Dirty phone talk

dirty phone talk

It is 7am in the morning and I just want to stay in my bed. I close my eyes dreaming about my sons cock and start to doze back into my sleep. Before I know it I feel a finger flicking my nipples and pinching them. I do not dare wake up and open my eyes.

I then feel two fingers wedging there way in between my pussy. I can not help but to take those fingers deep inside of me. I finally open my eyes and I see my sons cock. Hot and loaded and put directly in between my eyes. I look up at him and just open my mouth to invite him in my sticky wet mouth.

He takes a big thrust in and out of my mouth. I love feeling that cock drool, which in turn makes me drool. I get soaked and I feel it running down my legs. I pull his cock out of my mouth and pull it down to where my pussy is. I wedge his cock right in between my mommy pussy lips and hole.

I am going to make that cock despair like a magic trick inside of me. He pushes all the way inside of me. I let him pump that dick in and out of my sloppiness. My hips follow his cock. I need to squirt my mommy pussy all over his cock. I want his seed buried inside of me.

I love waking up early to the love and cum of my sons cock.

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