Daddy’s Girl Talks So Dirty

Dirty phone talkYes, I’m a Daddy’s girl. But now I want you to be my Daddy. Can I be your princess? I promise to be a good girl and obey. I get so wet thinking of all of the things we could do to each other. Right now I’m thinking of your tongue flicking across my hard nipples. And I can picture your head between my legs. Will you lick my pussy so that my thighs shake and I run towards the headboard? I need you to eat my cunt so good, baby, make me squirt. Eating my pussy will make your cock rock hard. I can’t wait to get you in my mouth. Daddy’s girl loves to suck your cock. Daddy, I can do tricks with my tongue. But don’t cum in my mouth, I need to feel your cock inside of my sloppy wet pussy. You can fuck me bareback. Feel my womb with warm semen. Fuck me so good, make me scream “I love you, Daddy.” I have a very dirty mind and I’m ready to play.

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