Dirty and Taboo

dirty talking women

Men go for dirty talking women, but not just any kind of dirty. I mean nasty and hardcore. My type of dirty is beyond the words of taboo and I don’t care. I want what I want just like anyone and I do what it takes to get it. Do you know what I am talking about? Ropes, chains, whips, gags, nipple clamps, knives, pain and torture and not just to me. While you’re breeding me my daughter is getting fucked too. Your friends are giving my daughter a try, seeing if she can be bred too even though she hasn’t had her period. She’s simply soaked in blood from their massive cocks destroying her small bald cunt. She cries and screams for me but I am screaming and moaning as I am getting FUCKED. I am getting rammed hard, up my ass and in my pussy my 2 different guys and my daughter is begging for mercy and I am so turned on! That’s what I’m really all about…tsk tsk.

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