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Dirty Talking Women Love Dirty Pervs

Dirty Talking Women

Dirty Talking Women love nasty dirty pervs. I love when I am out and I see nasty perverts staring at my slutty brats. They make sure to wear slutty revealing clothes and they never wear panties and if they have skirts or dresses on, they all bend over whenever they want to show off those tight cunt lips. I had one pervert walk up to me and ask me if he could take my littlest slut brat to the bathroom. I told him for five hundred he could take her to the bathroom any time. He handed me the money and off they went. I snuck into the bathroom after 5 minutes and peeked through the stall. I saw her sitting on his lap as he slid his big perv cock into her tight young cunt. He had his hand over her mouth so she didn’t make a sound as he kept pounding her until he let out a moan and I knew he was filling her little cunt up with his gooey nut. I walked away and 2 minutes later she came out looking all used up, what a beautiful sight.  


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Dirty Talking Woman Have A Swinging Cock

Dirty Talking Woman have a cock surprise and I have a big one

Dirty Talking Women

I didn’t know how much men needed come cock until we would be doing Dirty phone talk and they told me how much they needed my cock. I made sure from then on to find dirt cock sluts so I can hear them beg for my cock. I love having you shake in excitement knowing I will be fucking your holes. Like my favorite toy he comes over on his hands and knees with crotchless panties on showing his man pussy and begging to take my cock in his holes. I give him what he wants but not until I get what I want. I want to be able to spank him and make his ass red and sore before I let him touch me. When I’m good and ready you will know to suck my precum juices and get your man pussy ready for me. That is when I like pounding you like a whore off the street until I explode all in you and you better know you will be cleaning my cock after.  


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Dirty Talking Woman Are Rape Fantasy Whores

Dirty Talking Women are perfect for the rape fantasy whore lover. I was sleeping when I woke up to the flashing of a camera.

Dirty Talking Women

I sleep naked so right away tried to run out my bedroom door but he jumped on top of me and stuffed my panties in my mouth and tied up my hands. He tased me to the point where I passed out, I woke up to him fulfilling his rape fantasy by fucking my asshole open and ripping it with every pump from his massive cock. He told me I was a stupid whore for sleeping naked and that he was going to show me what I am made for, to be his cum bucket. He took the taser and shoved it up my cunt and turned it on. As my body shock and pulsed from being shocked he continued to pump my asshole until I felt him start to fill me up with his big load.  He punched me in the face and I woke up naked with his cum leaking out my asshole. Dirty phone talk gets my cunt dripping all I want is to cum.  


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Dirty Talking Women Fucking in the Leaves

dirty talking womenDirty talking women love to fuck in the fall leaves. Nothing says fall better to me than fallen leaves and a romp outside. I am a naughty horny woman. I did porn for a decade when I was younger, so I have no problem being an exhibitionist.  I love fall. It is my favorite season. Now, I live in California, and we do not get the pretty shades of leaves like they do in Northern California and Washington state. I was in upstate California this week, however, and I knew exactly what I had to do. I was with my oldest son. He was my first born. I got pregnant when I was a teen runaway. He was a young boy when I got married and my husband legally adopted him. Now, my baby boy is getting married. I flew up to see him before his wedding. His fiancée and him are flying to Greece to get married and honeymoon. No big wedding. They decided they would rather elope. I like the girl, but I do get jealous that I will not get to fuck my boy as much once that ring is on his finger.

We decided to go camping for two days. I just wanted to fuck him in the leaves. I love camping in the fall. He knew of this great place too. Part of a major national park system but off the beaten trail. We hiked our gear four miles in and found a beautiful place to camp and fuck. Dirty talking women fuck their sons! He wanted to put up the tent first. I wanted to fuck first. I wanted to fuck in the leaves. They were everywhere. Orange, yellow, greed red…. With all the wildflowers it is so nice to see trees still standing and changing colors. I love nature. I started by giving my boy head in a big pile of leaves. My boy is not as free in nature as I am. He was worried about ticks and spiders. I told him he could be on top as we fucked among the leaves. He got lost in his mommy’s pussy quickly enough. We fucked in those pile of leaves for hour surrounded by nature. I was like his stripper or prostitute for his bachelor party. Dirty talking women love fucking their sons in the great outdoors.

dirty talking women

Dirty Mom Gianna

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Dirty Talking Women Can Be Transsexuals

dirty talking womenDirty talking women can be transexuals too. Guys never guess I am a sexy shemale when they meet me. I was at dinner last night with a mixed group of people. Some were friends, some were strangers. The hot topic of discussion was Miss Nevada. The first transsexual beauty pageant winner. This one couple at dinner was like they knew she was transgendered. I called bullshit because she is even more beautiful than me and they had no clue I was a sexy T-girl. A couple of my friends at the table knew and were looking at me. They know I struggle to keep my mouth shut about such topics. I told them I had a bunch of shemale friends, and I never would have guessed Miss Nevada was a T-girl. They started talking about Adam’s apples and bulges. Miss Nevada has neither. And neither do I. We took our dinner party back to their place for nightcaps. I wanted so much to take my dress off in the restaurant. While back at their place, we were all drinking wine liberally. Things got amorous because the couple are swingers. I go with the flow. The guy came on to me. Told me I was the most beautiful woman he has seen in a long time. Now, I had my chance to shock the fuck out of him. We went into his bedroom while others hooked up. He undressed me and when my cock made an appearance he fell back in shock. Now, he was not the tool I was expecting when he discovered my secret. He begged to suck my dick. Fell to my knees and said he always wanted to suck a T-girl cock. I gave him what he wanted. And more. I fucked his ass too. He told me to not tell his wife I had a cock bigger than his. I think he did not want to share me.

