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Dirty phone talk slut Marilyn

dirty phone talkI was having a sleepover with my bestie last night and caught her dad stealing my panties. He had them wrapped around his hard cock and was jerking it but forgot to lock the door so I walked in and caught him. He was so scared that I was going to tell, that I knew I could get him to do anything I wanted. This was all part of my plan. I’ve been teasing him for weeks now. Every time I come over, I wear tiny, mini skirts and make sure to bend over and spread my legs in front of him so that he can see up them. I knew that he wouldn’t be able to resist snatching my panties after he saw them pulled tight up against my little, bald cunnie earlier. I left them on my best friend’s floor and finally had him right where I wanted him! I made him lick my sweet, pink pussy until I was dripping wet and begging for his cock. He kept making me promise that I wouldn’t tell on him and I kept telling him that he was a dirty, old pervert! He was nervous but I finally got him to shove his hard dick into my tiny, wet pussy! His old p-cock couldn’t handle such a tight, hot hole and he shot his load the first time he thrusted deep into me. I went back to his daughter’s room and acted like nothing ever happened but I couldn’t stop rubbing my cummy cunnie all night!



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Dirty Talking Woman advertise young cunt

Dirty Talking Women love some nasty live bald cunt fucking. I make my move when I am out with my grandbrat to advertise her. It is easy because she is so darn cute. They love how she looks in little skirts. So that is what she wears. I do lots of things to make her bend over and show her round ass. Just like that I had one hooked, after he got to my place it was easy to get all that was in his wallet. He just wanted to be able to get her all undressed. When she was wearing nothing I had her spread her legs for him. He was already drooling and his cock was poking through his pants. I walked over to him and pulled his cock out of his pants. I told my grandbrat to rub her cunty and I jacked his cock off. I started stroking his boner and whispered in his ear to get close and smell her young tight pussy. As he smelled her his mouth slowly opened up and he started licking her cunt. That made her pussy cum hard and I knew he was ready to blast his load too. I sped up and told him to focus on her little hole and just like that he came hard all over my hand. He watched as my grandbrat licked it all up. I had to have some Dirty phone talk to masturbate to later.

Dirty Talking Women


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Dirty phone talk with a fat bitch

dirty phone talk

I’m Barbie the xxxl fuck doll and I love dirty phone talk with kinky guys! I hope you have something really nasty in mind for us because this freaky bitch is ready to get crazy! My big, jiggly titties are out and my hot, plump cunt is wet and ready to take your big cock! I’ve been horny as fuck since last night when my sister and her new boyfriend came over. They wanted to hang out and have some drinks with me. After a few, she passed out, leaving me to entertain him. I was tipsy and horny as fuck and I knew that my sister wasn’t going to wake up and catch us, so I started teasing him. I could see his big dick getting harder the more I rubbed my pussy in front of him. I ended up on my knees, with my tits out and his huge dick being rammed down my throat. My whore pussy was dripping while he was fucking my filthy mouth. I kept reaching down, rubbing my cunnie but before I could cum, his fat dick started to pump and pulse and he filled my mouth up! I swallowed it all  but what I really wanted was to bend over and let him destroy my asshole with his giant fuck rod! I’m still ready to be pounded like a fuck doll so what are you waiting for??


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older Dirty talking women nasty as fuck

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women like me only have sex on the mind. Mama Carmen has an experience cougar who loves it extremely raw and nasty. There’s a reason I write the nasty blogs over there on my site the way I do. I just love men who need incest and a dirty old whore to give them their cocks desires. So why you pull up  with that big fat cock that you’ve been stroking in your hand! Carmen knows you’ve been looking for a whore that will give you incest age play and more.

See baby I grew up in the back of how far and I know all kinds of tricks and tips to get the men off in the family. Well, back then I didn’t know that incest was supposed to be wrong. I still think it should be wrong. But it does feel good to be bad! 

Everything I learned I learned from a man in my family tossing my little ass cookies.I loved every minute of being made a little girl cock slave!

I want to started popping out brats and using a little dope my life got even fucking better. See there’s one thing they’ll always sell and that’s my pussy and my tykes little Cunnie’s and assholes.
But just because I speak of these things doesn’t mean that I don’t like a little small p-cock in the midst of all this dirty daddy fun. You can be my son that I walk in on fucking his sister and have to tell him that Now we’re going to have a little brat from their incest love. Or you can be a dominant motherfucker and put this old broad to work as a beast porn star. Just don’t forget that I am really into party play sissy play too! And of course being a filthy dirty phone talk old whore you’ve ever known!

