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Dirty Talking Women Love Threesome Sex Stories With BBC

Dirty talking womenDirty talking women like me love to tell you all about our wild sex stories. I am always down to tell all my stories about big black delicious cock.  My boyfriends love hearing and seeing my homemade videos of my tight cunt getting pounded over and over. Something about the way they stretch out my shaved pussy and fit into that tiny hole, it makes them get off just watching.  What is it about thick chocolate candy bars that I can’t get enough of?

Some of my favorite stories to tell are my hot threesome sex stories with that big black cock that make my pussy cream just thinking about those times.  Having a huge black cock in your mouth while your ass and pussy get a bbc switching back and forth between getting stretched out from that monster thick cock, I can’t get enough.

My mouth will be drooling as I deepthroat that huge long anaconda dick. Choking, gagging and holding that cock down as it tickles my tonsils.  I gag to the point of puking at times but whatever cock is in my mouth, especially those big black ones, they get hard as a rock and about explode as my mouth gags up the dirty nasty puke in my mouth. Crazy how the nastier we get, the harder the cocks get and wetter my pussy will become.  Guess that’s what makes me such a dirty fucking whore.

The more black cocks, the better as far as I’m concerned. And lucky for me, most guys love hearing my stories. I love telling them about getting rammed in every slut hole and watching your cocks grow in your pants as I describe the holes of mine getting fucked until we both cream everywhere and make a sloppy wet filthy mess, just like I like it!

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Dirty Talking Women Taking It In

They say my mouth is like a sailor and I suck like I am from the trailer as I love being one of the nastiest dirty talking women out there. I love to tell you how your slobber from your mouth needs to be dripping down my tits as you start sucking those nipples.

“Suck them like I’m your mommy feeding you milk from my engorged breasts as the spit falls down. Of course while you are in a sucking mood whether you like it or not.  Start eating mommy’s pussy!” I cream as I shove your head down until your are breathing in my sweat from the crevices of my vagina lips and the piss and cum juice left over trickling down there with it.

Dirty talking women

You quiver and moan as you go back to your position and look up at me pathetically before going to work.

I reach down and grab what I knew you were waiting for not so patiently.  “You like my new big huge dildo. I knew it would look like sharing this this mock dick as its

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Dirty Phone Talk Sluts Cut To The Chase

Dirty phone talk when your pussy is getting pounded is about the best you can ask for.  I get really crazy, or so they say. Butd on’t worry babe; if things get too intense or loud, my neighbors won’t hear a thing over the sound of our moans and groans. Trust me, they’re used to it by now. I love when you treat me like a dirty little slut and I love acting like one even more.  Taking your cock out, already rock hard and getting to work on this cunt that needs fucked, atta boy!

Oh yeah, that’s it! Stick that right in my slut hole and treat me like a bad whore in church.

You know just how much I love it when you take charge. Toss me around I don’t give fuck, it makes my cunt feel even better.  Slap a bitch if it makes your cock hard, that’s what I’m here for.  Use and abuse the fuck out of my body and I’ll do the same our Fuck that tight pussy and treat me like a little whore on Christmas! Don’t stop now…I need more of your cock inside me. It feels so good sliding in and out of my tight pussy. This sloshing from my cum making it like your are swimming in there, but oh it’s so good!. Fucking hell yes! That spot right there – keep hitting it again and again until I can’t think straight anymore. Let’s take fuck my brains out to a whole new level baby!

Pound my ass like you do my pussy. I need every slut hole treated like the slut I am.  Stretch my ass out and make me bleed, I don’t want to be able to walk tomorrow because your cock filled me up so good today.

Oh the hot phonesex we will have, give this slut a ring sooner rather than later!

Dirty phone talk

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Dirty phone talk with Janie

dirty phone talk

I’m Janie, the dirty phone talk slut with a raging cum addiction. I’m rubbing my cunnie and dreaming of all the dirty ways you’re going to use me. My hot, wet cum holes are ready and waiting for your fat, hard cock! Rub that big mushroom head up against my tight, perfect shit hole. I want you to tease me before you gape it wide open. I’ll be begging to be your nasty, anal cum whore. My tight ass needs to be pounded and prolapsed by that big, thick dong. Pull that fat cock out of my ass and let me slurp it clean so you can plow this pussy! My fingers and fuck toys can only do so much baby, I need you to make this hot pussy squirt.



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Dirty phone talk

dirty phone talkI love being a dirty girl that is used for my daddy’s cum slave. My daddy picked me up from my friends house and on the way home I pulled down my daddy’s pants and pulled his heavy cum filled cock out. I started sucking and licking on his big cock head. I licked it up and down and fucked him deep into my throat.

I was salivating all down his balls and kept pounding his cock harder into my mouth. I was working my mouth hard around that cock trying to milk every bit of cum out of his big juicy balls. He has the biggest juiciest balls that give me as much cum as my little heart desires.

I love eating my daddy’s cum and having it fill up my little tummy. It is so wet and warm! I will drain my daddy’s big fat cock whenever it is full. There wont be a drop of cum left even for my mommy.

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Dirty phone talk

dirty phone talk

I went to kick back this weekend  high as fuck. I mean I was tripping so hard that I had Christmas lights in my mouth. I guess this guy saw how fucked up I was and he decided to see if he could maybe get some pussy. He pulled out some glow sticks and began to wave them around my face. He followed the beat to some house music and put on a little light show for me. He lured me into the laundry room and pulled down my skirt and began fucking me in the ass. I was so obsessed with the light that I didn’t notice him fucking me hard in the ass. I guess he was a two pump chump since he came inside of me and pretty much ditched me. What a party I guess I will always be that drugged up, fucked up crazy bitch who puts out. 

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