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Dirty Talking Women and College Boys

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women like me love young cock. I am a cougar and I am always on the prowl for younger men. I was super horny last night. This close to Christmas time, I knew college boys would be home for the holidays. There is a local dive bar they hang out because no one cards, and the beer is cheap. I walked in, sat at the bar and ordered a drink. Within a few minutes, a swarm of frat boys were around me asking questions. I told them if they wanted to drink for free, fuck and get high, they needed to follow me home. Just like that, I stole the bar’s patrons. I had a gang bang in my trailer. About 12 college aged boys and me. It began with drinking beer and smoking weed, but it ended with cocks in every hole I have. Cum was running out of my pussy and ass. I was high as fuck, drunk too, but I still could function to get all the college stud cock. My pussy was a sloppy wet. I love having college boys around.

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