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Dirty talking women, comparing cocks and clucking.

Dirty talking women          Dirty talking women, comparing cocks and clucking. It’s important to remember that when you get a bunch of women together we’ll cluck like chickens. Sharing stories and gossiping. Now, when we’re all together we love to play with ourselves. Pussies and boobies all out on display.

          Reaching across and pinching a nipple as a particular story catches our fancy. Laughing about how the tape measure is a valuable tool that women know how to use much better than any man. The most compelling evidence is the fish stories. Those fish keep getting bigger.

          Now, lay your cock out to watch us measure your length. Listen to exchange stories of all the erotic sex stories that we have had and of which we intend to have. In conclusion if you are looking for a bunch of horny nasty women then look no further than a bunch you younger milf moms who like being a p-mom.

Goddess Melinda

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Colleen’s a Dirty Talking Women

Dirty talking womenColleen had been married for 20 years and had thought she had it all until her teenage daughter left home for college. All of a sudden she had too much time on her hands and began feeling neglected and lonely. She was a spirited woman in her 40’s and had always had a strong libido. She decided to dive into the online dating scene hoping to find what she was missing.

At first Colleen was just looking for someone to talk to, but it quickly became clear that she was in search of something more. She could sense a familiar excitement stirring deep within her as she flirted with the men she met in the chat rooms. They wanted to take things slowly, but Colleen was not content with that; she wanted more and craved the thrill of a new sexual conquest.

One night, she found herself in bed with a man she had just met online. They had both been drinking and their inhibitions were low. Colleen found herself completely caught up in the moment and didn’t even worry about the consequences of sleeping with a stranger.

The next morning she awoke feeling embarrassed and regretful, but she also couldn’t deny that she had enjoyed herself. She made a decision then and there to not let her loneliness and loneliness lead her astray again.

From then on, she limited herself to meeting people only in person and always insisting on getting to know them first before taking things any further. She may not have been able to keep all her hormones in check, but she was committed to not repeating the same mistake she had made that night.


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Dirty phone talk with nasty naughty p-mommy, Melinda.

          Dirty phone talk with nasty naughty p-mommy, Melinda. Now, I am going to tell you that there is nothing I won’t tell you about my own little brats when we are in a call. I will be candid and very frank about some of the nasty bits I have done.Dirty phone talk

          At the same time if you want me to pretend that I have done much worse then I shall. I get off on hearing stories of your exploits and what I have done. There are so many stories I could tell you about. What I intend to do and this p-mommy has had dirty talking women over and we swap stories. If you are of a mind to join and hear some kinky naughty stories hit me up and I will share all of them. As long as you are in a call with me.  


P-Mommy Melinda

(855) 733-5746 ext 4942

Dirty Talking Women are Submissive Whores in Need of Cock

Dirty Talking Women are also very Submissive. I am a Submissive Whore named Eliana and I love getting used. Seriously just do whatever you want with all three of my holes. My face hole, my cunt hole and my asshole, are all for your use.

Obviously as a girl of taller stature, at nearly 6 feet tall, guys can feel weak. And of course I am also very dominant, mostly. But when I was forced into submitting and exploring the submissive side of domination… I could not resist!

Often times I like the idea of just not being the one in control. Many guys expect that from a tall chick. My expectations from shorter Masters are that they better just enjoy using a taller whore. Let’s be honest a woman hovering over you makes you instantly small.

Finally you should really revel in this height difference. That is if you are a shorter guy. And really make me the small one. I hope you are up for the challenge, little man!

Dirty Talking Women

Submissive Kinky Eliana

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Dirty Talking Women Are Cock Tease Teen Sluts

Men love dirty talking women that are young cock tease sluts. I am a dirty girl and a teen slut. So essentially that makes me the perfect little bratty girl to help you be a pervert.

Most perverts are aware they are perverts. However some need further assistance and a teen slut is the perfect kind. I have a naughty mind and dirty mouth. My love of dominance over men is accentuated with the phone sex lines.

Ultimately owning various perverts as pets is a great way of asserting my bratty dominance. Men are pigs and dirty girls like me feed them and make them cum.

So tell me your perversions. Prove to me that you are truly a pervert. Let us make your mind melt with so many perversions that you lose control. You will gift me with Gift cards and tips.

You will crave to buy me things. This is the ownership of teen slut bratty girls like me, Charlie.

