Caught doing Dirty phone talk!

Dirty phone talk

My brother heard me having Dirty phone talk with this guy I met online. He heard me telling him how I was spreading my little pink bald pussy open so he could tongue fuck my little holes. My brother walked in with a smile on his face and put his finger up to his lips to tell me to be quiet. My brother got in between my thighs and started licking my tiny little pink holes while I was having hot sex on the phone with this guy! It was so fucking good! Having this guy thinking he was going to make me cum so hard. When really it was my hot brother tongue fucking and finger fucking my holes. I started telling the guy on the phone how badly i wished I could feel his big hard cock pounding my tight little holes just as my brother stuck his cock inside of my pussy! I came on my brothers cock so hard as I tried so hard not to scream out the wrong name as my pussy juices squirted all over his cock. 

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