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Dirty Talking Women Love Castration

dirty talking womenDirty talking women can be bad ass bitches. Look at me? I am a Goth bitch. I am no one’s bitch. I have this job because I need a creative outlet for my dark desires. I love castration and snuff. I have castrated many men in life too. It is not that hard to castrate a man. Not a man who is willing to get castrated. I accept money from men too weak to chop their own nuts off. I have made quite the living doing this too. I have a castration chamber in my house complete with a castration chair. The chair is an old death row chair I inherited when my grandfather’s small prison was shut down in the 60s. I was not born yet, but he had all sorts of things in storage to sell off or keep. When I was 18, he gave me the death row chair as a birthday present. I converted it for my own sick pleasures. I added a plank in the middle so when a man sat in the chair, his legs were on other side of the plank. I carved a hole in the plank to separate the cock from the balls. The idea was that with the cock and balls separated, I could tie off the balls with a zip tie or a castration band. I had a small belt attached to the plank to keep the cock restrained in case I wanted to take that too. Restraints were built in for their ankles, wrists and forehead. In my chamber, I have a variety of restraints and blades. Lots of different kinds of sharp instruments, some clean and some rusty. I have soldering devices too to cauterize wounds. I have a ball collection in formaldehyde too. I have amassed a collection of 319 balls in a jar since I was 18. Shall we make it 320?

Taboo Bitch Venus

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Dirty Talking Women and Sissy Trainers

dirty talking womenSometimes, dirty talking women are sissy trainers. I love small dick humiliation, forced bisexuality and sissy training. Those are some of the things I do best. I had more free time on my hands in 2020. That allowed me to train more sissies. I am proud of how many cock sucking sissy faggots I created last year. I am doing the same this year too. Normally, I let them come to me and ask for help to be what they know they were born to be. Most of my sissies knew in school they were not like other boys. They just struggled to accept it. Sometimes, I make a man a sissy bitch. I have this one asshole who trolls me on social media. He is a pain in the ass and misogynistic too. I am a dominant woman. I do not let men bully me or other women. I made the asshole think I wanted to fuck him because he said all the things, I wished I were brave enough to say. Men see tits and they believe anything. When he arrived, I gave him a spiked drink and he woke up handcuffed to my bed face down. I waited until he woke up to peg his loser ass. I had a few male studs with me to make him a cock sucking faggot. Honestly, what are losers thinking? This is 2021, not 1951. Women can be vocal, have careers and be in charge. I owned that loser’s ass and gave him a large dose of small dick humiliation to put him in his place. I think maybe he learned a hard lesson on how to interact with modern women. A lesson that will not have him sitting or walking right for days to come. This is the year I let no man treat me wrong.

Sissy Trainer Coraline

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Dirty Talking Women For Chubby Chasers

dirty talking women

BBW sluts like me make the best dirty talking women. I don’t just talk about stuff I’d like to do – I am going to tell you about things I really have done when you call me. And I’ve done so many nasty things…sometimes I forget about things until someone asks me about whether or not I’ve done it. That’s always fun. It’s like reliving old times. I always reach down and start rubbing my fat cunt while I tell you naughty stories. Do you mind if I do that? I hope not and I hope that you love listening to me cum because I absolutely will.

I recently did something I’ve always wanted to do but hadn’t done it yet. I got a room full of guys, I think there were 10 of them and I got down on my knees and ask them to stand around me in a circle and jerk off all over me. It was so hot to know that I was going to have cum squirting on me from all angles. After a guy would cum, I’d suck his cock and get him hard again so we could keep doing it all afternoon. I did get fucked, too, but I really just wanted to be covered with cum like a good whore. If you want to hear more, you know how to reach me.


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Dirty Talking Women Are Real Whores

dirty talking women

Yes, many dirty talking women are real whores. I should know! I spend my every waking moment fucking or making men cum on these sex lines. I love cum so much that I love to be cum filled when I go home. I love when a man cleans me out with his mouth and gets my pussy fresh for a new load. And if no willing cum eater is around I just grab my dildo and fuck the shit out of myself as I do more and more lines of that sweet nose candy. I am a trashy milf momma who has a little boy and little girl who will help mommy with her pussy after a gangbang session or a nice long train pulled on my hot whore fuck holes. See I am one of the raunchy dirty talking women with no taboos who enjoy men who love cum eating and hearing about my littles helping mommy while she gets high and higher. Fucking dope makes me so wet and so horny I can never get off enough! My sweet ones know that mommy loves to jack a cock while my girl and I mutually masturbate. Ain’t nothing like a dirty momma and her brats to get your dick off early mornings while she does lines of coke off her sons cock and her daughters bald oink mound. 

Let’s just say I have a reputation as the trailer park whore mommy. I can’t get enough of a big fat dick filling me up and making my brats help me out after a long day of hooking in the streets. Sometimes you have to have a party whore milf to take care of you. Party the right way, I wont ask for you to share your shit because I have my own and we can talk about P-mommy and P-daddy sex!

dirty phone talk


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Dirty Talking Women Are Exciting

Dirty Talking Women

  Exciting and adventurous are why you need and crave Dirty talking women. I am one of the dirty girls that make men build those loads up to be big, thick and gooey. It’s the naughty sluts like me that made our professors squirm and become slaves. Their married and always got their eyes on tight young women that strut around for them. Those cocks are often neglected by wifey and the good ole crew of Coed sluts are always about and ready to pounce on that prick for the passing grade. By passing grade that would be an A+++ because that is exactly the kind of blow job he will get from me. I have made so many extraordinarily +’s in my grades thanks to my skills. But don’t get me wrong. I am not all looks, I have the brains and the braun. Hahah…

