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Dirty Talking Women Love Women Too

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are the hottest women on the planet. I am a phone bone whore, but I am a stripper and a nude model too. I have done all kinds of things in the adult industry. I have a body built for sin. I have a fellow stripper friend, Savannah. We do all sorts of things together. We strip on stage together. We do photo shoots together. We share men as escorts and as strippers. Last night, she was over at my place because we took a big VIP home. He was willing to pay us each a couple grand to fuck him. We cannot fuck in the club. We can do just about anything else though. Well, after we fucked this rich cat, he left. He paid us, tipped us too. We decided to do some cyber Monday shopping. While we were spending his money, the snow started falling down around us. Before we realized it, we were in the middle of a blizzard. She could not go home in that kind of weather. We stayed the night at my place eating each other’s pussies, drinking wine, online shopping and watching sappy movies. Sometimes, girl on girl action is all we want. But do not worry it is never the only thing we want.

Sexy Bitch Cassandra

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