Dirty phone talk

dirty phone talk

My best friend has been venting to me about her tiny dicked boyfriend I feel for her I do. So I decided to invite her over and him for a double date night. I have this really sexy well hung guy that I have been seeing. She comes over early so that we can get dressed together.

I loan her some of my sexy heels, thigh highs, super short dress, and some whore make up. She looks fucking sexy. The door bell rings and the dudes are here. I invite them in and they can not keep their eyes off of us. My guy is even digging my friend. Before you know it I invite my best friend and my guy to my room.

I make her get on the bed on all fours with her pussy exposed. I pull my mans cock out and put it right against her pussy so that their sexes can kiss. Her pussy is leaking all over him, and he is pre cumming all over her. I call out to my best friends guy and he is appalled. I tell him to fucking sit in the corner.

I make him take his micro dick out and start stroking it. I tell him to watch his women get fucked by a real man with a huge dick and not by some itty bitty clitty fucker!!

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