Dirty Fantasy Slut Gemini

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Dirty Talking Women Are Freaks

dirty talking womenDirty talking women know how to bring out your deepest darkest freakiest self. A part of you that you may not even know exists. When I get a hold of you, I will mold you to be my plaything. A toy of sorts. Strictly for my entertainment, although you will also get satisfaction from it. Let me put you in a pair of panties and thigh highs. The feel of the nylon against your ass and cock will drive you wild. A sensation that you have never felt. Now put these thigh highs on. You like the way they grab your legs and hold them in. It is comforting isn’t it? Now pull those panties down and let me see your cock. Look at that? Is that some pre-cum forming? Look at that small stream attached to those beautiful pink panties. You look marvelous and I bet you feel taboo too don’t you? No worries, I will never tell a soul. I just want you to play with me. Have fun and get off with dirty phone talk.


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Hookers and Hoes Dirty Phone Talk

Dirty Phone Talk


Hardcore Hadley is a filthy dirty phone talk hooker slut! I will always be proud that I turned my daddy and uncles on when I was just a brat. They even taught me when I was young how to be such a good slutty whore.  Absolutely ANY man can do anything to me. I just want that pre cum dripping  cock inside of me.  What wrong with a street whore making men cum when she is partying after being cum filled? I have lots of whore stories and my best are when I’m coked up and cum dripping! Prostitute momma pussy pounded so fucking hard my eyes fucking cross. Ok that may be  a lot of fucking but I hope you get my point! 

Dirty talking women like me just need to be pulled train on, and shown a good time! I love all flavors of cum, black, white, yellow or brown, it’s all hot jizz for my whore holes and my slut throat. Getting drilled for hours and even days! Dick down me and make me your filthy hooker phone sex slut! I can take three cocks at once and I never back down from a hole fuck. 

I get off men using me and  doing whatever they want and shoot your load in me. My pussy is already wet so I am ready for you now.

dirty talking women



Oh and… if you are too high? Or you just can’t talk with someone sleeping and need to sneak a jack off session? We have live chat and I get really stinky dirty with you, email me you dick and  when you call me use our specials for a hell of a good time! 

Regardless I will still be playing with my cummy pussy and partying all fucking night into the morning light!

hooker phone sex

Hardcore Hadley

(800) 988-2055 ext. 828

Submissive Dirty Talking Women

dirty talking women

I’m not one of those polite ladies who can say they are a lady in streets and a freak in the sheets. I’m a freak in both places and I make no apologies for it. I guess you could say that I’m one of those dirty talking women your mom probably warned you about. I’m surely not the kind of woman that you’d take home to the family, but that’s fine by me. I know that I’m way more fun than that kind of woman, anyway. Do you want a prim and proper lady, or do you want someone who is a free spirit and will fuck you like an animal?

I have no limits at all. Nothing is taboo to me because we’re both consenting adults. We can do anything we want and be way more satisfied than all these prudes out in the world. I can’t wait to hear what gets your cock nice and hard. Tell me your fantasy and I’ll make it feel like I am really there with you. If you don’t think I can, just call me and I’ll prove you wrong. I’ll be waiting to rock your entire fucking world, lover. Let’s fuck.


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Party Whore Of Dirty Phone Talk

dirty phone talk

Yep, I am that dirty freak who loves dirty phone talk! Stripper and nasty gangbang whore all around. I get on these lines so I can have a little fun after all the fucking I do and tell all. I use my men to gorge all the dirty details of what happened to me. Puked on a cock, yep I did that. Sucked a big fat dick with cocaine on it, sure the fuck did. Now my writing skills might need a little help, but I’m fucked out of my mind and my pussy is sore because well, I had a raunchy fuck for all and like two 8 balls were circulating at the party I went too. One thing is true and I will always have a smooth as butter voice to carry you away from your reality, or to enjoy your party scene. Personally getting high and fucking myself with no distraction is the mother fucking best. But a whore on the other end of the line with her own stash, perfect! 

I know why you call dirty talking women instead of partying face to face with a whore. Your cock needs attention and you don’t want to worry about a bitch robbing you or taking your drugs. You need a raunchy woman like me to share the fun. To take you into those dirty recesses of your fantasies. Now I get the men who love telling me how fucking dirty they were, and you know what? I love a stallion who can brag about your sexual prowess. I can be anything you want and need. I have so many dildos to fuck myself with, I probably have your size cock and I can imagine you tearing my cum dump cunt wide open. Party with a real whore tonight, this morning! 

dirty talking women

Hardcore Hadley

(800) 988-2055 ext. 828

Dirty Talking Women are Pain Sluts

dirty talking womenDirty talking women enjoy pain. I am a mommy / soccer mom by day, but at night, I am a total pain slut. I like to do coke and that brings out my nasty freak side. I needed coke for the weekend. Desperation makes me do things most women would not do or even consider. But since I am a druggy whore with a pain streak, I let some dudes torture me for hours in exchange for coke. They wanted to electrocute my tits and put anchor weights on my boobs and pussy lips. They wanted to fist my fuck holes too. I was coked up thankfully because that helped me dull the pain. I was high as a kite as men fucked my ass and cunt with their fists and baseball bats. I could feel my holes gaped. I might have even been bleeding. I am an anal sex whore, but even what they were doing to me was too much. I just focused on the coke I was getting. I need coke to survive. Yes, I am an addict. But my sons love having a druggy whore mommy. Why? Is it not obvious? If I will let strangers abuse me for coke, I will let my own sons fuck me.

Taboo Phone Whore Blair

(800) 243-1679 ext 804

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