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Dirty Talking Women Crave Incest!

Dirty Talking Women

I love taking family cock and talking dirty about it all night long! Are you an incest addict like me? I can’t stop fucking my daddy’s big fat dick and making my brother cum in my pussy while my mommy and sister watch and wait for their turn. I’m my daddy’s favorite to fuck and play with, he just loves when I sit on his face and take his cock down my throat. My brother loves slapping his dick across my face as daddy fucks my throat. My sister gets jealous when daddy cums inside me but she can’t wait to lick all of daddy’s hot cream from my cunny! When mommy takes my brother’s cock between her tits and I’m so inspired by the way she makes him cum all over her face! These family fuck fests are my happy place and I crave family cock all the time! My incest loving family is my biggest turn on to talk about and I can’t wait to hear what you think about all our family fun!


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Dirty Talking Women With Big Veiny Dicks

Dirty Talking Women have big veiny tranny cocks you can suck. I love pulling my big Shemale dick and shoving it down your throat. It turns me on when I see your little dick grow because you are sucking mine. I don’t stop there; I invite my tranny girls over so we can have a good time with you.

Dirty Talking Women

I love stroking my tranny dick as I watch my shemale friends gangbang you. I know you love getting your pussy filled over and over again. I love watching the big loads of jizz dripping out of you. When I’m ready, I will stroke my tranny cock in your face until I cum. I’ll make sure to spray you with every single drop if my thick nut. I want your face dripping with gooey cum, just like you man pussy hole is every time you leave my house.  Whenever you can’t get to me you call me for some Dirty phone talk and beg for me to set up another gangbang for you.  


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Dirty Talking Women Masturbate To Erotic Sex Stories

Dirty talking women with bald wet cunts love hearing Erotic sex stories, especially when you tell me kinky Threesome sex stories. I love knowing a dirty slut will take two BBC cocks at the same time. The last time I was part of a threesome I was left sore and tired.

Dirty Talking Women

Those bulls were able to fuck for hours. I sucked their big black cocks back-to-back to get them hard for my holes. When they were dripping with their pre-cum, I bent over and let them fight on who was going to fuck my pussy hole first. Once they decided they shoved their BBC dicks in me one in my mouth the other in my wet cunt. They took turns pounding me hard and fast, stretching me open telling me hoe white pussy feels good milking their black cocks. Their Big Black dicks hit every inch of my pussy hole and couldn’t help but cum hard on that BBC gripping it as my juices dripped down to their balls. They didn’t stop fucking even after I was drained. They used me until they left me asleep and sore. That is why Dirty phone talk is where I can hear all I want to hear.  


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Dirty Talking Women Are Wild Sluts!

Dirty Talking Women

My little sex secret? I can stick a whole fist inside my own pussy among other things! I found this out after a big creampie gangbang I had a few months back, all 10 of these sexy guys came inside me and eventually I was so full of cum that I could barely feel their cocks sliding inside me. I reached down to slid a couple of fingers in with their cocks and eventually I found that I was stretched out enough by their dicks fucking me open, that I could slide a whole fist in my cunt! This lead me to be even more curious, I felt like I could slide something bigger in, this time I told one of the studs from the gangbang to grab my old softball bat from the closet. He shoved the end inside me and I squirted so hard all over it! It was absolutely the best orgasm of the night! They all watched in amazement as I came over and over again on that hard wooden bat, as I saw them stroking their cocks hard again I knew it would be a long night of gaping my holes completely.


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Dirty Talking Women Are Anal Sluts!

Dirty Talking Women

I took a yoga class this week and ended up getting my ass fucked and filled with cream! I was a little nervous because I’m not really the yoga type, I love keeping my body tight though so I decided to try a free yoga class at the gym. I thought it was a little strange that I was the only one there at that time and the studio was so dark. The instructor came in and I was amazed at how hot he was! Tall and handsome with gorgeous green eyes, I could tell by the way his yoga pants fit that he was seriously packing a thick cock. We worked on my poses for a while before He stretched me out a little too well and I felt his cock poking against my ass. I looked back at him and felt my pussy dripping into my panties. I arched my back and felt him grind his cock between my ass cheeks. I knew I had to get fucked right then and there! I turned around and whipped out his cock in the dark yoga studio, I shoved it in my wet cunt and then forced it into my tight little asshole. He was shocked at my anal confidence and how tight my hole was as he pounded me in downward facing dog position until he came inside me.


