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Skanks are Dirty Talking women

dirty talking womenDirty Talking women will do anything for some great coke or crystal. I grew up with a drug dealer for a father and my brother helps me find “clients” for my drug habit. I just want to party with you and do a rail off your cock! Can you blame this hot whore for wanting to feel good while she makes big fat dick feel so good? MMM, the cocks I sucked and took deep into my tight rose bud asshole! What’s your preferred drug of choice tonight? I have all of the party favors we need, I have been working overtime with my cunt! Don’t you want to see how far my pussy and ass could stretch around your man meat? Just a little snow and this sluts milf cunt will be dripping wet in anticipation of getting a hot ropey cum load.

I am always so horny and I can get lots of free lines and bumps being a total skank gangbang whore!

Albeit a hot skank whore, but still my point is made!

I love it honestly, trading my body to get high. I let men degrade me and abuse me in every way imaginable. My daddy knew he was raising a piece of fucking shit drug addict whore and he got on this slut fuck train early! After hitting my first line many years ago, I just kept riding and sucking dick for my high every since then. Its a fucking Pleasure to stay so cum filled and high all the time. everything just blends together. It’s almost as if I cannot cum unless 3 or more cocks are fucking me, using me, draining their big full balls in me. I like being treated like complete trash, I am the a true dirty phone sex skank! And I love Cum!

Hardcore Hadley

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Dirty phone talk with Barbie

dirty phone talk

I’m Barbie, the freakiest, dirty phone talk slut in the south. You might have heard about me or seen my number around town. I’m a prissy, plump slut who’s well known for being a nasty freak! My neighbors don’t even complain anymore when they hear the constant slam of my headboard against the wall. They know it’s just “Bend over Barbie” getting her fill. Everyone knows that I spend every day and night getting my sloppy, wet pussy and asshole filled with cum. I can’t go 20 minutes without thinking about a throbbing cock inside of me. Even at work, I sneak off to the bathroom to meet up with my manager. His sweet, innocent wife won’t do half of the nasty things I do for him. His thick, hard cock is curved just right and it’s so hard for me to resist. It perfectly hits the spot that makes me squirt all over his balls! I always make sure to lick and suck his cock clean after he fucks me. It’s no secret that I’m his favorite employee. I earn my fat quarterly bonus the easy way.



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Dirty talking women know how to fuck you over

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women know how to manipulate you. I love to make a man so weak he gorgets his damn name. I want to have you wanting to have a piece of me and laughing because you will never get this sweet pussy. See, I am sadistic, and you will have to be just as extreme for you even to have a shot with me.

I love a partner in crime. I like to get high and fuck rough. I do keep you under my spell to show you my body and keep you thinking you are the special one that has won me over. I wouldn’t say I like a whiney, needy loser, so that I will toy with you a bit.

Then when I’ve had my fun, I will inflict some good fashion pain on you. I want you to know that I will be fucking other guys in front of you and making you see what I really need.

Get ready to know that I will forever show you that I am the best little sadistic slut that’s going to make you fall into her trap so easy you won’t know what hits you. I love weak men to ruin, and I like to make you think you are special.

Nasty Natasha

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Dirty Talking Women Drain Your Balls

dirty talking womenDirty talking women know how to make you cum. I have been making men cum since before I was an adult. I love doing it too. It makes me feel good to drain a pair of heavy balls. Young or old, related or not, I love making you cum. It started with my brothers. I was the youngest girl. I had two older brothers, and one younger brother. The first balls I drained belonged to my brothers. I was their cum dumpster and I loved it. Now, I drain my three horny sons’ balls. Sometimes, I drain them all together like I did this morning. Today was the first day back to school since the pandemic hit. They have been in a virtual classroom which is much easier to get up for than the real thing. We were all out of practice and running late, so it took a bit of finessing to get them to school on time. When we are not pressed for time, I suck them off individually. Today, I needed to exhibit some time management, so I put all three cocks in my mouth at once. I almost puked. Honestly, I struggled to suck on three hard teen cocks at once, but I did it. I dirty talked them and triple sucked them into cumming all over mommy’s big tits and face. And, I did it again when they came home from school too.

Dirty Mom Maryanne

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Filthy Teen Phone Sex Whore

I know you have talked to a lot of dirty talking women.Dirty Talking Women

They tease your cock, make you stroke for them, and leave you hard!

But I got what you want!

Yes, we all have tight pussies, dripping with sticky sweetness.

And we all love to take that rock hard cock in our juicy asses, backing up like we can take another ten inches!

But not everyone can handle your need for no limits phone sex!

I know you have nasty taboo phone chat desires and I want to be your bitch!

Use me as your whore and leave me lying in a puddle of cum and piss!

String me up and suspend my body and destroy my heart shaped ass!

When that is gaping so much you can’t feel the stroke, plunge that hard throbbing cock deep into my wet cunt and fuck me until I cum!

Cover my soft pretty tits with enough cum to feed a small country and then force that cock down my throat and order me to clean it!

I am a filthy teen phone sex whore and I needyou to own me and push me to the edge!




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Dirty Phone Talk With A Tramp

dirty phone talk


Dirty phone talk with Hadley the tramp. See, some women like me do just about anything to get off.  We were the girls who used hair brush handles to masturbate and cold cucumbers from the refrigerator. Anything That could make us feel good down there! Ad lord help you if you found your mom and dad’s toy stash! I never thought it gross to share my mommys vibator or play with my daddies cock ring! I wouldn’t even wash them after I played with my pussy. I would put them back in the box and push it back under their bed. Sometimes I would hear the buzzing and mommy and daddy moaning. I would try to envision what he was doing to her and rub my own little kitty! I never understood why I would lash out at my mommy the next day. 


