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Dirty Talking Women Have Big Cocks

Dirty Talking Women have the big fucking cocks you dream about. No one knows deep down inside you love sucking dick. When you see me, you get on your knees, you beg me to let you suck my cock. I love teasing you with my big tranny dick and I rub it all over your face and make your face glossy with my pre-cum. I make you crawl around the ground begging like a desperate dog bitch in heat that needs to be fucked. I bend over and make you lap on my asshole like a hungry puppy. My she-cock starts throbbing and you wiggle your ass in the air whimpering like a pup slut. I ram my big tranny dick deep inside you and you yelp out.

Anal phone sex

Finally, you got what you have been feening for. I use you like my fuck toy cum dumpster and jack hammer my tranny cock hard and fast inside you. I love using you hard. It makes me blast a big load. I then send you home sore and dreaming about me. That is why you do Dirty phone talk when you can’t get to me.


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Dirty Talking Women Want To Be Bred By Young Cock

Dirty Talking Women love getting filled up with nut. I love it because I am a breeding whore milf, who needs to be impregnated by strong semen.

Dirty Talking Women

I had a breeding party with all the young cocks I know around the neighborhood. They were eager and happy to be able to fuck a mommy cunt likes they had seen on the internet. I started off by sucking their young cocks. They all wanted a turn to be able to fuck my mouth hard. Unfortunately, a few of them came in my mouth. But it didn’t matter, they were hard again and ready to pound my pussy. The young cocks that had not yet busted were the first ones to start pounding my cunt. One by one they kept fucking my mommy pussy until they filled up with semen. When they all had a chance, I held my pussy shit to hold all their cum in me. I was going to end up pregnant. You could do some dirty phone talk while I wait to hope to be pregnant now. 


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Dirty Talking Women Were Teen Whores!

Dirty Talking Women I love talking about my days as a teen runaway who had to suck and fuck cock for money! Being a white trash whore with a trailer trash slut for a mom means you can definitely imagine the things I had to deal with growing up. My mom would be out fucking and making porn movies while I was at our trailer all alone doing whatever I wanted. I got sent home from school all the time for fucking boys and drinking, I would start fights with girls and steal from the teachers, I was truly a bad girl gone wild. After school one day I had a big teen orgy at my place full of booze and drugs with loud music playing all night. My mom came home from making porn and found me getting my holes double penetrated and throat fucked by four boys at the same time. She beat my ass in front of my friends, took all the money I made off my party before she kicked me out. I was a teen runaway with a cunt full of cum and nothing to my name for so long. I hitchhiked around from state to state for a while, I fucked whoever was paying and slept wherever I could just so I could afford a meal. Being a teen runaway wasn’t all bad, I got to travel, I met some amazing whores and had my own freedom. I was happy to get used and fucked like the white trash slut that I truly am.


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Dirty Talking Women Are Teachers!

Dirty Talking Women

I love being the hot teachers aid who takes lots of student cock! My job as a teacher’s aid makes my pussy so wet all day, by the time school is over I’m desperate to get my soaking wet panties pulled down around my ankles and hard student cock forced in my pussy. Often times I’ll linger in the halls after school hoping to find some hard young stud to pound me over my desk. This afternoon I actually walked in on two students fucking a girl in the student lounge, they were obviously scared I’d get them in trouble but all I had to do was take off my top and show of my big juicy jugs for them to understand what I wanted. It only took a minute before I was down on my knees sucking cock with a hot student slut. I showed her a thing or two about polishing a knob and got my tits covered in two hot loads of cum while she licked my cunny!


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Dirty Talking Women Know How To Tongue Fuck Your Ass

Dirty talking women know how to use their mouth and tongue to fuck your ass. My last master would give me daily Prostate milking exercises. He wanted my tongue to be strong. My training would start with bare bottom spankings until my pussy dripped. He makes me tongue kiss his cock until it starts leaking. I make sure to lick up every drop of pre-cum and not waste any of my master’s precious juice.

Dirty Talking Women

After that it was on. I was going to show my master how strong my tongue has gotten since we started our training. I wiggled my tongue on his asshole back and forth fast making sure he could feel how eager I was. I stuck my tongue in his ass, I really wanted to please my master. So, I stroked his cock while tongue fucking his asshole. His moans had my pussy on fire, but I knew master wasn’t going to fuck me, he was only going to use my mouth and tongue. He likes seeing my cunt just dripping knowing he can make me cum just by touching it. When he was ready to cum, he grabbed my hair and sprayed my face. He finished and sent me to my bed. I was hoping he would go to sleep, and I could sneak and have some Dirty phone talk to get off.


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Dirty Talking Women Expose Perverts

How much do you crave Dirty Talking Women to expose your filthy kinks? Well, one John “cocksucking” Rogers is a true champ. He is a bit of a attention whore when it comes to guys with big black cocks. He wants to serve as their little white beta bitch faggot.

