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Dirty talking women manipulate

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women have a way of manipulating you that they will make you believe in magic. My latest pay slave tells me he believes me when I talk about my cult. Truly the cult is about worshiping me, and that is what I want you to do. I will call you a cuck, a loser, a sissy, and everything under the stars. If you don’t have deep pockets and a cock that can fuck deep, you will become my bitch.

As my bitch you do as I say when I say. Sissies know how to be beta bitches. The number one sissy that bothers me is those who don’t want to admit what they are. They know they are sissies but do not want to succumb to the truth.

It’s time you submit to the hottest goddess who will manipulate and degrade you in ways you can’t even imagine.



Dirty phone talk with Lucy

dirty phone talk


I had a dream last night that I was getting fucked by my brother and now, I can’t stop thinking about it. I keep rubbing my cunt and thinking about how hot my dream was. I think some dirty phone talk with you is the perfect way to get my brother’s dick off of my mind. You can roleplay as my sexy, older brother and wake me up ramming your dick into me! Your big cock feels so good that I won’t even care that you’re my brother or that our parents are asleep in the next room. I want you to pound my pussy and make me scream and squirt for you. Let’s try to wake Daddy up with my moans, so that we can have him fuck my mouth while you cream my cunt. This hot, wet pussy is waiting for you!


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dirty talking women rule baby

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women are nasty everywhere. I’m a good slut in school and a great slut at home. I love to play with daddy and all of his drug dealer friends. Are you doing any drugs tonight?! What kind are you doing? I’m doing some weed gummies and getting high. I hope you are getting intoxicated too and horny as fuck as well.

All in all, let’s have some incestuous fun, daddy. I want you to fuck my holes. Every one of them. My mouth loves cum, and I need plenty of jizz in my asshole, too. It will make me a bad girl to be around daddy’s friends and pops. They all gangbang me all night long. Don’t leave any holes undone. Please use me up and fuck me, silly. Never turn a slut like me down because it will drive me crazy.

My roommate’s boyfriend walked in on me in the tub. I couldn’t stop thinking of his face when he saw me butt naked. So I went to seduce him right after and had his cock.


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Dirty Talking Women Can be Sexy Transsexuals Too

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women can be transsexuals too. I have a fowl mouth and a killer body. I love to being a shemale phone sex slut. Now, when I say slut understand I am not a beta bitch. I am a sexy dominant tranny. I am clear about that on the phone and in person. I have a ten-inch cock and I am in my thirties. I call the shots. That does not mean I cannot be equal with a worthy man. It just means I will not be a bottom for an unworthy man. Sometimes, I meet assholes like Jerry who need to understand that what I say is law. I do not play games. I do not play hard to get either. For me, it is about respect. A sexy shemale with a hard, working, ten-inch cock deserves respect. A man with a limp 4-inch nub does not. So, I showed Jerry who the bigger man was when he got disrespectful. Out of about every 100 guys I meet, I meet one who thinks his cock is bigger than it actually is. I am not playing the beta bitch to appease the ego of a man who should not have that ego to begin with. When Jerry resorted to name calling because I would not let him worm his shrimp dick in my asshole, I showed him how to really fuck an ass. My sexy tranny cock can do some damage. A little flaccid dick cannot. Now, it is Jerry sitting on an inner tube licking his wounds. Now at least though he understands he is a beta bitch for life.

Sexy Shemale Carla

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Dirty phone talk with Tasha

dirty phone talk


Today is my birthday and Daddy got me a new toy! Daddy spoils me because I’m his little cum loving slut and I always keep him happy. He got me a new vibrator and of course, I let him watch me use it for the first time! He knows that his slutty, little princess loves teasing her cunnie and enjoying the freakiest, dirty phone talk with older men! I turned it on and started teasing my clit with it for Daddy when my phone rang. I let Daddy sit on the bed with me and jerk his dick while I was on my call. Seeing his cock getting so hard for me, really turned me on! I wanted to taste his cum so bad! I just watched and drooled over the big, hard cum cannon in front of me while I talked to my caller. Eventually, I couldn’t hold back anymore. Good thing my caller didn’t mind listening to a dirty, little whore, sucking her Daddy off and swallowing his cum! Now, I’m all alone with just my new vibrator to keep me company. Care to join in and hear me make my pussy gush for you?


