Cum Lover For Dirty Phone talk

dirty phone talk

Dirty Phone sex cum whores like me love to collect loads and loads of that white gold! Can you blame me? Cum is so fucking good. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Daddy always told me I would be good for anything other than to make men cum. So I did what any dumb bimbo would do, I began selling my body and mouth. I am not a high class call girl, but if you want me to be I can sure try! I do have a good price on my sexual fetish skills though. Men want a blonde fake totty bitch who will do the things regular hookers won’t. I roleplay, much like I do on the phones as men’s daughters, wifes, mothers. But what I get the most calls for are toilet sex and gangbangs. Sometimes the man who pays joins in and sometimes he watches and stokes his tiny pecker. 


Dirty talking women take you to the extremes and back again Your fetish is our desire! 


Now, Pising sex gets alot of hits, because i can take a few rounds of piss in my ass and squirt it right back out. I’m not one for holding abc any taboo, or kink. I even play with my shit and rub it all over my body like a chocolate bar. Fuck my throat until I puke? Yes, Please! 

Why can I do these things with ease? Because of that pretty vial of cocaine or crack rock! That’s why. I have been dirty and perverted my whole life and getting high just helps me keep my slim body and big tits in the kink factory! I have loads of cum eating, perverted and down right Erotic sex stories for your cock. Big or small, I love them all!

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