Dirty phone talk

dirty phone talk

I went for a swim in the backyard today and worse my little bikini that makes my daddy go really crazy. I was looking for my daddy’s attention, being a dirty little tease. Sure enough, it took no time for daddy to come out to the pool and join me. I was soaking wet in between my little swollen pussy lips. Daddy got right into the pool and started sucking on my tits and rubbing my pussy under the water.

I needed my daddy’s big man cock buried in my tiny tight little holes. I pulled my bathing suit pants down and squeezed daddy’s cock inside my tight little cunt. I bounced up and down his cock fucking him in the pool, trying really hard not to moan so loud that the neighbors hear me.

I feel daddy’s cock needing to unload inside of me. I beg for him to pump me full of his cum. He forced my hips down on his cock more and fills me up with every drop of his hot juicy cum.

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