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Dirty Phone Talk Slut Karen

dirty talking womenAre you looking for dirty talking women to have hot fun with? A dirty nasty slut to get you off. How about a horny big tit girl whose pussy is always soaking wet and ready to play? I have my dildo’s ready. That’s right I said dildos. Like plural. I have many. Suction, vibrating, curved, heated and all kinds in between. You see I need it. Just like you need it. I am addicted. My fingers naturally migrate to my pussy. Always rubbing and stroking as you tell me what you want to do with me. Getting off with you is so hot. Your wet hard cock being stroked, and my pussy being pounded by my dildo and stroked by my hand. The hotter the roleplay the louder we get. Your moans and my moans louder and louder as both cum. Me licking myself off my fingers as you listen, getting turned on again. Getting hard again you are ready for round two of our dirty phone talk. I moan as I spread my legs and push my dildo inside of me again. So, if you want to have some hot fun with a dirty slut, give me a call babe.


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Dirty Talk Makes A Dick Hard

Dirty talking womenI can’t keep my legs close. The wetness my flowing from my cunt is sliding down my ass thighs. I had need a big fat cock to fuck this pussy. Get on top and pound this pussy. Do I have to come over there and grab your dick to get your attention want me? Come over and eat the wet pussy. If you don’t what to fuck me can you give me a friend that will fuck me? I been needing hard dick all day. I never wear panties so I’m always ready. Do you want to suck on my titties? Do I you want me to come over there and suck the cum out of your dick? Please call me. I need some attention. I want to wrap my lips around your hard dick. All I think about is licking and sucking. I need your fucking dick baby. I’ve been sucking dick all day. And I always swallow.