty Taking Women

Promiscuous Goddess Gemini

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Dirty Talking Women let daddy fuck their asshole

Dirty Talking Women are made when they are touched and played with when young. That is what daddy told me. He said when you get them young and turn them into little sluts they will say and do anything you want. That is what happened to me. Daddy started touching my little cunty any chance he got. It was his favorite game to play with me. He called it the pointing game. He would use his pointer finger to fuck any hole he wanted and would point to any where he wanted me to click and suck. He even let me point to where I wanted daddy kisses. It was easy for him to get me to do anything he wanted because I wanted to make daddy happy so when he pointed at his hard daddy dick, I knew I had to kiss it and suck it until his daddy cream came out. One night daddy said our pointing game was going to get better. He said he was going to use something better and bigger to play our game and he pointed at his daddy cock. His daddy meat was hard and excited already as he told his little girl to bend over. I did as daddy asked and right away daddy pointed his cock at my little rose bud. Once he forced and pushed his daddy dick in my ass, he pounded away telling me I was winning the game.

Dirty Talking Women

Then I felt it, his daddy meat was pumping inside me, and he told me I won the game. Now when I do Dirty phone talk, I think of daddy.


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Dirty Talking Women Will Take Your Balls, Sometimes

dirty talking womenDirty talking women can be sick bitches too. I am not only foul mouthed, but I am a taboo thinker too. More than a thinker. I am a doer. I have no impulse control. I have learned how to control my impulses by making sure to just do sick things often. Once you get a taste for killing, force fucking and castration, you want more. I like castrating men. I love it actually. Men think they are entitled to women because they have a cock. That is not the case at all. I castrate men often. Sometimes, just for looking at me wrong. I met James at a Goth bar last week. I watched him trying to spike girls’ drinks. I switched drinks, so he took his own drugs. I am smarter than any horny man. I took him to my cabin in the woods to castrate him while he was still subdued. I thought about killing him. He deserved to die. He is a predator who preys on women. I decided to give him a dirty castration instead. I used a dirty knife, and I did not cauterize the wound. This way he would have an ugly scar where his balls once were to remind him of what he did. He woke up tied to a bed with a castration band on his balls. And my rusty blade, just waiting to cut off his balls. I told him who I was and what I was going to do and why. He pleaded for mercy, but he showed none to the women he drugged, why should I show him any? I did not waste any time. I cut those balls off and watched him bleed. He passed out a few times, but I slapped him awake. When I am castrating losers, I want them to feel the pain.

Sadistic Bitch Venus

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Dirty Talking Women love Dirty talk and Erotic sex stories

Dirty Talking Women

Dirty Talking Women love hearing Erotic sex stories while you eat their wet cunt. I know when i have a really kinky call from Mommy phone sex, i make my oldest boy eat and lick my cunt and asshole. Mommy always has been the one to use him and teach him to please women. His tongue works like a hungry puppy lapping at my holes. It makes his young cock hard, and I let him jack off while he licks me until mommy cums all over his face. Then if i feel like it i will let him fuck mommy’s pussy hole. He loves the way my cunt feels maybe because he came out of it but he loves pounding me and begging mommy to let him cum inside her. Whenever he begs me, it makes me cum too and once he feels mommy’s cunt tighten up it milks him hard. He will leave my cunt dripping with his young semen. I don’t mind him joining my Dirty phone talk whenever i need my wet cunt licked and fucked. Taboo phone girls don’t care what they use as long as they cun hard. 


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Dirty Talking Women are Native Americans and Shemales Too

dirty talking womenDirty talking women can be Native Americans and sexy shemales. I am both. Last week was National Native American day. I am part Native American, part Cuban and all girl. Well mostly all girl. You may have noticed my sexy tranny cock. It is hard to miss at ten inches. I was feeling like celebrating my cultural roots, at least the part of me that is Native American. Native American culture praises special girls like me. That is not done in any other culture that I know about. When I was still living life as a teenage boy, I spent a summer on my mother’s Native American reservation. I did a sweat lodge, lived in a gigantic Tee Pee. I learned about my heritage, and I learned to live off the land. I showered in the lake. I pissed in the woods. I gathered berries off the land to eat. I learned how to make a fire too. It was very liberating to learn about my heritage. Shemales possess dual spirits. The male and female energy are in the same body giving us a more reveled status. If only it was like that in every culture.

dirty talking womenDirty talking women like me, however, are always selling are dual nature to potential lovers. I am the best of both worlds. The masculine side of me is my dominant nature and my ten-inch cock. The feminine side of me includes my long hair, my perfect breasts, my curvy body and my soft skin. I look like a woman, but I fuck like a man. That is the best of both worlds, and why I am revered in my Native American heritage. I met this guy at a Native American Heritage Day festival. He had no clue I was a shemale. He thought he was picking up Pocahontas. He has a fetish for brown skinned girls. I have a fetish for tight assholes and surprises.

dirty talking womenI brought him home. Perhaps I should have told him about my special duality, but he seemed to be into stereotypes of Indian women, so I wanted to bust those out of the park, and I did. Dirty talking women are full of surprises, you know? He could not believe that the Pocahontas girl he was trying to pick up had a cock bigger than his. I am a dominant shemale, so I did not let him ruminate on the facts too long. I just tossed him on his back and fucked his ass hard. He was praising my dual nature soon after. You will too. A sexy shemale is the best of both worlds.

