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Dirty Phone Talk Tonight?

dirty talking womenFeeling like some hot nasty dirty phone talk tonight? I am and I can’t wait for you to join me. Nothing is hotter than an eager to please slut on the other end of the phone. Whether we are starting the day or ending the day I want to hear you stroking while I rub my juicy wet cunt. I promise I will be naked laying back in my bed and I am willing to bet that you are naked as well. Bonus if you are laid on your couch for everyone to see, but regardless you are naked. Together let’s talk dirty and have hot roleplays. Get kinky, think deep down in your darkest fetish thoughts. That is what I want to do with you. Use your Asian fetish and let me take good care of you. A happy ending is waiting for you on the end of the line. Nothing is hotter than dirty talking women babe.

China Doll

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Dirty Talking Women Love Dirty Pervs

Dirty Talking Women

Dirty Talking Women love nasty dirty pervs. I love when I am out and I see nasty perverts staring at my slutty brats. They make sure to wear slutty revealing clothes and they never wear panties and if they have skirts or dresses on, they all bend over whenever they want to show off those tight cunt lips. I had one pervert walk up to me and ask me if he could take my littlest slut brat to the bathroom. I told him for five hundred he could take her to the bathroom any time. He handed me the money and off they went. I snuck into the bathroom after 5 minutes and peeked through the stall. I saw her sitting on his lap as he slid his big perv cock into her tight young cunt. He had his hand over her mouth so she didn’t make a sound as he kept pounding her until he let out a moan and I knew he was filling her little cunt up with his gooey nut. I walked away and 2 minutes later she came out looking all used up, what a beautiful sight.  


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Dirty Talking Women Get Fucked

Dirty Talking Women

It shouldn’t be a shocker that dirty talking women get fucked more than any other type of bitch. I just happen to be a hot BBW with a chubby ass perfect for twerking all over your horny fucking face. If you’re hungry, take a seat. I’ll climb up on you and make you feel like a King. Baby girl Wynona with her thick set of tits will jack you off until you bust a hot load all over my face and fun bags. Then I’m slipping that cock inside me. It’s time to go to work. I’m going to bounce and grind, watch me pick this fat pussy up and drop it right down on your dick. I hope you’re hard and ready for the juciest cunt you’ve ever had from a dirty talking bitch.

BBW Whore Wynona

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Dirty Talking Women Scary Toni

Dirty Talking Women

I loved becoming one of the hottest, dirty talking women! I learned so many new tips and tricks for being the best little slut. I have for you the nastiest phone talk and I can give you whatever you need. Do you like toilet sluts? Or maybe you like dominant women? I wanna tell you every last dirty thing you want to hear so I can make cum for me and even with me. I have all of my toys ready to go for fucking myself in my tight and fresh cunt but don’t forget I have a bit of a dark side!

When you play with a girl, or more like a slut, with a twisted mind, you get a handful of fun, scary and hot orgasms! I want to blow your mind with my words and your cock with my mouth. I want us to be out in the dark where no one can see or hear us. We’re chasing my new girlfriend through the dense woods together with only the moon for light. I love the wetness I feel when we chase our prey together! When it’s time to catch up to her, we’re going to tear her apart!

As she trips over fallen branches and leaves, I jump on her naked body. I bite her neck to draw an iron taste to my tongue as you forcefully shove your tongue into her cunt. I hold her down to keep her from squirming too much and sit my bare cunt on her screaming face. You start to ram your cock into that young, virgin cunt. She’s screaming out all of her air as I smother her with my pussy, making myself cum on her face from the vibrations of her screams. But when I cum, I don’t stop smothering her. We let her scream out all the air in her lungs as you dump your load inside of h er and we leave her in the dark with nothing.

Dirty Talking Women Toni

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P-momma dirty phone talk

dirty phone talk

Dirty phone talk with a nasty p mommy turned p- granny. I raised my daughters right and now they have provided me with some sweet little cunny and dicklettes to play with and sell to men for drugs! I work these lines to get close to my perverts and sickos. I will be your sexy naughty Gilf to guide you cocks right in sweet tight holes. I know what men like you need. A druggy whore to get real nasty with. I specialize in toilet play, K-9 freaky shit and men who need it rough and sadistic with some little brats from the wrong side of the tracks. What does your cock need today? Does it need a very raunchy session with the a p-mommy of dirty talking women? 


My daughters keep popping brats out and they have mouths that need to be fed. 


And how we feed them is all up to you. I love dressing them up and seducing men at the grocery store and at the discount clothing places. 


