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Dirty Talking Women are Dirty Mommies

dirty talking womenDirty talking women will become your newest addiction. I am a P mommy. I love family fun. I talk and fuck like a sailor though. I love dirty words. I love telling my son to fuck his mother’s dirty cunt. And I love telling my daughter to lick mommy’s shit box. I have been a dirty mom for a decade now. My son and daughter love fucking me and each other. In fact, I am a new grandma from incest. I am proud of it. If could have gotten knocked up by my son, I would have. When I first started fucking him, he was a teen boy and I was in my 40s. Now, technically I could have gotten pregnant, but it is always harder to get knocked up past 40. I let fear dictate me too. Then my daughter had a healthy baby girl who was the product of brother sister love. She does not look like she belongs in a Wrong Turn movie either. I love having a granddaughter. It is going to be fun to watch her grow and get involved in the family fun. She already watches with joy. She seems to like to watch the family fun. We love having her there too. Only on a dirty phone sex site like mine could I share all my incest escapades and tell you my son will knock up his daughter one day.

Sexy Mommy Victoria

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Dirty Talking Women Will Let You Dominate

Dirty Talking Woman like me like to be dominated. I have even been my master’s toilet. He will piss all over me and give me warm golden showers in the morning. When I am drenched ill suck and like his cock clean. When he comes home from a long day, I will give him a tongue bath.

Dirty Talking Women

My tongue will clean his balls and asshole until his cock is hard and throbbing. He loves smacking my face with his hard and dropping his balls in my mouth. If I am lucky, he will fuck me and fill me up with every drop of cum that is his balls. He tells me I am his worthless hole for his dick and that the only thing I will ever get from him is his punishments and his cum. I love knowing he blesses me in that way, and I am devoted to him. Whatever he asks for I will do and when he is not around, I will only have Dirty phone talk. No one else fucks me unless master approves.  


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Dirty Talking Women Are Incest Sluts!

Dirty Talking Women

Hi! I’m Claire! Your favorite little family fuck slut! I just got a special gift from my daddy this week and my cunt is so sore from trying it out! Daddy picked out the perfect gift to give me in his absence; a brand new fucking machine with a cock attachment shaped just like his 11 inch dick! As soon as it arrived I took it out of the box, grabbed some lube and started fucking it all day long. I came so hard thinking about all the times we have had hot family orgies that ended with my daddy and brother filling me, my sister and my mom up with cum. I couldn’t believe how much I squirted and came just from getting fucked by this machine!


Dirty Phone Talk


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Dirty Talking Women Share Cock with You

Dirty Talking Women share their boyfriend’s cock with you. I know how much you secretly want a cock in your mouth. I have seen you watch as my boyfriend grabs my ass and tits. So, we invited you over to come and get some of his big man meat. We can suck my boyfriend’s cock together; you suck his balls as I swallow his cock. When his cock starts leaking, I want him to stick it in deep. You can keep sucking on his balls as he fucks me. When I cum all over his cock I want you to suck my juices off of him.

Dirty Talking Women

Then it is your turn bend over like a good slut and take his cock in you man cunt like a good whore. You know you have been wanting that for a while and now you can get it. He fucks hard and deep so you need to take it as he stretches you out. As soon as he cums deep in you I know you will explode. It feels so good when he fills me up, I love it. 


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Dirty Phone talk p-momma

Dirty phone talk with a woman like me is what you need sometimes. Mommy Elizabeth knows about perverted things, such as incest, breeding and men who need a mommy to help them cum. I do enjoy being used like a mommy whore toy. But I also just love being mommy to my boys and girls. My big milky momma tits are infused with sexy hormones that make any cock of any age pop right up. In the same token of a P-mommy I make little girls’ cunnies wet for you too! I always strive to be the milf with the hottest fun for p-men and baby boys who need a drink at my teet. Drink my magic mommy mil, and watch as my slutkins get horny as fuck! 

Tis the season to be the fucked up man of all your fantasies with Mommy Elizabeth!

dirty phone talk
See, dirty talking women can be vulgar and raunchy just for the hell of it. Now we can play with my little sissy ladyboy son and daughter and make a dirty p-cock sandwich! Maybe you just want mommy to be a cum filled whore in the mornings before you go to work. I know you being couped up with family activities is making you insane for mommy, or some bratkin slaves. While you wife or girlfriend is out lets get completly filthy, fucked up and party and play! 

Whether I am the cum dumpster or my pre -whores are all that matters is getting you big fat cock off, or you little wittle boy cock off.

I am your fucking taboo Queen of no limits phone sex! Your cock deserves a special treat the whore-a-day season. How about the tightest little wholes with a subby mommy to make you shoot a massive load. Cum one, cum all ye faithful p-daddy Studs!

