Daddy loves dirty talking women

dirty phone talk

Daddy gave me a really hard spanking last night! I had been a naughty little girl and needed to be punished. I fucked my teacher at school and got caught. Oops! The spanking Daddy gave me made my little cunnie so wet and slippery, I begged him to fuck me afterwards. I was on my knees and started talking really nasty and telling him what I wanted him to do to me. I took his cock out and started sucking it while describing all the kinky things I wanted. Daddy can’t resist dirty talking women! His big cock got so long and hard. He couldn’t resist me. He fucked my mouth before bending me over and fucking my red and well spanked bottom. He plunged his big daddy cock in and out of my tight little ass while I moaned and talked nasty to him. I was so turned on that my cunnie orgasmed and squirted while he was deep in my ass. When I cum from being fucked in the ass, it turns him on so much. He’s so proud to have a little butt slut for a daughter. He squirted his hot cum in my bottom and gave me another hard smack on my rear after he pulled out.

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