Dirty phone talk

dirty phone talk

I was feeling so horny at school and I could not resist going into the bathroom and calling my daddy. I begged him to come pick me up and how badly I wanted to go home. He made me promise that I would make it up to him since I was not aloud to just come home for no reason.

As soon as he picked me up I ran inside the car, and let my face fall into his lap. I was so grateful to be going home. My hands found their way down his pants, to pull how his not so hard cock. I sucked him straight into my mouth. I fucked his dick hard and fast.

I love that I can bob my head faster and faster up my daddy’s cock. I slurped every inch of him to the back of my throat. As he was driving he fucked my face, pushing my skull down his shaft harder. I will do anything for my daddy. As soon as we got home, he pushed me down on our living room couch.

He pulled my skirt up and entered my ass hole. I felt his cock start to twitch in my tight ass hole. He was leaking from his cock head inside of me. His cum was my ass lube! Then all of the sudden his fingers dug into my hips and he pushed his cock inside my tight ass, as far as it would go.

He exploded inside of his girl. I love coming home early!

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