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Dirty Talking Women are Mommies

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are mommies. In fact, the best dirty talkers are mommies. Mature women and incest mommies have no limits. The older we get the naughtier we become. I have always been a dirty fuck slut, but when I was a young girl, I was fucking the older ones in my family. Now that I am older, I am fucking the younger ones like my sons. They are hornier for me than my brothers or ex-husband ever were. I am just as horny for them. You see, I know now that young dicks are the stiffest dicks around. Nothing is harder for me. My sons came home from school with chubbies in their pants. I assumed it was because they missed mommy. Eight hours apart from me is hard on them. But that was only part of it. Apparently, there was a hot milf substitute teacher who had all the schoolboys at attention today. I do not get jealous. I know most mommies are not as smart as me. If they were, they would let their sons pump their pussies full of cum like I did today. I stripped naked and my sons followed my lead. We went into my bedroom, and they stockpiled mommy. All three boys worked off some aggression and frustration on my pussy. They pumped me full of cum. That was load two of the day and load three is coming after I finish this blog. My boys are horny devils for their sexy mommy.

Sexy Mommy Maryanne

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Dirty Talking Women Love Daddy

dirty talking women

Hello there! What kind of fun were you looking for when you searched for dirty talking women? It could be anything, but I sincerely hope that you’re looking to be my dirty old daddy. Sometimes I love to relive my glory days. When I lived at home, I never had to look very far for a nice hard fuck because daddy was right down the hall, and he was always willing. The best part is that mommy wasn’t upset by it at all, so we didn’t have to hide. Sometimes I’d just go jump right in bed with them and tell daddy I needed him to fuck me.

I love his cock still to this day, but it was so much better when I was younger and naturally smaller, so his dick felt bigger. Sometimes it felt like daddy’s cock was going to rip me in half, but I didn’t care because I knew it made him feel so good. Maybe you’d like to hear about the times when daddy shared me with all his friends. Those weekend parties were something! I’ll be here, waiting for you and all of your incest fantasies. I bet you have some doozies, too!


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Dirty Talking Women Serve You

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are what you need. I know you do. All men want a whore in the bedroom and a Madonna in public. I am the whore in the bedroom type. I am an owned slave. My master is married to the Madonna. I am his whore. I have been his whore for 15 years. On Friday, he shared me with some of his friends. He rarely shares me, especially in the age of Covid. But it was alike a pre-game party. All his friends are old like him and married too. They were making bets on the game and reminiscing about past super bowls. I was wearing a thong, high heels and a collar. Not exactly business attire. I had been in a suit, but master thought I did not look like a slave in that. So, he stripped me down. I was vulnerable like that. Exposed to the men. They took advantage of it too. They grabbed my tits and slapped my ass hard. They forced me to suck their old gray-haired dicks. I even had to lick their old assholes. Not what I wanted to do at all, but when you are a slave, you do as you are told. I spend half a day servicing dirty old men. I hated it, but I am a good submissive whore. Master was proud of me and that is my goal every day. I would love to make you happy too.

Submissive Whore Bernice

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Dirty Phone Talk Ten Inch Tranny

Dirty Phone Talk

I’m Madame Raina, and I’ve got a ten inch cock and an addiction to dirty phone talk. I love to hire little lady boy hookers and sissify them so I can feel some satisfaction when I fuck them with my big fat cock! Wis, and make up, I drug those little fuckable sluts until they’re malleable as putty in my hands. I’m going to make them into what their wives never could – pathetic little fuck toys.

The wives didn’t understand their need to be dominated by a ten inch tranny cock and made into sissy little bitches who needed to be used and abused by huge dick! These were cum dumpster sissy whores – there was nothing manly about them! Complete and total trash, these little sluts follow me home from the bar. They’re so turned on by such a tall and strong woman, but somehow those dumb fucks never suspect that I have a cock bigger than theirs hiding in my panty line!

It doesn’t take them long to find out because I get so horny when I’m drunk. And when I’m horny, I get rough. This is more than the taboo phone girls, baby. This is where I make you my special little pet. Why aren’t you dialing yet?


Taboo Phone Girls

Madame Raina

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Dirty Talking Women Are Incest Sluts!

Dirty Talking Women

Hi! I’m Claire! Your favorite little family fuck slut! I just got a special gift from my daddy this week and my cunt is so sore from trying it out! Daddy picked out the perfect gift to give me in his absence; a brand new fucking machine with a cock attachment shaped just like his 11 inch dick! As soon as it arrived I took it out of the box, grabbed some lube and started fucking it all day long. I came so hard thinking about all the times we have had hot family orgies that ended with my daddy and brother filling me, my sister and my mom up with cum. I couldn’t believe how much I squirted and came just from getting fucked by this machine!


Dirty Phone Talk


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