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Crazy Cougar Carmen

Dirty Talking Women love watching young meat getting jacked off

Dirty Talking Women love watching a young cock meat get jacked off. Better yet, I will jack it off myself. I helped all my boys learn to get their dick to explode for me. Once I turned them on to family exploration they turned into nasty teachers. I caught my oldest with his little sister, they were naked. He had gotten his little sister to use her hands to stroke him. When I found them, I made them get in the tub. Watching them wet and soapy turned me on. I spread my legs and started playing with my wet mom cunt. I told my boy to show me what he had taught his sister and right away she started stroking his young cock again. I told her to start kissing it and she did. I kept finger fucking my cunt as she sucked her brothers soapy cock right in front of me. It didn’t take much before he started filling her mouth up with his semen. I told her not to spit it out and swallow all of it up. That made me cum hard all over my fingers. I told her she did a good job and that she should let her brother teach her as much as he could. That night I got on the phone with one of my customers and told him all about our bath session. He loves Dirty phone talk and gives me the best tip for it.

Dirty Talking Women


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Dirty Talking Women Are Coed Teases!

Dirty Talking Women Dirty talking women like me want to have the hottest teen phone sex before going to class! I’m always late to my lectures because I’m in bed having no limits phone sex all morning. I wait all day to come back to my loft and lock myself in my room to have the nastiest dirty phone talk. The thing about me is, I look so sweet, so innocent but really… I’m rushing home from the library because I can’t wait to cum hard with guys who need to hear my wildest erotic sex stories just to get off. Anytime I have a break from school I’m pumping my tight little cunt waiting for the next horny guy to call me and make me his little fuck doll!

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Dirty Talking Women take daddy cock

Dirty talking Women like me know how to please a big daddy cock. I have been letting daddy use my bald cunty for a while now.  He pushed my legs to the back of my head and rubbed his cock on my cunty. He had it gooey from all his pre-cum and it was getting my fat little pussy wet. Daddy wanted me to beg for him to fuck me before he ever took my cunt. He knows when I talk dirty it gets his cock hard and throbbing even more. Finally he was ready to see his cock slide deep in my cunt. The way his cock looked when it was getting eaten up by his little girl’s cunt did it for him. He started pumping all his semen deep in my cunt as he rubbed my clitty. That made my pussy squeeze and pulse on his pumping dick. After he exploded in my cunt he told me to lick daddy’s cock clean. I licked all my juices and his thick cum off his daddy meat. Now I use Dirty phone talk to get any hard daddy to fuck my cunt.

Dirty Talking Women


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Dirty phone talk with a kinky sub slut

dirty phone talk

My son saw me getting ready for tonight and he started asking me the usual questions. He knew that I was going out to a party and he wanted to know every detail of where I was going and why I was dressed like a cheap whore. I told him that I would be meeting some friends later but that answer wasn’t good enough for him. He knew the truth. He had been listening to me on a call earlier and knew from the dirty phone talk that I was about to go out and get dicked down. He pulled my skirt up and ran his fingers up and down my wet slit. He started teasing my cunt and asking me how I could go out and fuck strangers when he was sitting right there and would take better care of me than they ever would. My mistake was thinking that I had any options in the matter. I went to walk away and my son grabbed me by my hair. He shoved me down to my knees, rammed his cock in my mouth and started violently fucking my face. He pumped down my throat while he was telling me that he owned me and I didn’t ask permission to go out and be a slut. I was his and I wasn’t allowed to leave. I could feel his cock throbbing in my throat, so I knew when he was about to cum. I swallowed and sucked him stiff all over again. He bent me over, ripped a huge hole in my stockings and tore my panties off. He sunk his stiff cock into his slut Mommy’s hot fuck box and filled me with jizz. He passed out after Mommy milked his cock and took his cum so, I think it’s your turn to use me now…


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Dirty talking women have it in their dna

dirty talking women

You know that Dirty talking women have it in their DNA. The more sensual and seductive a girl is the more likely she earned that sensuality from her mother or her grandmother or aunt. Oh, it’s so true I know because I am one. My mom was such a slut she needed validation from men and I of course became that way quite quickly. There’s nothing like getting the gaze of a man I am not supposed to and that turns me on to the point of no return. It feels so nice to be the object of sexualization. Yes, I do enjoy getting fucked. Besides who doesn’t know that sex is natural I for one don’t plan on being shamed for what I crave.


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Dirty phone talk wife

dirty phone talk

Dirty phone talk from naughty wives who play with other men. Now, as you know I have made a career out of being a gang bang whore. I have offspring from my late night whoring and don’t really give a fuck who I take in my pussy, ass or throat. I live to please my pussy, but there cums a time where a whore must marry to support her brats. And Finding man who still lets me fuck is fucking golden. I follow in my mothers footsteps of fucking her sons now, and anyone who would give her some coke or cash.

My father loved her taking cock, and I have found a man who is just like good ole pops. He lets me strip, and hook in the VIP rooms and enjoys my cum filled cunt afterwards. But this slutty wife does give him something in return, and that’s all the pleasure he could have from being a cuckolded husband who likes taboo things! 


Dirty talking women like me have a very interesting sex life, and we just want to spread the love by spreading our legs!

Hot Housewife Hadley

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