Dirty Girls and Dirty Coppers

Dirty phone talk
We get drugged up and fucked up we are always ready to fuck every guy we meet. My girlfriends and I are hot freaks we like to do wild offensive shit when we get together we can’t get over it. Can you help me, party with my girlfriends? We are the hottest bitches you will ever meet. I love to behave like an uncontrollable cock sucking cum guzzling slut. In my trailer park, I’m better than the rest of those bitches I am the best. I’ve repeated this time and time, I can take any woman’s husband or boyfriend because I don’t have feelings to stop me from misbehaving. If you want to keep your man keep him away from me because I like to fuck guys that have girlfriends and husbands, I don’t have respect. I love scratching another bitches posts I love doing more than other cunt bunny tramps. I’m the one you can always count on to be a nasty fucking bitch, yes I know everyone calls me trailer trash but really I don’t give a fuck. You can call me trailer trash if you want to, that still doesn’t make me so ashamed that I won’t take your boyfriend because I am going to take your boyfriend. I love the dick that belongs to another cunt. It’s a challenge for me, and I always get what I want. I’m not going to stop behaving like I do and I don’t give a damn who says anything because my daddy told me I can have any Cock I wanted. My daddy says my cunt is terrific my pussy feels like the inside of Heaven as far as he is concerned. I love my daddy because he really knows how to fuck me right he drives his cock inside of me and pounds me over and over again. My daddy never stops fucking me when he gets in one of his moods he is just so wild and Untamed. People in the trailer park like to call me and my family trash but guess what we don’t give a flying fuck we want to be trash. I get high on blow all day, and no one can stop me. I’ve got the cops in my pocket they love to get high with me we have parties, and they fuck me 5 and 6 and even sometimes 10 guys all in uniform it is so sexy.

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