Imagine how insane our conversations can get as your jacking that p-cock to our fantasy roleplays. Or maybe you’re into an older woman who just loves to smoke meth and talk about her experiences growing up in the deep south and breeding all these sweet fuck dolls. I know your probably wondering about me and my sons and if any of these sweet bratkins are a product of mommy son incest fucking. Short answer is yes and i would love to tell you about it in a kinky phone sex session with sexy older Momma Carmen! 

Mommy and son, mommy and daughters, family orgies and everything in between to get you a big fat dick off for me tonight. What’s your fantasy baby? Nasty Momma Carmen can make it all better!

Dirty Cougar Carmen

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dirty talking women with a plan

Dirty Talking women

Dirty talking women know how to put it down usually. There’s never been a bet I have lost. I always make guys cum like their lives depended on it, and it is fun that I get to push all their buttons. My pussy throbs and gets so wet. I love to tease and turn on guys. Whenever I feel your cock rise, I have to get on my knees and worship it and make it feel good. Fuck my mouth and finger fuck my ass while I passionately kiss you. Let me show you what this sloppy sweet cunt can do. Once I pull your cock out, it’s game over. You will be fighting back the best feeling ever.

My hands-on cock is what you need. My mouth on your cock is what you must love. There is no point in stopping. Just start to accept that you will be my slave. My sex-loving puppet, whenever I tell you to drop everything to come, please me. You will do it with a smile. It’s time to make me happy now, so get to it, little fucker.


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Dirty Phone Talk With Mommy Hunter

Dirty talking women know how to give you a good time. You just need to pick up the phone and give me a call and let me take complete care of you. I like sex, like a lot. Like I just can’t get enough. Lucky for me I have a revolving door of young hot men to get with. They are young and horny and obviously have mommy issues. Just last week while my nephew was at work a couple of his friends came over and I was more than happy to give them some mommy time. I told them they could wait in the family room and offered them some drinks. When I returned with the drinks, I was completely naked. Their eyes were wide, but they were down to take care of this cougar. Not to leave one to watch as one of them was pounding my pussy from behind I took the others cock and started deep throating him. They filled all of my holes with their warm cum before we were done. When they left, I told them they were welcome anytime and winked. I am sure they will be back again tomorrow for round two. So, let’s have some dirty phone talk so I can get you off too.


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dirty talking women are so wickedly fun

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women know how to amp things up. I’m sure you have had your fair share of dull girls. I hate boring bitches. They are no fun. I will say yes to all your commands and make your cock throb harder than anyone can. I recently got knee-deep into choke play, and my god, what a dream. How did I not know that intense orgasms could create such a good effect on me? I nearly pass out, but my climax brings me right back to life. It’s indeed kinky, but I am all about that life. I used to be so vanilla, but now that I date men who have fundamental skills that push me to become nastier and dirtier and limitless. Why put a cap on your kinky factor. I sure do love to make my guys cream not once, not twice, but trice. Yes, three times is the charm. If we can get some more out of it, that works too. It is simply amazing, and I will do it all as long as I get that cock to cream.


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Dirty Talking Woman Have A Swinging Cock

Dirty Talking Woman have a cock surprise and I have a big one

Dirty Talking Women

I didn’t know how much men needed come cock until we would be doing Dirty phone talk and they told me how much they needed my cock. I made sure from then on to find dirt cock sluts so I can hear them beg for my cock. I love having you shake in excitement knowing I will be fucking your holes. Like my favorite toy he comes over on his hands and knees with crotchless panties on showing his man pussy and begging to take my cock in his holes. I give him what he wants but not until I get what I want. I want to be able to spank him and make his ass red and sore before I let him touch me. When I’m good and ready you will know to suck my precum juices and get your man pussy ready for me. That is when I like pounding you like a whore off the street until I explode all in you and you better know you will be cleaning my cock after.  


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Dirty phone talk with Marilyn

dirty phone talk

My Daddy knows that I’m a freaky, dirty phone talk slut and I love to tease him. I always catch him at my door when I’m on calls. I’ve caught him out there jerking his hard dick and trying to listen while I tease my pussy and talk nasty to the guys on the phone. Earlier, I was on a call and I heard footsteps by my door, so I knew he was listening. I had been teasing my cunnie for a while and was so turned on that I needed some dick and didn’t care who it was. Instead of teasing him through the door, like I usually do, I yelled for him to come into the room. He walked in and saw my with my legs spread wide open, fucking my hot cunnie with a fat fuck toy. I begged him to fuck me and cum in my slutty hole. Daddy pulled his big, hard dick out and fucked me fast and hard until he was ready to cum. I told him to pull out and shoot his sticky load right into my dirty whore mouth. I was moaning so loud and the headboard was slamming against the wall so hard that I know my mommy heard everything, but I don’t care. I got that creamy cum shot that I wanted and went right back to taking calls and teasing my hot, tight pussy!



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