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A Mutt, A Stranger, And A Peanut Butter Covered Strap On

Dirty Phone TalkSometimes I wake up from a high and I have no idea what kind of hell I got into the night before!

But I really need to start being more careful! This morning I woke up in a strangers bed with a strap on covered in peanut butter and a man and his furry friend passed out next to me!

His balls were covered in peanut butter and his greasy ass hole was still oozing cum!

Fido, apparently satisfied, was enjoying the feel of his own tongue as he licked his drained balls!

Just then fido hopped up and started burying his nose in my clit, licking it as if he was an ex fuck buddy and then suddenly, bits and pieces started coming back to me!

Oh yes! It started out as a little dirty phone talk with a customer and next thing I know, he is smearing peanut butter on my clit while his mutt licked my pussy clean!

I remember that It felt so good and I was so fucking wet so I smeared it on his balls and ass and watched as mans best fried really was mans best friend!

Feeling a little left out, I strapped on a long hard cock of my own and pushed his ankles to his ears while I fucked his greasy ass until it gapped!

The four legged fuck monster was pounding his red rocket in my ass and we had our selves a mini anal fuck train!

But Fido must have followed up the caboose and filled his ass with all that mongrel spunk!

That is the best thing about dirty talking women like me!

It’s not just talk!



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Dirty phone talk with Janie

dirty phone talk

Daddy brags to everyone he knows that his little whore is a no limits, dirty phone talk slut. At first, he didn’t like the idea of me making other men cum. Daddy said I’m his little whore and no one else can have this tight, hot fuck hole. He changed his mind after the first time he watched me slam my soaked cunnie with my long, fat dildo while I was on a call. Now he loves to watch me. He plays with his hard cock while I make my little pussy cum for my callers. He said watching my cunnie squirt so hard all over my dildo was the hottest thing he’s ever seen. I can’t help but getting super dirty while I work my pussy with that fat fuck toy. Hearing a guy stroke his hard cock for me turns me on so much! Between my kinky calls, I have Daddy lick up all of the sweet juices from my hot cunnie! I’m such a lucky little phone slut!


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2 Incest Dirty Talking Women

dirty talking women

Whore mommy and submissive slut daughter are the dirty talking women to make you blow!  

Now you should know my submissive slave teen is actually my  lover, we do share cocks from time to time. I Dominate her young body and give her up to men who like to hurt her. I do enjoy strap-on and double ended dildos with her quite frequently. I also like putting her through her positions with my pussy in her face and making her give me multiple orgasms. Quite the hurricane tongue! Makes sense because I have made her my pussy slave since she was young. And it only took me a hot second to figure out she enjoyed watching men use me in the back room. Yes, I sold my body to get through the young part of being a single mom. Her daddy only came back after I had turned her out! Dirty phone talk with us is just me telling you how to use a mommy and daughter who enjoy our incest life.

Two hot whores on your cock…

We can be sensual, or brutal. My darling knows she is just fuck meat and i serve cock well. SO if you looking for a raunchy fun time. These two whores are waiting for you! My daughter will submit and if your cock is big enough and you are a Master, this BSDM mommy will take all of you as well! 

Always willing to do daughter, sister and auntie roleplays. We have been around the block but my Daisy can be your young virgin, and I can be the mom who decides to rent out her cunt! There really are no limits to us. Last week my daughter had mutt play and was turned into a breeding cow! That just shows you this mommy and daughter duo are freaky fun for your cock! 


Jan and Daisy Dirty Mommy and Daughter

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Dirty Talking Women Are Real Whores

dirty talking women

Yes, many dirty talking women are real whores. I should know! I spend my every waking moment fucking or making men cum on these sex lines. I love cum so much that I love to be cum filled when I go home. I love when a man cleans me out with his mouth and gets my pussy fresh for a new load. And if no willing cum eater is around I just grab my dildo and fuck the shit out of myself as I do more and more lines of that sweet nose candy. I am a trashy milf momma who has a little boy and little girl who will help mommy with her pussy after a gangbang session or a nice long train pulled on my hot whore fuck holes. See I am one of the raunchy dirty talking women with no taboos who enjoy men who love cum eating and hearing about my littles helping mommy while she gets high and higher. Fucking dope makes me so wet and so horny I can never get off enough! My sweet ones know that mommy loves to jack a cock while my girl and I mutually masturbate. Ain’t nothing like a dirty momma and her brats to get your dick off early mornings while she does lines of coke off her sons cock and her daughters bald oink mound. 