Mommy Elizabeth

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Dirty Talking Women for Christmas

dirty talking womenDirty talking women have just what you need for the holidays. Why? Because we can give you the filthy fantasies you cannot even share with your wife. Take me for example, I am a naughty mommy whore. I love boys and girls when they are young, especially boys. I have two mother fuckers who can never get enough of my wet mommy pussy. I do not deny them. I enjoy talking to men about their family experiences and fantasies. I also enjoy sharing mine. I like to party on calls too. Like I will do long calls where we talk about incest and age play fantasies and do lines of coke together. I had a party call last night. We did lines of coke for 4 hours. I know you are wondering what we did for four hours. A lot of sharing real experiences about incest. I was raised by a mother who fucked her son, my brother. This caller had a mom like mine, but no sister. It was just the two of them. I got so worked up talking to him that after my call, I went into my sons’ rooms and molested them. They did not mind. They love fucking mommy.  My callers are good for my sex life. Maybe I can be good for yours?

Taboo Whore Blair

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Dirty Talking Women Control Your Cock

Dirty Talking Women

Dirty talking women like me love to surprise men with our little panty party! I have a ten inch cock hanging under my panty line, and just looking at you is making me rock hard. You ever been dominated by a trans queen baby? I know you’d look so hot coming over here and dipping my fat cock into your mouth. Do you want to learn how to deep throat like a little faggot? Mommy Raina will help with that honey.

Put the back of your perverted head against the wall, and open wide. This is your first throat fucking lesson, and I’m going to make sure you remember it forever. Suck it, gag yourself, until that hot Trans cum spills out!

Look at me, I’m a goddamn queen and my dirty phone sex will turn that tight faggot ass into a trans cock addict! Being on your knees before me is only going to make you want to slurp my big, ten inch dick stick down your faggy throat. I’m addicted to turning men into cock puppets and dick sleeves. They beg and moan and plead for no more, but I know the truth. They’re desperate to get my dick in any of their fuck holes!

Dirty Phone Sex

Mommy Raina

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Dirty Talking Women Holiday

dirty talking womenOn the first day of Christmas Santa brought to me, 2 dirty talking women.
One the second day of Christmas Santa brought to me 2 cum sluts fucking and a whore on her knees sucking me!
One the third day of Christmas Santa brought me.. A dirty nasty hoe under the Christmas tree! This is my tribute and my life as a gangbang whore blessed with a hot little sister who dances with me now. She has been Dancing for a while but I decided to take her up to the big leagues.
The Christmas Clientele that needs a couple of blonde bimbos for Holiday fucking. The bosses throw these Raunchy Dirty parties at the offices downtown that the wives and Partners Know nothing about. My Favorite Is A Big Corporate America Place that has a few a Gay Guys in the Upper Management. In this case a …

🎶a couple dicks were brought to me under Santas Big Fat North pole as He drilled my hole..
applies to men and women! 🎶

These parties are the coveted Event of the season. I know now that all these Legal Mumbo Jumbo terms they throw to their spouses are fucking trash Just like me! Men are fucking dirty dogs who like to raw dog a Dirty phone talk whore and her little sister. I thought she was the youngest I had ever seen at one of these parties but I was wrong. Teen sluts fucking for Holiday dough and dope are up in the high rise buildings getting that Business man cock fuck! Now, These are secret parties that Some of us are lucky to attend and we all know to keep our mouths shut or we will end up in the gutter! Don’t miss out on a hooker phone sex dirty whores stories. Come and cum see me! Mums the word!

Hardcore Hadley

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Dirty Phone Talk With An Orgy Whore

Dirty Phone Talk

I’m Racquelle, your favorite orgy whore! My favorite way to spend the weekend is with at least two hot hard cocks to play with! If I’m feeling lonely I pamper myself all day, getting my hair done, a mani pedi and a fresh wax for my little cunny. I head home to put on my sexiest little nighty and order up some freaky fun with two of my favorite boy toys. When they arrive we drink and relax with a little pot smoke before jumping into the hot tub to get all slippery and wet. The fun starts with me taking off my bikini and showing off my perfect body, of course their cocks get hard and they can’t resist me! We start sucking and fucking each other right there by the pool where anyone can see me getting stuffed full of cock. My pussy is soaking wet and ready to be double penetrated by these two hard studs. I wonder how long it will be before I invite a third guy over to stuff my ass too?


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Dirty Talking Women Paradise

dirty talking women

You’re extraordinarily lucky that it’s easy to find dirty talking women like me on the internet! I’m sure there was a time when you wouldn’t be able to find a quality phone fuck like me. But I really should warn you that I’m very addictive. You’re going to want to talk to me all the time, and that’s going to get expensive for you. I’m worth it, though, and I just know that you’ll find a way to afford me. I hope your family doesn’t expect presents this year for the holiday season because you’re going to be spending all your money on me.

See, I know you’ll do it because you’re not going to find anyone as willing as me to talk about the things you desire. Not many women are going to talk about the nasty things that turn you on. You know, those taboo subjects that would make your wife’s eyes roll right out of her head – that’s what you’ll be paying me dearly for. So, if you’re ready for a new addiction, then this is the paradise for you. I’ll be waiting to take you to the depths of ecstasy like you’ve never known before.


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