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2 Incest Dirty Talking Women

dirty talking women

Whore mommy and submissive slut daughter are the dirty talking women to make you blow!  

Now you should know my submissive slave teen is actually my  lover, we do share cocks from time to time. I Dominate her young body and give her up to men who like to hurt her. I do enjoy strap-on and double ended dildos with her quite frequently. I also like putting her through her positions with my pussy in her face and making her give me multiple orgasms. Quite the hurricane tongue! Makes sense because I have made her my pussy slave since she was young. And it only took me a hot second to figure out she enjoyed watching men use me in the back room. Yes, I sold my body to get through the young part of being a single mom. Her daddy only came back after I had turned her out! Dirty phone talk with us is just me telling you how to use a mommy and daughter who enjoy our incest life.

Two hot whores on your cock…

We can be sensual, or brutal. My darling knows she is just fuck meat and i serve cock well. SO if you looking for a raunchy fun time. These two whores are waiting for you! My daughter will submit and if your cock is big enough and you are a Master, this BSDM mommy will take all of you as well! 

Always willing to do daughter, sister and auntie roleplays. We have been around the block but my Daisy can be your young virgin, and I can be the mom who decides to rent out her cunt! There really are no limits to us. Last week my daughter had mutt play and was turned into a breeding cow! That just shows you this mommy and daughter duo are freaky fun for your cock! 


Jan and Daisy Dirty Mommy and Daughter

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Dirty Talking Women Are Exciting

Dirty Talking Women

  Exciting and adventurous are why you need and crave Dirty talking women. I am one of the dirty girls that make men build those loads up to be big, thick and gooey. It’s the naughty sluts like me that made our professors squirm and become slaves. Their married and always got their eyes on tight young women that strut around for them. Those cocks are often neglected by wifey and the good ole crew of Coed sluts are always about and ready to pounce on that prick for the passing grade. By passing grade that would be an A+++ because that is exactly the kind of blow job he will get from me. I have made so many extraordinarily +’s in my grades thanks to my skills. But don’t get me wrong. I am not all looks, I have the brains and the braun. Hahah…

Dirty Fantasy Slut Gemini

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Dirty Talking Women Control You!

You shouldn’t fear the control that Dirty talking women have over you. It’s indeed a weakness. You are a man and men are prone to weaknesses. The biggest weakness is a mama’s boy at the feet of an attractive, lasciviously confident woman. Well that sums up the relationship you will be having with me. Like many of my groveling ground kisses men that just can’t get enough of my seductive way with them. I am the Mistress that will make you her bitch. I will have you worshipping my feet by slowly kissing all over the tops while I wear my leather heels. You will ease a foot from my sexy high heel and slowly lick the length of my sole. Your tongue will work between each and every toe as you slowly start to gaze up at my sexy panties under my skirt. I am standing over you because I own you. You will continue to worship both feet and up my legs until your nose grazes my clit.

Dirty Talking Women

You are my bitch and will dive into this sweet snatch and enjoy the nectar of your Goddess. I will feed you my piss and you will lap it up with gratitude. You are indebted to me for me giving you the opportunity to serve me. I will allow you to watch as some big daddy dick fucks my pussy. You are going to be a good pussy cleaner and cock sucker for your Mistress, aren’t you cum eater? You do a good job and make me cum and I will be sure to allow you a chance to really suck that cock like a faggot. I will make you a cum eating cock sucking faggot that takes it in the ass. I will be the first to fuck that ass though and it will be my pleasure.

Dirty Chat Mistress Gemini

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Dirty Talking Women Like Young Ones

dirty talking womenDirty talking women love little ones. I was at a community block party this weekend. I met this young boy who was attached to me at the hip. He followed me around like a lost puppy. Been awhile since I had the total devotion of such a young boy. I did what any good cougar would do; I brought him home with me to fuck. One of the reasons mature sexy women love young boys and girls is that they take direction well. Whatever I want or need, a young one will do it for me. I just may have to guide him or her a little bit at first. It began with a sensual bubble bath. I had him draw the water for me. He washed my back and my hair. I had him slip a few fingers into my wet bald pussy too. First lesson was how to finger bang a woman until she cums. When I got out of the tub, he toweled me off, sat me on the edge of my bathtub and licked my pussy. That was lesson two. I had two cums, so I decided to reward the lad with a blowjob. From his reaction, it was clear he had never had one before. He came quickly, but a few minutes later he was ready to nut in my mommy pussy. That is what I love about young lovers. So many things I love about young guys. They take direction. They want to learn to please you. They are always hard for you and they get hard quickly after each cum.