Sexy Shemale Carla

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Dirty Talking Women Will Be Your Submissive Whore

Dirty Talking Women let you use them and show them what a Submissive Whore gets. I know my place so when my new owner came to get me, I bowed down like a good whore and asked for my next task. He had me undress and open my mouth. After I did that, I got a taste of his cock as he throat fucked me. After he used my mouth, my new master tied me up.

Dirty Talking Women

He wanted to show me how a Submissive Whore is supposed to be. As I was tied up and dangling, he used his favorite toys to break me in for the first time. He paddled my ass until it was red and welted and even fucked my cunt with his favorite toy, forcing me to cum. That was the only way he knew I was a good whore, by me cumming of his abuse.  He jacked off watching me dangle and my pussy drip. When he was about to cum, he sprayed me all over my face, followed by a golden shower to mark his territory. When he was done, he just left and told me to wait for my master until he wanted more. I was happy I found what i needed on a Dirty phone talk session.


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Dirty Talking Women are Sexy Mommies Too

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are mommies too. And we are the hottest women around. Look at me? I am a sexy mommy. I love to fuck my sons, but I like to fuck their friends too. Friday night, my sons each invited a friend to spend the night. They act like my wingmen. They find the hottest boys in school to invite over so their hot mommy can have some fun too. My boys picked winners too this weekend. I was in heat. Three young teen boys with milf fever and stiff dicks. I walked around in high heels and a see thru baby doll teddy just to see their reactions. I am a stacked mommy. And boys that age love big tits and mature women. I am definitely a Mrs. Robinson. I love teenage cock. It is always hard. It is always full of cum. And it never needs a blue pill or half a day to recuperate after cumming either. I think most milfs know that teen cocks are the best fit for their pussies. My sons sometimes get jealous. It is not that they do not take care of me because they do. Very well too. They just cannot keep up with me. I am 40 and in my sexual prime. I can wear any boy or man out, but if they are good wingmen for mommy, I never get bored, and they never get worn out. Six boys in a night is not even a record for this milf phone sex tramp. I am so lucky that I have boys who want to keep mommy happy.

Sexy Mommy MaryAnne

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Dirty Talking Women Will Make You Into A Sissy Cum Whore With Their Big She-Cocks

Dirty Talking Women love Dirty phone talk. We get to hear Erotic sex stories while we get our cock sucked. Yes, baby I am a special type of woman, i have a big extra tool that i will use to break you in. you have dreamt about being dominated and forced to get fucked. You want to know how it feels to be used by Dirty talking Women with cocks. I got you on your back very easily after forcing my cock in your throat, you were weak from me using your mouth. You barely put up a fight when I spread your legs and shoved my cock deep in your virgin man pussy.  You watched as my cock disappeared inside you and you begged for me to make you mine. I jacked you off as I pounded you hard and when you were about to cum.

Dirty Talking Women

I aimed your cock to your face. I watched as your nut sprayed all over your face. You opened your mouth and swallowed some of your nut. That was hot. I made you into a cum loving whore and I couldn’t help but cum inside you. I made a good sissy cum whore out of you.


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Dirty Talking Women Get Rough Asshole Fucking

Dirty Talking Women love to hear Erotic sex stories while they finger fuck their pussy hard and shove a dildo in their asshole. I get fucked in my asshole and it makes me squirt.

Dirty Talking Women

Last night I got master’s whippings because he had a bad day. When he was done my body was red and welted. It made my pussy wet when I saw the pleasure he was getting and how much his cock was poking out his pants. So, when he laid me on my back, I felt like my pussy was going to be pounded too. He lifted my legs and spread them and while staring me straight in the eyes, to see if I would flinch, he shoved his cock in my asshole. I tried to keep a straight face, but I couldn’t. It only made him more excited, and he fucked my asshole harder and harder. He then started spanking my pussy hard as he pounded me. The feel of his hand on my pussy and clit drove me over the top and I came hard. Seeing my pussy cream from his cunt spankings he started pumping my asshole with all his semen. I love being able to go on Dirty phone talk so I can relive every moment I have with my master. 


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Dirty Talking Women Can be Sexy Transsexuals Too

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women can be transsexuals too. I have a fowl mouth and a killer body. I love to being a shemale phone sex slut. Now, when I say slut understand I am not a beta bitch. I am a sexy dominant tranny. I am clear about that on the phone and in person. I have a ten-inch cock and I am in my thirties. I call the shots. That does not mean I cannot be equal with a worthy man. It just means I will not be a bottom for an unworthy man. Sometimes, I meet assholes like Jerry who need to understand that what I say is law. I do not play games. I do not play hard to get either. For me, it is about respect. A sexy shemale with a hard, working, ten-inch cock deserves respect. A man with a limp 4-inch nub does not. So, I showed Jerry who the bigger man was when he got disrespectful. Out of about every 100 guys I meet, I meet one who thinks his cock is bigger than it actually is. I am not playing the beta bitch to appease the ego of a man who should not have that ego to begin with. When Jerry resorted to name calling because I would not let him worm his shrimp dick in my asshole, I showed him how to really fuck an ass. My sexy tranny cock can do some damage. A little flaccid dick cannot. Now, it is Jerry sitting on an inner tube licking his wounds. Now at least though he understands he is a beta bitch for life.

Sexy Shemale Carla

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