Dirty Dark Stories


Dirty phone talk

There’s a dark, dark story that I would like to tell in honor of this month. We know Halloween is very scary sometimes, but it’s always sexy these days for sure. I was invited to a Halloween haunted house party last year, and I had to go. I had the perfect costume for a dark party. I was dressed up in a sexy black mini dress with a deep V neck bust exposing front. My dress was sleeveless with an asymmetrical hem. I also had some very realistic angel wings all black. I was wearing some little itty bitty shear g-string panties and a pair of my cutest black, red bottom 5-inch heels. When I got to the party, my friend who invited me told me that he was going to take me to the VIP section because I looked so fucking tasty. I was given a few sexy poppers, Molly, and two ecstasy tabs. I got wasted and fucked royally, but something else happened something beyond belief. It involved an untamed wild furry. I bet you couldn’t guess what I had to do. I can only tell you it was a night to fear and never forget.

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