Bad Girls Like Me

Dirty phone talkI like to get fucked, I like to give fucking head, and I really like it so much. I’m a fucking horny piece of shit that’s what my roommate says. I’m about to sleep with her boyfriend, and I’m about to tell everyone what I’ve done because I am going to videotape the whole damn thing. I know my roommate is such a jealous bitch, but I’ll teach her how I can be in control, and I will never submit to her. I am a dirty cunt with an indecent heart and a cold motherfucking mind. I like to get fucked up, I like to get all coked up, I love to be the bad girl in the room. I am always going to be the fucking slut you love to hate. I will fuck your man, and I’ll do it anytime I want to, that is what I will do. I am your worst nightmare if you have a boyfriend or a husband because I’m going to fuck them. I’m going to suck your boyfriend’s and husbands, cocks. I’m going to make them feel like a pornstar has been doing things to them. I’ll let you know I’m in control. Do you want to understand how I do it big? I am you’re fucking worse nightmare that’s what my roommate needs to understand that’s how I feel about women. So don’t bring your boyfriend near my face. I’m going to look at him, and I’m going to hypnotize him, and then he will be my sex toy for sure. You better, believe me, I’m telling you the truth, and I’m not lying not even a little bit. Your boyfriend’s all love my sexy bubble ass, and my big beautiful tits are so because I mean to all of mankind. I’m a hot tasty bitch I am a dick sucking fucking slut, and I like to be fucked in my ass too so much.

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