Let’s just say I have a reputation as the trailer park whore mommy. I can’t get enough of a big fat dick filling me up and making my brats help me out after a long day of hooking in the streets. Sometimes you have to have a party whore milf to take care of you. Party the right way, I wont ask for you to share your shit because I have my own and we can talk about P-mommy and P-daddy sex!

dirty phone talk


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Dirty Talking Women Suck Cock

Dirty Talking Women

Dirty talking women tend to also be excellent cocksuckers; we’re good with our mouths the whole way around! Naturally, I’m a BBW slut and I love to deep throat some long, hard cocks. Throat fucking is for sure my favorite past time, and it drives me fucking wild and makes my juicy BBW cunt drip like a fucking faucet. I get wet wet; get a bucket and a mop to clean up after you’ve been fucking this wet ass pussy.
I am your thicc bitch dream cum true. This cunt stays soaked so you can slide that thick fucking cock in any time you like. You don’t have to be shy. When you’re horny, or that big boy cock gets so damn hard and you need to explode your balls, just bend me over and slip it in. I’ll gladly take that big cock of yours, completely without complaint. I don’t care when. I love cock! In my hot, hungry little mouth, and in this juicy BBW cunt that you’re going to be addicted to.
I will do almost anything for a load of cum, so don’t be surprised when you catch me trying to turn you on. Whether it’s by dressing like a slut, acting like a whore, or plain out just begging you to cum in one (or more!) of my little cum dumpster fuck holes, you can rest assured I will be actively trying to get that spunk.

Adult Phone Chat

Wynona With The Juicy Cunt

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Dirty Talking Women Masturbate on the Phone

dirty talking women

Roleplay with a dirty GILF! It’s true dirty talking women masturbate on the line with you. See, I am all about pussy pleasure and I won’t hold back with my toys or my fingers when we are talking! Even those short calls where I almost get to cum keeps me going till the next man who needs an older woman’s cunt! I get off on the same pervy shot you do, trust me. BBC lovers, age play incest. I am an older whore who delights in every fetish. But as a P-mommy from years back and incest lover, I know what really gets us off. P-men adore cunni and P-cock. So do I! 

It’s so much more than dirty phone ex for me. Its years of mommy and daughter and sons fucking. It’s making my daughters earn their keep and bringing me grandbrats so they can keep hooking. I adore the fact that men cum over them and my daughters all the while i am getting my pussy reamed buy one of my many sex toys. 

That brings something else up, men who use vibrators, pocket pussies and dildos on themselves. I fucking need more of that in my life! I recently bought my sissy like youngest son a butt plug and I don’t know why I didn’t do this years ago! I love using it to fuck his ass and suck his wee pee-pee! I am even teaching my grandbrats how to use lube and small objects to fuck themselves with. A cigar case, a mini hair brush handle, even ice cubes when Granny is playing. I love exploring all pleasure and fetishes with men who know exactly what they want! Cum over to nasty grannies house and see what we can get into. Your cock will thank you!


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Dirty phone talk slut Janie

dirty phone talk

I love being a dirty phone talk slut. The only thing better than spending all of my time rubbing my wet pussy, is taking dick like the cum whore I am. Most of my callers think that it would be hot if I were actually getting fucked while I talk to them. Of course they don’t know it but sometimes, I get so turned on during my calls that I let my brother or my daddy into the room. I let them jerk their cocks and watch me while I’m finger fucking my wet pussy and making it squirt for my callers. Seeing my hot, tight pussy gleaming with juices running everywhere gets their dicks so hard! I love to stroke them while I rub my cunt and make them pump a hot shot of cum all over my face. I tell my callers all the time about how my Daddy fucks me like a porn star but I don’t think they know just how hard he pounds his little slut’s soaked cunt! Daddy rams his fat fuck stick in me so hard that my hot little cunnie will squirt juices clear across the room when he pulls his cock out! If my callers knew what a spoiled little cum whore I really am, and what I do to please my Daddy and brother’s cocks, they would be blowing my line up constantly, trying to hear my cum slut stories!