Sexy Shemale Carla

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Dirty Talking Women Train Sissies!

Dirty Talking Women

I know you love dirty talking women, but what about a Dominant babe? Maybe a step above Dominant; what about a Sissy trainer? I rule historical erotic role plays, but also the Sissy Kingdom. I specialize in cock size training! A proper sissy needs to learn to take a cock not only in her little slutty mouth, but also in her faggot hole. It can be your boy pussy or your sissy pussy when you earn that!

For now it’s a faggot, just like you. You get off when I call you nasty names, and that makes my sweet little cunt drip drop like a rain storm. More like a thunder storm, because I have a deep rooted hunger that only seems to get cured by big cocks. It’s size training day, so I’m calling all my sissies to line up and stand at attention! It’s time to see if you’re worthy of hormone replacement therapy so you can actually grow your own sexy, slutty set of tits.

That’s what you want, right? Please me, and see if you can’t get as much of this BBC down your throat and then into your faggot hole as you can. Remember to slob on it real good; that drool of yours is the only lube bitches like you get.

Married Phone Sex

Pegging Queen Presley

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Dirty Talking Women Love Big Loads

Dirty talking Women like me are major cum sluts. I love the way it tastes and feels. Since a young age when I tasted my first load, I haven’t been able to get enough of it. The lucky part is I get paid to swallow it and get filled up with gooey jizz. My last load I took was so massive. He came over and when I was sucking his cock and balls, I could feel how swollen they were it only got me more excited.

Dirty Talking Women

As he bent me over, I knew he was going to fuck me soo good. While he shoved his cock in my I played with my pussy thinking about all his nut filling me on it got me so excited I came hard all over his cock. This excited him so much I could feel his cock throb as he continued to fuck me, he stuck his finger in my ass. Then as he fingered my ass, I felt his big load shooting in my wanting cunt. It was so much it started shooting out of me. He is my new favorite big loader.  


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Submissive Dirty Phone Talk

Dirty Phone Talk
Dirty talking women tend to come with a price; I don’t. Master owns me, and I do whatever he says, whenever he says it. This year for Mother’s Day, Master gifted me to his beloved Mommy. She was a wanton old Domme who loves nothing more than to torment me sexually.

I’ve been a favorite toy of hers for several years; I’m obedient, with a clean fresh cunt, a tolerance to the pain, and a drive to serve deeper than any she’d seen before. Her sloppy old hairy pussy was so fucking delighted when Master brought me over in my cage, chained and collared like the good little kitten I am.

She immediately set me to cleaning up her cunt, and I used my tongue to make her cum once, and then again all over my slutty little face. Master just watched, stroking his cock as his pet fucked his Mother. I had two fingers furiously sliding in and out of her tight fucking snatch while I was sucking and nibbling on her clit.

She was writhing, ready to squirt right in my mouth when Master demanded I stop.

I did, so she slapped me and commanded me to keep going, so I did. Right before she came, Master made me stop again. Again, she slapped me harder, and made me continue.

He edged his Mommy using his little whore until I finally made her explode in the hot little way that he wanted.
Taboo Phone Girls

Submissive Filth, Erin

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There are no Safe Words in Dirty Phone Talk

You are a bad little boy, aren’t you!

And bad little boys deserve to be spanked!

That is why you call Dirty Talking Women like me….to give you the punishment you crave!Dirty Talking Women

I will have you bound and gagged, collared and on your knees, pleading for another lashing!

There are no safe words on  these Kinky Phone Sex lines!

You belong to me and you will be a very obedient submissive…if you know what is good for you!

There is a lot of work to do for naughty little boys like you!

You will look like the prettiest little maid in your leather uniform….black corset cinched tight, a cock cage to keep those boys in check and a sweet little apron tied in a pretty little bow above the crack of that cute little ass, as you are on your knees licking the floor clean!

You can’t expect a Goddess like me to walk on such filth!

Every inch needs to be mopped with your tongue and if you miss even the tiniest speck of dirt….

A nice sharp Smack on that ass should correct that deviant behavior!

When you are finished, I may let you stroke that cock a few times!

Just until it drips!

I wouldn’t want you to cum all over these nice clean floors!

You will need to ask permission to unload that mess in the toilet and you know you will have to lick that clean when you have finished!

Now, let’s get this Dirty Phone Talk started!


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Dirty Talking Women Like It Kinky

dirty talking women

Have I ever told you the story about how I took my cousin’s virginity? One year at Thanksgiving dinner, he was moping around and I finally asked him what was wrong. He told me that his friends had been making fun of him because he was still a virgin. I asked if he had any prospects and when he said no, I got a really good idea. I told him to meet me in the spare bedroom upstairs in five minutes. He asked what we were going to do and I said it was a big surprise. And boy was it!

When he walked in, I was naked and on my knees, naked. I explained that he couldn’t go back to school a virgin and that cousins fucked each other all the time and I was happy to be the one to be his first fuck. When he walked over to me, I opened my mouth and pulled his dick out of his pants. I don’t think he lasted more than two minutes, but he was still hard afterward so I just bent over and told him to fuck me. Call one of the most dirty talking women to hear all the naughty details!


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