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Dirty phone talk with Janie

dirty phone talk

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Dirty phone talk

dirty phone talkI love being a dirty girl that is used for my daddy’s cum slave. My daddy picked me up from my friends house and on the way home I pulled down my daddy’s pants and pulled his heavy cum filled cock out. I started sucking and licking on his big cock head. I licked it up and down and fucked him deep into my throat.

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Dirty phone talk

dirty phone talk

I went to kick back this weekend  high as fuck. I mean I was tripping so hard that I had Christmas lights in my mouth. I guess this guy saw how fucked up I was and he decided to see if he could maybe get some pussy. He pulled out some glow sticks and began to wave them around my face. He followed the beat to some house music and put on a little light show for me. He lured me into the laundry room and pulled down my skirt and began fucking me in the ass. I was so obsessed with the light that I didn’t notice him fucking me hard in the ass. I guess he was a two pump chump since he came inside of me and pretty much ditched me. What a party I guess I will always be that drugged up, fucked up crazy bitch who puts out. 

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