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Dirty phone talk with Paisely

dirty phone talk

I was born and raised to be a little breeder whore for my Daddy. I love to suck and ride any hard cock that comes my way! My Mommy and Daddy started training me and teaching me as soon as I could walk. They knew that I was going to be the hottest little cum dumpster breeder around! I was sucking cock while most brats were still sucking pacifiers. While the other little bitches were riding bikes, I was riding fat hard cocks! When I wasn’t getting my tiny cunnie shot full of cum, I would sit for hours and listen to Mommy’s naughty phone calls. Listening to her be a dirty phone talk slut made me want to be just like her! I listened very carefully and I learned how to talk dirty to those hard cocks that came to fuck me. I would tease them and talk dirty to them, until they couldn’t take it anymore and they had to have this young, hot pussy. Then, I would let them drain their big cum filled balls into my fertile fuck hole. I loved how rock hard it made Daddy’s cock when he heard the naughty thing I would say to his friends. It’s hot as fuck to hear a tiny little slut tell a grown man that she wants to gag on his fat fuck stick until he chokes her with his cream! I always wait until little cum rolls are sloshing out of my breeder cunnie before I let Daddy top me off with his sperm shot.


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Dirty phone talk with Jessica

dirty phone talkMy son came to my house last night and he was pissed. He heard that I had been on the phone being a slut and getting men off with my dirty phone talk. He said that since I was acting like a nasty whore, he was going to treat me like one. He bound my hands and feet and tied me to a chair with a huge ball gag, stretching my jaws wide open. I could feel my lips cracking and starting to bleed because the ball gag was too big. He got on the phone and invited a bunch of his friends over. He told them to make sure they come ready to force fuck an old worn out whore. I sat there, tied to the chair all night long and got tortured and abused by his friends. They would walk by and spit or piss on me. They slapped me and pinched my tits. A few of them jerked their cocks and shot cum all over my face. My son watched and laughed. He let them turn my house into a party house. They were doing drugs and dumping cum into my holes. This was more extreme than any other time he has humiliated me in front of his friends. This time he let them do whatever they wanted to me and it lasted overnight and well into the next day. After he felt like I had been punished enough for being a phone whore, he took me into the bathroom. He made me ride his cock right there on the bathroom floor. Cum leaked all over him as I rode him. He blasted his load deep into mommy’s used up, cummy cunt.




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Hookers and Hoes Dirty Phone Talk

Dirty Phone Talk


Hardcore Hadley is a filthy dirty phone talk hooker slut! I will always be proud that I turned my daddy and uncles on when I was just a brat. They even taught me when I was young how to be such a good slutty whore.  Absolutely ANY man can do anything to me. I just want that pre cum dripping  cock inside of me.  What wrong with a street whore making men cum when she is partying after being cum filled? I have lots of whore stories and my best are when I’m coked up and cum dripping! Prostitute momma pussy pounded so fucking hard my eyes fucking cross. Ok that may be  a lot of fucking but I hope you get my point! 

Dirty talking women like me just need to be pulled train on, and shown a good time! I love all flavors of cum, black, white, yellow or brown, it’s all hot jizz for my whore holes and my slut throat. Getting drilled for hours and even days! Dick down me and make me your filthy hooker phone sex slut! I can take three cocks at once and I never back down from a hole fuck. 

I get off men using me and  doing whatever they want and shoot your load in me. My pussy is already wet so I am ready for you now.

dirty talking women



Oh and… if you are too high? Or you just can’t talk with someone sleeping and need to sneak a jack off session? We have live chat and I get really stinky dirty with you, email me you dick and  when you call me use our specials for a hell of a good time! 

Regardless I will still be playing with my cummy pussy and partying all fucking night into the morning light!

hooker phone sex

Hardcore Hadley

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