Dirty phone talk

dirty phone talk

I am so happy and at peace right now. I went to a friends house earlier to smoke some weed with him and his friends. We as a group decided to hot box his room with a thick cloud of smoke and endless amounts of pot brownies. We all sat there laughing and breathing in and out the thick cloud of smoke. After an hour of talking about some deep shit, I had the idea of having a train . We all gathered around as I explained the complex plan of this soon to be intense fucking. I took off my clothing and set a timer as I had started putting my holes to use. I had two guys fucking me, one was stretching out my wet pussy while the other worked on my shit hole. All I could do was feel their cocks sliding in and out of me since I could only see one cock getting shoved down my throat. Then minutes later the timer went off and we all switched positions. I watched as the guys wrestled one another almost sword fighting each other,  seeing who would get what next. I got on all fours and suddenly my holes were filled with cocks secreting all kinds of fluids. One guy had his cock so deep in my ass hole his nuts were practically inside me. While my two friends tried shoving cocks inside me at the same time. It felt so incredible since it was more like a giant cock sliding in and out. I lasted maybe three minutes at the most until I started squirting all over the place. The pleasure was so intense and these guys were so naughty, I guess there is nothing better then a train and a good high in the afternoon. Thank goodness itsnfriday since the night is young.

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