I hated my mom. I wanted to be her under daddy, daddy making love to me! 


One day as I shouted at my mom that she was a whore, and she left running and screaming to work, My daddy grabbed me and brought me to the floor. The last words I heard were her calling me a jealous cunt and telling daddy to handle me! 

I was so angry and when daddy kissed me and put his hands on my teen tits I knew I had him! I threw myself at my father that morning. Stripping off my clothes and struggling to get his cock free. I want to be your dirty talking women to replay all this with you!

I expected him to stop me, but daddy only wanted o lavish my hot tight body. His tongue in my fat bald pussy lips for almost an hour while I screamed out daddy and tears of ecstasy ran down my face. 

And his dick going inside me for the first time was heaven and hell. It would be the start to my addiction with sex.

Dirty Hadley

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Dirty Talking Women and MILFS

dirty talking womenDirty talking women have dirty lives too. I love being a slut wife in New York City. I have access to all kinds of men, even during a health crisis. I live in a brownstone across from part of Central Park. Not a day goes by that the park is not full of hunky horny men. Some are boys. If you have a hard cock to fuck me with, I do not care about your age. I fuck my sons, but they are not so young anymore. Not that I still do not fuck them. Of course, I do. I need cock. I want cum. Plus I like taboo fucks.  Yesterday, I was taking a walk through the park getting some sunshine and exercise. I saw plenty of people, many in masks. It was cold, so I was walking briskly. I needed to get laid though, so when some young teens started cat calling, I paused in my step to engage in some flirty banter. Banter turned into coming back home with me to fuck. Damn, I took home three teen boys and I loved every moment of it too. Beautiful hard teen cocks for all my fuck holes. One for my mouth, ass and pussy. I can multitask. I do love New York because men are always down to fuck a sexy phone sex milf like me.

Phone Sex MILF Esmerelda

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A Mutt, A Stranger, And A Peanut Butter Covered Strap On

Dirty Phone TalkSometimes I wake up from a high and I have no idea what kind of hell I got into the night before!

But I really need to start being more careful! This morning I woke up in a strangers bed with a strap on covered in peanut butter and a man and his furry friend passed out next to me!

His balls were covered in peanut butter and his greasy ass hole was still oozing cum!

Fido, apparently satisfied, was enjoying the feel of his own tongue as he licked his drained balls!

Just then fido hopped up and started burying his nose in my clit, licking it as if he was an ex fuck buddy and then suddenly, bits and pieces started coming back to me!

Oh yes! It started out as a little dirty phone talk with a customer and next thing I know, he is smearing peanut butter on my clit while his mutt licked my pussy clean!

I remember that It felt so good and I was so fucking wet so I smeared it on his balls and ass and watched as mans best fried really was mans best friend!

Feeling a little left out, I strapped on a long hard cock of my own and pushed his ankles to his ears while I fucked his greasy ass until it gapped!

The four legged fuck monster was pounding his red rocket in my ass and we had our selves a mini anal fuck train!

But Fido must have followed up the caboose and filled his ass with all that mongrel spunk!

That is the best thing about dirty talking women like me!

It’s not just talk!



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Dirty phone talk with Janie

dirty phone talk

Daddy brags to everyone he knows that his little whore is a no limits, dirty phone talk slut. At first, he didn’t like the idea of me making other men cum. Daddy said I’m his little whore and no one else can have this tight, hot fuck hole. He changed his mind after the first time he watched me slam my soaked cunnie with my long, fat dildo while I was on a call. Now he loves to watch me. He plays with his hard cock while I make my little pussy cum for my callers. He said watching my cunnie squirt so hard all over my dildo was the hottest thing he’s ever seen. I can’t help but getting super dirty while I work my pussy with that fat fuck toy. Hearing a guy stroke his hard cock for me turns me on so much! Between my kinky calls, I have Daddy lick up all of the sweet juices from my hot cunnie! I’m such a lucky little phone slut!


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2 Incest Dirty Talking Women

dirty talking women

Whore mommy and submissive slut daughter are the dirty talking women to make you blow!  

Now you should know my submissive slave teen is actually my  lover, we do share cocks from time to time. I Dominate her young body and give her up to men who like to hurt her. I do enjoy strap-on and double ended dildos with her quite frequently. I also like putting her through her positions with my pussy in her face and making her give me multiple orgasms. Quite the hurricane tongue! Makes sense because I have made her my pussy slave since she was young. And it only took me a hot second to figure out she enjoyed watching men use me in the back room. Yes, I sold my body to get through the young part of being a single mom. Her daddy only came back after I had turned her out! Dirty phone talk with us is just me telling you how to use a mommy and daughter who enjoy our incest life.

Two hot whores on your cock…

We can be sensual, or brutal. My darling knows she is just fuck meat and i serve cock well. SO if you looking for a raunchy fun time. These two whores are waiting for you! My daughter will submit and if your cock is big enough and you are a Master, this BSDM mommy will take all of you as well! 

Always willing to do daughter, sister and auntie roleplays. We have been around the block but my Daisy can be your young virgin, and I can be the mom who decides to rent out her cunt! There really are no limits to us. Last week my daughter had mutt play and was turned into a breeding cow! That just shows you this mommy and daughter duo are freaky fun for your cock! 


Jan and Daisy Dirty Mommy and Daughter

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