Phone Sex Milf Victoria

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Sophisticated Dirty Phone Talk

dirty phone talk

Hey lover. Are you in the mood for some Saturday evening dirty phone talk? I sure am! It was a long week and I’m ready to unwind with you and relax a little bit. I’m not really sure what I am in the mood for, but maybe we can brainstorm and figure out what would get us both really excited. Do you like role playing? I do, and I bet we could find one that would get your motor running, too. Mmm there are so many different options that we can explore. Would you like to go on a journey with me?
We could pretend I’m the girl next door and you’re the dirty old man who has been spying on me for years. That could be so much fun. Or maybe you want to indulge in some family fun. That’s so taboo and always makes me feel like a naughty slut…and I like it. How about I’m the naughty nurse who comes in to give you that special kind of exam? I’m giddy just thinking of all the fun things we can do when you call me. Let me know what turns you on and we can get down to business.


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Dirty Talking Women Who Like It Rough

dirty talking women

Do you like dirty talking women who like it rough? You see, I get in these moods sometimes where I need some real aggression. Preferably from a man who won’t hold back. I like to be demeaned, degraded and completely abused. I know exactly what a worthless fat sloppy cum bucket I am, but the question is, do you? I understand what my holes are for and I am always happiest when they are used and abused just as they should be. A cock crazed pig like me absolutely has a physical need to be fucked and abused.
If you have a sick mind like me at all, you’ll have me gagging and slurping the cum right from your fat cock in no time. I am extremely thorough in my sexual endeavors and phone sex is no exception. I have a nice collection of whore toys that I fully intend on using for our rough phone sex. My fat juicy pussy is dripping and waiting. Remember, the rougher the better. I like to feel absolutely and utterly used up by the time you’re done abusing my curvaceous slutty body.


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Dirty Talking Women With Some Curves

dirty talking women

Hi, sexy. I love that you came here looking for chubby dirty talking women like me. It makes my pussy wet knowing that you need to feel my soft curves to get excited. You want nothing more than to slide your cock balls deep into this fat pussy. I don’t even have to ask you that in the form of a question because I know. The sensuality of a chubby girl’s mind and body is something you’ll never want to be without once you experience it. You’ll feel pleasure in a way you never imagined with a big girl.
So just call me and tell me what you need from me. Do you need a long, slow blow job? Maybe you need me to bend over and show you my fat ass right before your face goes right between my cheeks. Do you need some light humiliation? Or maybe you want to just spread my legs and slide that fat cock deep inside me. No matter what you’re into, this chubby girl is here and ready and so very willing to give it to you. All you have to do is grab that phone and give me a call.


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Dirty Talking Women Are The Kinkiest

A kinky 2020 is how you make it and taking advantage of the no strings hot sessions of phone fun. Dirty Talking Women know how to jump start that cum stream and making your jack rabbit libido cumming back for more. Hookers and strippers in those dive parts of town are the nastiest. I should know, I’m a filthy Detroit style trashy whore that’s living down South now in a trashy trailer park where we even have our own crack trailer down the road. I train my offspring to be cock suckers big black and to worship those BBC’s. They do well just like Mama BJ. I have teens, a boy and a girl. They are just as filthy as their mama that rained them early. Let’s get trashed together baby and share me those filthy stories of yours.

Dirty Talking Women

Filthy Milf BJ


dirty talking women are so much fun

dirty talking womendirty talking women are fun. You know you are a young slut who has done it all when everyone in town knows your name. you can day my bad reputation is one for everyone to obsess over. My holes have had more cocks than anything. Girls hate me cause i am the redheaded bimbo who steal their men. What can I say I am insatiable and have an insatiable pussy to match. I love feeling meat slide deep inside me. My mouth and ass and cunt make a perfect habitation for juicy dicks. I have never felt such bliss as I do when I am being a whore. I can’t wait to pop out a ton of tots and teach them to be sluts like mommy. Mommy will forever be a whore. I was born for it and do mind being labeled as one. I love that very much. A whore with no shame nor any limits. watch me take all the dicks you can imagine.



Dirty Talking Women Are Sexy BBW’s

Have you ever heard the filthy mouth of a drunk BBW at the bar and wondered what those dirty talking women would be like in the bedroom. I bet you thought about grabbing the bitch and shoving your cock down her throat to quiet her down. That may help some but generally when a BBW gets obnoxiously loud and drunk it means she needs a dick in all of her holes. Well at least that is what I need. I get all kinds of show off and loud when I am hory and drunk and fuck it you do too! I know how men tend to get drunk and loud when there’s a female around, especially when it’s a female you’re getting a hard on for, face it it’s animalistic and dirty. I love it rough and dirty and hope you’ll do me really good to make this fat cunt squirt.

Dirty Talking Women

Dirty Talking BBW Whore Shelley


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