Dirty talking women

This lust that Cocksucker John cum eating Rogers is real. His address for exposure is 746 Janetwood Drive #1. He is in Oxnard, California and at the 93030 zip. He is so desperate for exposure he pays to get his information out there. If it isn’t on a exposure faggot site it is with me.

I, as a true Goddess, have no qualms in exposing this white man as a admirer of big black dicks and to swallow all of that goo they shoot into his faggot mouth. He is a cock sucking faggot and his name is John Fuckface Rogers. The best things in life cost. And this faggot cum eater pays up for the best times of his cum craving life.

If you wish to send texts to a white beta bitch cock sucker then feel free to hit this bitch up at 820-345-4138. He is anxiously awaiting the next cock and black salty balls full of that sperm for his faggot mouth. I am anxiously awaiting my $$$ for exposing a faggot like John Cum eater Rogers.

Dirty talking women

No Taboo phone sex

Dirty Accomplice Gemini

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Dirty Talking Women Are Princesses!

Dirty Talking Women

Hi! I’m Princess Amber and I’m ready to be worshiped in every single way! If you love talking to hot sexy women about all kinds of naughty, nasty fetishes and taboos, I’m the phone slut of your dreams! I love a good roleplay fantasy or even just talking all night about the cocks I’ve taken. I love being spoiled so if you are into financial domination, let me violate your wallet in a whole new way. I want to be adored, I want to be fucked like the true cum slut that I am and I can go all night long with you. There are so many fantasies in my head that make my tight bald cunny wet, I’d love to share them with you and make you feel like the sexy man that you are. I’m always up for some taboo fun, I never judge and always know just how to make you cum.


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Dirty Talking Women Sex With Strangers

Dirty Talking Women fuck where every they are. I was taking a greyhound since it was a last-minute trip. The bus was full and when i walked in all I saw was mostly men in the bus i sat down and was sitting next to a fine sex black man. I always show off my great big tits in anything I wear because I’m a mommy whore. I could see he was looking, and his cock was stirring in his pants. I was a bit horny so I used the blanket to cover my body so I could lift my skirt up and play with my cunt. I didn’t know if he could tell what I was doing but i didn’t care i was horny and i needed to cum. I suddenly felt another hand touch my leg and I looked over and he was looking straight at me. I spread my legs more and he slid his fingers in my wet mommy cunt.

Dirty Talking Women

As he fingered me, he got under the blanket too. That is when I just went for his pants and pulled his cock out. I was jacking him off and he was fingering my cunt on the bus until we heard an announcement talking about the next stop. We waited until everyone was off the bus so we could fuck. He bent me over the seat and pounded me hard with his big black cock and right when we both came. The bus driver popped back in the bus, catching us right in the act. He let us both know we would have to get off unless he got to bust his nut too. I just bent back over and spread my pussy with the nut dripping out of me. The bus driver slid right in my cunt hole and pounded me until his body shook. The rest of the ride I could feel their cum just dripping out of me. 


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Dirty Talking Women and Mistresses

dirty talking women

Sure, you can find dirty talking women anywhere on the internet. But what you can’t find just a where is a woman like me. I might not look like it but trust me when I say that I can be and am as filthy as you are. Haven’t you ever heard that women are bigger perverts than men? That’s not just a rumor. It’s very true. We are always talking about and thinking about fucking. I can say with one hundred percent certainty that’s true for me. And as a result, I have a lot of naughty stories to tell you. 

So you just let me know what kinds of things you like and I promise you I’ll have the perfect story to tell you about it. If you’d rather do a role play than talk about my experiences, that’s fine too. I love role playing so much. It’s always fun to pretend to be someone else for a while, don’t you agree? Think about what would turn you on and then get on the phone. The sky is absolutely the limit. I promise I’ll give you have ever wanted and some things you had no idea you needed.


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Dirty Talking Women Get Facials And Much More

Dirty talking women get fucked on the couch during the neighborhood BBQ. while the women were outside cooking and watching over the offspring. they didn’t know the rest of the men were fucking me and using my holes. We had a full-blown neighborhood gangbang, a few came in my holes but most of them came on my face giving me a bukkake facial. I was so horny that I let the furry friend that was walking around come over and lick my cunt hole. His wide rough tongue felt good lapping over my clit and asshole. He pushed his cock into my asshole and wiggled his wide tongue as I rubbed my clit.

Dirty Talking Women

I wanted more so I bent over and rubbed my clit. That is when he jumped up and mounted me. I could feel his lipstick cock poking at me, so I reached down and guided his puppy meat inside me. He then humped me while I rubbed at my clit. I was just there, face dripping in cunt, furry friend fucking me, and I just rubbed on my clit harder until I finally came.


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