Dirty Talking Women

Cheerleader Slut Charlie

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Dirty Talking Women are Submissive Whores

You need Dirty Talking Women to use. Submissive whore Eliana is the dirty girl you can use. Consider this. A tall, slender and flexible whore that you can own. Ownership of me means that you can truly dominant and control me.

Are you a strong and stern man that loves the thought of a slave for all your bodily pleasure needs? I am the one for you then! Let me just say that my desire to be desired and used are great.

Just last week I was owned for the week and my owner had his needs for me met. In fact I was just too good. I did not complain when it came to being his toilet. Rim jobs and ball washer. My mouth was for his pleasure.

On the final night of his owning me, he had a party. I was used as a urinal. Well my anus was. They had me set up with my ass open and a hundred guys pissed in the beer bong streamed into my anus.

Now, I wonder what ways you could use me…

Dirty talking women

Submissive Kinky Eliana

(855) 733-5746 ext 4780

Loving being apart of The Dirty Talking Women On Here

Dirty Talking Women

Nasty women like me love being apart of a company with Dirty Talking Women. As far back as I can remember I was always getting in trouble for saying things that shouldn’t be said. My mother would paddle my bottom for the inappropriate naughty things that would come out of my mouth. But I couldn’t stop myself, I was always just one of those girls you couldn’t take out in public all the time. Boyfriends always hesistated to introduce me to their family members. They all loved how turned on I could make them with just my voice and send them over the top with the filth that would escape my lips, but they knew someone would always be disappointed and shocked at what my brain was capable of thinking of.

So when I got the change to start talking On Dirty talk lines I jumped at the chance. Everyone always assumes they know what women on these lines are going to say. I don’t intentionally go for shock value but it always seems to happen. Just like when I have an orgasm they are shocked women here actually play with themselves.


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Dirty Talking Women are Teen Mommies Like Haley

Did you know that teen mommies are Dirty Talking Women? I bet you had a slight inclination into this aspect. After all the teen mommy is a dirty girl that already fucks, am I right?

Obviously a young mommy has some kind of kinky experiences. And I know how hard men get for this teen preggo pussy too. My belly grew and so did my bank account with all then perverts spoiling me to fuck me. Of course I was a young teen taking that dick.

Without any kind of care I let men pay and fuck me up to the birth of my brat. I was even fucking shortly after she popped out of my cunt. Breast feeding and taking dick at the same time. This was an amazing doctor that took care of it all and fucked me well while paying for everything.

So in closing being a dirty mouthed teen whore pays off. Well that is if she’s smart enough.

Dirty Talking Women

Teen Mommy Haley

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Dirty Talking Women have big cocks too

Dirty Talking Women have big juicy cocks. I love sissy whores who drool over my cock. “Get on your knees bitch and open your mouth!” As you open your mouth I tease you with the head of my cock. Your mouth is hungry and you suck my hard cock into your mouth like a vacuum. “What a hungry slut you are” is what you hear as I start pounding your slutty mouth. Then you start to choke and i keep fucking you. When you pass out I laugh and lube my tranny cock up.

Then I wake you up by shoving my cock in your sissy pussy. “Wake up and milk my cock slut”. After you feel me deep inside your whore hole you start bouncing your sissy pussy back at me. I grab you by the back of the neck and use you to jack my dick off. “Keep going whore I want you to get every drop of semen out of my big she-balls”. With every nasty word that comes out my mouth you bounce your pussy harder.

Dirty Talking Women

You love hearing me treat you like my nasty cum slut. The words coming out my mouth makes you think more and more about my semen spraying out my cock into your manpussy. Finally my cock starts pumping my thick lady nut juice inside you.”take all my nut you cum rag” i moan out and you love Dirty phone talk, so you can help but let your clitty leak all over. “Good job, now clean up my the nut mess bitch”


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Dirty talking women have it in their dna

dirty talking women

You know that Dirty talking women have it in their DNA. The more sensual and seductive a girl is the more likely she earned that sensuality from her mother or her grandmother or aunt. Oh, it’s so true I know because I am one. My mom was such a slut she needed validation from men and I of course became that way quite quickly. There’s nothing like getting the gaze of a man I am not supposed to and that turns me on to the point of no return. It feels so nice to be the object of sexualization. Yes, I do enjoy getting fucked. Besides who doesn’t know that sex is natural I for one don’t plan on being shamed for what I crave.


(855) 733-5746 ext 4274

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