Bubble Head Bobby

Dirty phone talk


This motherfucker talks too much and the most fucked-up thing is he talks so much because he thinks he will be able to fuck me by giving me a false sense of security. This black bubble head bastard is disgusting to me. The only thing that this credent is good for is to provide me with money. I know that I am a black girl, but I must say black men are full of shit. A black man could never protect any woman let alone a black woman from anybody because he is weak. I would never sleep with a useless fucking black man unless I get paid because I hate them in my heart. I can only fuck with white guys because white guys are knights in shining armor. White guys always make sure that a lady has exactly what she needs that’s why white guys are the guys for me. Now this stupid fat head black guy who’s been trying to fuck me for the last 5 months is not going to get lucky. I have decided I’m only going to use this fucker for all of his cash and then I am going to throw him away like last week’s trash. Give me a white guy blue eyes blonde hair tall handsome that’s what I want. I want a guy who was a Viking not a guy who is a jungle bunny. When I make my babies all of my babies are going to be mixed breed babies I don’t want black children. Quite frankly I’m so tired of the black race I’m over it I wish that I was born White. Well I know I don’t want to hear anything else from this stupid ignorant broke down black guy I am about to tell this heathen to get gone now. I cannot stand a lagging piece of crap.

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