Daddy says dirty talking women are sexy

dirty talking womenDaddy says dirty talking women are hot but bad ass bitches are even hotter so I decided to learn how to be a bad ass for daddy. I got some of my friends to come over and we all dressed up in leather and latex and super high heels, our makeup was slutty and we looked hot as hell! We surprised my daddy when he came home, I was standing there all sexy with my friends kneeling down by my feet. Daddy loved it! He took one look at us all dressed up like that and his dick got super hard. He came right over and sat down and told me exactly how to dominate my friends, I spanked them and made them stretch out their tight asses with huge dildos. Daddy was so excited that he just bent me right over and fucked me harder than he had ever fucked me before, it was the best sex I had ever had! I know one thing is for sure, I will be dressing up for daddy way more often now!

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