Cheer Whores

dirty phone talk

The cheer team and I have the reputation of nasty horny whores! All cheerleaders are skanky sluts who love to get fucked and fuck each other. Every Friday night, the cheer squad and I go to the quarterback’s post football game house party! We get so hopped up on coke and fucking sloppy drunk. Most of the party is spent in our whorish tight uniforms but tonight the football team passed up drink after drink and little by little, we lost our uniforms somewhere in the house. Walking around naked and fucked up made our pussies so wet!

Tonight the football team won their big game and they were extra excited to get our slutty teen cheerleader selves to do something extra special for them. They gave us a whole 8 ball of coke to snort off each other’s tight teen bodies. The guys egged us on to lick the coke off each other’s tits and bald cunts. They love watching us rub coke on each other’s sloppy wet pussies and eat coke from each other’s starburst assholes! <3

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