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dirty talking women are fun as fuck

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women do it all, and I have no limits. Last week I got fucked by my stepdad and my actual dad. I was screaming fuck me, daddy.

The feeling of a man in my pussy and one in my ass simultaneously is a feeling I look forward to and always try to get.

Let me be a slut and fuck me so you can remind me of the time I had both my dads use me. When we had a bbq, my daddy came over to pick me up, but instead of picking me up to take me to Disney land, he stayed and had a beer with my stepdad. They both must have gotten so horny because they began to talk about me and say how much I’m growing. They began to talk about my jugs and my chubby body.

When they began to go down that rabbit hole, I knew they would want to talk about fucking me. My pretty pussy loves to get fucked by daddy and stepdaddy, but this time I was going to get both their cocks simultaneously. What a great way to end my summer.


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dirty talking women can be punished

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women can be punished, and that’s okay. I don’t mind a big cock getting shoved deep into my asshole. Go right ahead and slam me with your cock. Show me I belong on my knees begging for mercy and looking up at you like the god you are and how you own me. It will be a long night if I don’t show you what I enjoy. All I need is guidance from a real alpha man who will bury his big cock deep inside each hole of mine and make me cry.

It’s so true. I don’t care about myself; I have little to no self-esteem and crave all your attention. I want you to push forward with who you are and show me that I am a woman who is good for nothing. It’s so true; all I am suitable for is letting you use me and make me your spit target.

Let me take all the beatings I can from you and show me it is my turn to crawl.


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Dirty phone talk with Quinn

dirty phone talk


Everyone knows that a dirty phone talk slut like me only wants to tease your dick and take your cum. You don’t even have to try to sweet talk me. I’m a nasty, gutter slut and I’m only here for your dick and your sticky jizz! I’ve been addicted to cum for as long as I can remember and it’s all that I can think about tonight. I keep imagining the taste and feeling of it rolling around in my slutty mouth after I slurp it right from your throbbing rod! I want to throat that fat pole and have you fuck my dirty mouth as deep as you can! Hit me up tonight and let me show you what all this magical mouth can do!


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dirty talking women rule it all

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women show their holes to men when they are horny. I pop up the cam and start giving a show to all the men worldwide. They love to watch me fuck my boyfriend on camera. We get high and start to get naughty. My cunt loves attention, and whenever I find someone willing to play with me on camera, I know they are a keeper. Not many guys would love for their significant others to get nasty on the phone or the web. Luckily for me, my man gets off knowing so many people are watching me play with my clit and suck his dick. The amount of money that comes in is out of this world. I enjoy shopping sprees and spa days. They all get paid.

I will enjoy every penny I get from these fuckers because they all give it to me freely. I love to suck cock so everyone can see me deepthroat so hard. All I need is jizz deep down in each hole of mine.


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Dirty phone talk with Marilyn

dirty phone talk

I just got off of a fat, hard bbc that pumped the biggest load into me! He made me cum a few times but I’m still ready to fuck! Dirty phone talk sluts like me never stop! I’m always in the mood to have my hot, slutty pussy pumped! I don’t play around with small, useless dicks though. That will only get you laughed at and teased while I make you watch a real man fuck me! I’m looking for a fuck buddy with a huge, fat dick that will pound me so hard I can’t walk straight the next day! Plenty of guys talk a big game but not many can keep up with a slut like me! Bring me that huge, throbbing cock and let me show you what a nasty, little freak like me can do! I’m rubbing my cummy cunt and waiting for you!



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