Cum Dumps and Dirty Phone Talk

Dirty Talking women

Kinky dirty talking women are cum dumps who enjoy being filled with cum. Bukkake is an old world term for cum covered whore. The release of semen all over me is something that I rather get off on! The smell, and taste and the feeling of  warm load shot on to my tits and anywhere on my body make me so damn wet! Okay, wetter than I already was. My arousal peaks as I am getting a face full of your shot. Yeah, the coke helps me get into my sexy place. But do you blame this whore? I combine my favorite things all at once for a mind blowing fuck. Cock sucking, fucking, drug use and the cum loads I need. I am a dirty phone talk  trashy whore who will binge on dope and play with herself all night as I make men cum for me over the phone. I know what I am doing because I get cocks off on a regular basis. I know how to suck a nice fat dick and even make the cuckolds jealous with all the big dick sucking I do. I have been known to bring up my son in conversations because he is an in-house cock that I can have every day. My antics provide me with the cocaine I need as a druggy whore and I am a masturbating bitch with cum still inside her ninety percent of the time when you call me. There is no shame in my cum game! My pussy is tight even though I fuck so much, there is a lot to be said for pussy weights and Kegels and clamping down on a nice hard fuck stick daily! And if my cunt isn’t enough My ass is due for a nice rosebud prolapse any time now.

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