Control Freak & Tease Gemini For Dirty Phone Talk

Dirty Phone Talk

You know I’m the kind of girl you can’t take home to mommy, after all the dirty phone talk we have there is no way you could trust my mouth around mama. I bet you would even be afraid of making mama jealous with a sweet piece of dirty girl ass like me. It’s ok you can try as hard as you get for me but I still won’t let you fuck me. I am too busy working my magical cunt of pleasure on some real men with bigger cocks that can please me. I will tease the fuck out of you until you have to go away and go into a jerk off frenzy. But you know, I would rather you stay here while i tease you some more, take your cock out and keep on jacking. I know the look at this sweet cunt and ass getting plowed will surely set that cum into motion. Cum for me mommy’s boy, cum for dirty girl Gemini and rid of that pent up ejaculant.

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