All the dirty talking women were here

dirty talking womenI had all the dirty talking women here yesterday, it was like a party of perverts at my house and let me tell you the boys fucking loved it! We were all talking about the dirty things we’ve been doing and my sons were both just hanging around soaking it all up trying unsuccessfully to hide their hard cocks. Well the perverted women I’m friends with noticed those hard dicks and called them out for it. They asked my boys if they wanted to get off and of course those horny little scamps said yes. We had them pull those hard dicks out of their pants and took turns sucking them, making them cum over and over and over. Being so young they stayed hard for hours so we had them take turns fucking us too, just imagine that room full of older women all getting fucked by 2 young boys all night long, I swear I was in heaven!

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