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Dirty talking women can be mothers too

dirty talking womenDirty talking women can be mothers too, I know cus I talk dirty all the time. My brats are learning that I have a foul mouth too and a bad temper that’s for sure, my oldest daughter in particular has been hearing my mouth a lot lately. She has been being a little bitch, fighting when I have men over to fuck her and just mouthing off constantly so I had to punish her. I pulled her across my knees and spanked her ass until it was cherry red, then made her stand in the corner bare assed until the next guy came over. He loved seeing her ass all cherry red like that and he even added a few more marks himself, boy did she hate that! I didn’t give a fuck tho, she needs to learn her place even if that means beating her ass every day till she learns it!

Wicked Mommy Wanda

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Dirty phone talk makes me horny

dirty phone talkDirty phone talk makes me so fucking horny! I have been masturbating this chubby pussy of mine all day long. I love to look at myself in the mirror while I have my legs spread open wide and my juices are flowing down between my thighs. My body is thick as fuck and super sexy & I really love a man that knows how to handle me and all these crazy curves of mine! My juicy tits need to be sucked on! My nipples are so sensitive, they’re definitely my sweet spot! I love feeling a large cock down my throat while I gag and slobber all over it. My skanky holes look best when they are stretched open and oozing out with loads of creamy baby batter jizzies. I can literally feel them swimming in and out of me and between my chubby rolls too, hehe. Damn, it feels good to be such a filthy and large teen whore that is beyond horny & wet all the damn time! Dirty talking women make that cock rock hard, that’s why you’re so obsessed with me I guess! 😉



Dirty Talking Women

Dirty Talking Women Master loves Dirty Talking Women it gets him so hot and horny when he hears me doing my phone sex calls. Master loves to give me material to talk about on these sexy chats. Master calls me his kitten but says I am his fuck toy. His little whore. I melt with those words as he uses my body for his pleasure. My cunt gets gushy wet when I feel my collar slip around my neck. He chains me up and leads me to my cage locking me in. He opens the side window of the cage and orders my ass to the hole. He spreads my ass cheeks wide rubbing up against my fuck hole. He presses a finger in my tight ass and I squirm a bit. He takes his whip and strikes me hard. I yelp and start to cry as he yells. “Stay still you stupid cunt!” My ass is stinging I whimper out softly. “Yes Master I love you, I will be a good kitten for you.” He is pissed now I feel his finger roughly enter my ass shoving it in as he calls me all sorts of degrading names. Every time I move he swats me hard with his whip. He has had enough he takes his cock head and pushes it in my ass with no mercy. And starts to ruthlessly pound in and out of me. I am screaming his fingers digging into my hips showing me I am completely his fuck toy for his use anytime anyway. He explodes his nut deep in my ass and then pushes my ass back down in the cage closing the side door. I think he is about to unlock the cage and let me out. But instead, he gets dressed and walks over to his friend’s house. Hours later he comes home opens the side door again for a blow job. And he still does not let me out! He lays down and goes to sleep leaving me in the cage all night. He tells me I need to learn I am too bratty and have not learned my place as his property. He is sick of the back talk. I can’t wait to have Dirty phone talk to tell the rest of my story.



Dirty Talking Women are Mommies Too

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are mommies too. I think the best dirty talkers are mommies. We have more experience than young girls. Take me for example, I am a slut mom. One of the dirtiest things I enjoy talking about is incest. I have several sons I fuck. A few who are adults now from husband number one and one son from a boy toy husband who is school age still. A young coed likely can’t talk about being a dirty mommy. I married my second husband because he reminded me of my first-born son. In fact, they went to high school together. I didn’t meet him through my son, however. He happened to be the teen son of my best friend. He had mom fantasies and I loved young cock, so we were perfect for each other. I wanted a man who would not be jealous of my relationship with my boys. I was not thinking about having any more offspring when we got married, but it happened. I am glad it did too. With my second brood, I have started them off in the family way. I have learned from experience how hot incest sex is as a mother. I encourage mommy son sex. I also encourage daddy daughter sex. My husband enjoys our daughter. My first husband liked young girls because he left me for a college coed, but he neglected his daughter. He was all high and mighty when it came to incest. His loss. I think he wanted his baby girl. I mean why else would he have such a young lover, right? My second husband was honest that his attraction to me began as an outlet for his mommy fantasies. If you like older women, you likely want your mommy. If you like really young girls, you likely have daughter fantasies. Guess what? You can like both. You can have mommy phone sex and talk about your daughter with me.

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